Option -fdump-tree-phiopt3-raw

karthik duraisami kdconstant@hotmail.com
Thu Jun 17 19:03:00 GMT 2010

Our in house tool-chain for automatic transformation of sequential 
C source code into parallel one uses as input the dump file generated 
by the -fdump-tree-phiopt3-raw option. I am essentially looking at 
making the said tool-chain compatible with gcc-4.5.0. Re-writing the 
parser is rather cumbersome and I was wondering if there was a 
simpler way out.

Thank you.


> To: kdconstant@hotmail.com
> CC: gcc-help@gcc.gnu.org
> Subject: Re: Option -fdump-tree-phiopt3-raw
> From: iant@google.com
> Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 18:01:55 -0700
> karthik duraisami  writes:
>> Using the options '-O3 -fdump-tree-phiopt3-raw' with
>> previous versions of gcc (say, 4.3.0) dumped a file very
>> different than the one dumped by gcc-4.5.0. Is is still
>> possible with gcc-4.5.0 to get a .phiopt3 dump file similar
>> to that of the earlier version? What files do I need to look
>> into for the same?
> Before digging into this, why do you want this? Debugging dumps are
> for debugging. gcc makes no guarantee that they will be similar from
> one version to the next. Any such guarantee would be, in my opinion,
> a misdirected use of developer time.
> Ian
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