Is section order preserved in C?

David VomLehn
Wed Jun 16 10:24:00 GMT 2010

This is probably an obscure question, but is the order that C puts things
in sections with the __attribute((section("secA"))) always the same as
the order in which they appear in the source file. For example:

	void f(void)
		static int a1 __attribute__((section("A")));
		static int b1 __attribute__((section("B")));
	void g(void)
		static int a2 __attribute__((section("A")));
		static int b2 __attribute__((section("B")));

So, can I count on the storage for a1 being followed by storage for a2 in
section A and the storage for b1 being followed by storage for b2?

It makes my life a bit easier if this is true, but I'm rather sure the C
standard doesn't guarantee it, and wouldn't be surprised if it weren't
true. I only care about ordering within sections, not the order in which
sections appear.
David VL

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