Custom made haiku64 target issues

Ian Lance Taylor
Sat Jun 12 08:43:00 GMT 2010

Nathan Mentley <> writes:

> For example. in this code segment:
> if (address < KERNEL_BASE || address + size > sNextVirtualAddress) {
>         panic("mmu_free: asked to unmap out of range region (%p, size %
> lx)\n",
> (void *)address, size);
> }
> (address + size > sNextVirtualAddress) always returns true... no matter
> what size (address + size) actually is.

What are the types of these variables?  Perhaps something is a signed
type when it should be an unsigned type.

> Secondly, While building gcc it outputs a x86_64 gcclib, but it doesn't
> output the x86 gcclib. Is there an option or setting in the build script
> that will output the gcclib for both architectures?

You have to set up a multilib.  See, e.g., gcc/config/i386/t-linux64.


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