cross-platform thread-safe RNG drand48_r

Qianqian Fang
Tue Jun 8 07:07:00 GMT 2010

hi Brian and Ian

thank you both for the helpful comments. I will
pursue further along the directions that you have
pointed out.


On 6/7/2010 1:22 PM, Brian Budge wrote:
> My advice would be to get a good wrapper on  SFMT (simd fast mersenne
> twister), and create a differently seeded instance per thread.  This
> is likely much faster and produces better random numbers than drand48.
>   The code will then be portable as well.
>    Brian
> On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 9:30 AM, Ian Lance Taylor<>  wrote:
>> gcc is only a compiler.  It fully supports the C90 standard with
>> respect to compiler behaviour.  It mostly supports the C99 standard;
>> exact C99 status can be found at .
>> However, all these standards also specify library behaviour.  gcc does
>> not include a library.  gcc can be used with a POSIX compliant library
>> to support a full POSIX compilation environment, but gcc does not
>> itself provide a POSIX compliant library.
>> I believe that Windows has a POSIX mode but it is not the usual
>> Windows programming environment and I don't know how well it works.
>> As far as I know Mac OS X provides a POSIX library.
>> Ian

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