Cross compiling gcc for ARM and dependency on for pthread_cancel

Vincent Forbes
Sat Nov 27 13:58:00 GMT 2010

I am trying to finalize a cross compiler build for the ARM
preprocessor.  When doing the test suites, pthread_cancel() causes a
SIBABRT and the error describes that pthread_cancel requires to work.  The libgcc_eh.a and libraries
are not included in the target system to allow more room for storage
in an embedded system. In order to allow for additional programs when
needed, the C++ compiler is being included. The unwind library that
the C++ compiler needs for exception handling is causing the thread
cancel function to abort.  Would passing --disable-threads prevent the
unwind library from causing the SIGABRT and would threads still work
in the target?

One thing that does concern me is that even if --disable-threads is
the solution, there would still unwind issues.

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