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Tim Prince
Mon Jun 7 04:57:00 GMT 2010

On 6/6/2010 6:20 PM, Agus Setiono wrote:
> First of all, I feel that it's necessary to tell that I am actually a
> newbie in working in Linux environtment.
> I am working on Windows platform and use Cygwin to install a gcc compiler.
> The compiler comes with some libraries. And I want to know what
> functions each library contain and what they do.
> For example I want to know how printf function is declared and what it
> actually does, how should I get the information for that function?
<skipping mess created by top posting>
You seem to be going off in 2 directions now, both inconsistent with 
your previous posting (now that you've been reminded that printf() 
doesn't come with gcc.
linux printf() typically comes from glibc.  The printf() installed by 
cygwin comes from newlib, and is more portable but less comprehensive 
than glibc.  Not sure what you mean by how it's declared; the 
definitions which count are the ones in the headers provided, and, 
implicitly, the ones given in relevant standards.  newlib is still 
catching up with C++ and C99 standards.  Another possible answer is that 
any competent textbook (there are some) will answer your questions 
better than can be done on line.
Why not reply to list?  With your gmail address, chances are more than 
50-50 you'll be caught by spam filters if you don't adhere to standard 
conventions.  gmail, if you haven't noticed, generates most of the spam 
around here.
If you have researched your questions and want expert answers on points 
of difference between linux and cygwin, the cygwin mailing list may be 
the place.  Tolerance is not generally a forte there.

Tim Prince

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