Bad inlining because of "throw"

John Fine
Fri Nov 12 02:08:00 GMT 2010

I wonder whether it would help to give the cold attribute to that 
constructor.  From the documentation:
The paths leading to call of cold functions within code are marked as 
unlikely by the branch prediction mechanism.

Having the branch predictor know which path is likely ought to at least 
help branch prediction.  A really smart optimizer would de-inline the 
cold blocks of an inlined function.  I doubt that GCC is that 
sophisticated, but maybe it is worth trying it and looking at the 
generated code.

Probably de-inlining your cold block requires the extra function you 
added.  If speed is more important you would want that function to have 
the cold attribute so the branch would be predicted correctly and so 
that the call to the extra function wouldn't pollute the L1 cache.

Luca Béla Palkovics wrote:
> okay it CException::CException(..) doesn't get inlined now..
> But it still doesn't inline my CHandleMove::onMove(...) because of the
> throw
> push    rbx
> sub     rsp, 10h
> cmp     edx, 3
> mov     [rdi], rsi
> jz      short loc_408990
> mov     edi, 68h
> call    ___cxa_allocate_exception
> mov     edx, offset aPacketSizeIsDi ; "Packet size is...
> mov     esi, 4
> mov     rdi, rax
> mov     rbx, rax
> call    _ZN10CExceptionC1EiPKc ; CException::CException
> mov     edx, offset _ZN10CExceptionD1Ev ; CException::~CException
> mov     esi, offset _ZTI10CException ; `typeinfo for'CException
> mov     rdi, rbx
> call    ___cxa_throw
> add     rsp, 10h
> pop     rbx
> retn
> When i put the throw into a own function everything thing is fine..looks
> like this (and also gets inlined into CHandleMove::onMove(...))
> cmp     edx, 3
> mov     [rdi], rsi
> jz      short locret_408920
> jmp     _Z14throwWrongSizev ; throwWrongSize(void)
> rep retn
> .. Its  a lot better to put the throw into a own function.. 

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