sem_open really strange behavior

Sergio Sobarzo
Tue Jun 22 14:10:00 GMT 2010

This is a very good explanation. Now it is clear for me and my program 
is finally running ok.

Thanks to all.

On 22-06-2010 9:46, Cedric Roux wrote:
> Sergio Sobarzo wrote:
>> Thanks a lot Andrew,
>> I read that paragraph thousand of times. However it is not an answer 
>> why it works if a line is commented or not. I cannot figure an 
>> acceptable explanation, that's why I thought it will be a gcc question.
> It's because of the stack. Probably on your host (x86 I guess?)
> arguments to functions are passed on the stack.
> On your case you forget to pass two arguments, but sem_open
> will read something from the stack anyway, most
> certainly garbage. "Invalid argument" is documented in
> the manpage I have here as
> "EINVAL value was greater than SEM_VALUE_MAX".
> Adding a local variable to a function modifies the layout and
> content of the stack.
> One time you will be lucky. The other one no. In any case,
> you have a bug in your program.
> Something like that. To fully understand try to trace your
> program at the assembly level and see how the arguments are
> smoked from the stack in sem_open (or read the sources of
> the C library, you might get some clues too).
> Hope that helps.
> Cédric.

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