object size confusion

kevin diggs diggskevin38@gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 07:56:00 GMT 2010


I am confused about object sizes (32-bit vs 64-bit).

I am trying to build gcc 4.1.2 from a source RPM (Yellowdog Linux 6.1
I think) on a 64-bit powerpc machine (G5). It is not working. I think
the source rpm only builds correctly on a 32-bit machine. It keeps
trying to find stuff in .../32/... that is not there. Also, before I
started hacking on the spec file it was building the compiler as a
64-bit program. Now it can't seem to find libsupc++.a. That is not
correct, right? xgcc also defaulted to building things in 64-bit (with
no -m64 option). Generally that is wrong too?

  i) Is the compiler ever built as a 64-bit program itself?
 ii) "Normally" the compiler should default to producing 32-bit
objects, right (irregardless of what size machine the compiler itself
was built on)?
iii) What is the difference between directories ".../64/..." and
".../lib64/..."? Is it a convention? Should I see one or the other?


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