[Generic] CALL_EXPR tree code with object ref

Ian Lance Taylor iant@google.com
Thu Nov 4 18:49:00 GMT 2010

charfi asma <charfiasma@yahoo.fr> writes:

> 1. I tried to follow the cp front end, but I get errors related to GTY.

What errors?

> I tried to include class.c, call.c or method.c to reuse the defined functions 
> like build_this_parm to add the param "this" to the call_exp, because when I 
> look at the gimple generated from the c++ call I find that I have to add "this" 
> to the 
> function decl and add it also to the call_expr (&c)

You for sure can't literally include class.c or any other C++ file.  You
need to read and understand what the code is doing, and write a version
of the code appropriate for your scenario.  For something like this,
think of GIMPLE as a simple programming language, and think about what
you want the code to look like.

> 2. I tried also to use the tree code defined in tree.def like COMPONENT_REF (but 
> it is only used for FIELD_DECL and not TYPE_METHOD of a RECORD_TYPE)

It does not make sense to use a COMPONENT_REF on a TYPE_METHOD.  A
COMPONENT_REF is referring to a field in a struct, like "s.f".

You are getting hung up on the fact that RECORD_TYPE has a TYPE_METHODS
field.  I'm trying to tell you that the TYPE_METHODS field means nothing
to the middle-end.  It's there for the use of the frontend.  You need to
ignore TYPE_METHODS, and focus on what the code you want to generate.

> 3. I tried to use OBJ_TYPE_REF tree code defined in tree.def to get the ref to 
> an object but I can not find a build_obj_type_ref in the tree.c  to use it (just 
> like build_call_exp ).

To build an OBJ_TYPE_REF just use build3.  See the C++ frontend for
examples.  But OBJ_TYPE_REF won't help you because the very first
parameter is the expression it is supposed to evaluate.  You need to
figure out how to write that expression for your language.


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