GCC 4.4.3 issue

Ian Lance Taylor iant@google.com
Fri Feb 5 06:13:00 GMT 2010

"Vardhan, Sundara (GE Infra, Energy)" <sundara.vardhan@ge.com> writes:

> Yesterday downloaded gcc-4.4.3 source and tried to compile in RHEL 5.4
> with gcc 4.4.2. Works fine till the point where gcc.o is compared
> between stage 2 and 3. Here it finds the gcc.o object files different
> and aborts the make. Any idea as to why this has to happen. Appreciate
> all your inputs and advices.

The most common reason for a difference in gcc.o is that the build
failed, you changed some configure options, and you started the build
again without deleting the generates files.  If you still have the
problem with a new build directory, then something else must be wrong,
but I don't know what.


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