cross-platform thread-safe RNG drand48_r

Qianqian Fang
Mon Jun 7 03:22:00 GMT 2010


I was trying to compile a simulation code on
multiple platforms. It involves a thread-safe
48bit POSIX random number generator (RNG),
drand48_r/seed48_r. I tried gcc 4.4 on Ubuntu
10.4 and it compiled fine. However, when
I run gcc 4.0 on Mac OS X, it gave me error:

posix_randr.h:29: error: array type has incomplete element type

and the offending lines read like:

typedef struct drand48_data RandType;
__device__ float rand_uniform01(RandType t[RAND_BUF_LEN]);

Similar error when compiling on Windows with
MinGW gcc 3.4.

Because drand48 is supposed to be a POSIX function,
I am a bit surprised when seeing multiple platforms
responded differently. Did I miss anything? or
this is the correct behavior?



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