how to build a MIPS cross-compiler with gcc source code?

Kai Ruottu
Wed Feb 3 10:05:00 GMT 2010

On 3.2.2010 7:54, 刘卓 wrote:
> Hello,
>      I'm a freshman here. I was trying to build a cross-compiler which
> runs on a x86 machine and could generate MIPS octeon target. I'm not
> sure how to do this. I looked through gcc installation manual and I
> couldn't find relative instructions.
>     So I tried figure it out by checking this command out "./configure
> --help", and then I found an option '--target' that might be helpful.
> But it seems did not provide a list for valid targets. I've tried
> '--target=mips64octeon' and '--target=mips64-octeon-linux-gnu', so
> far, neither of these works.
>     Did I miss something? Do I need some other tools to get it done?
> Please show me the resolution or just tell me where I can find an
> instruction for this.

What I could think about the previous is that you haven't ever heard 
about different operating
systems for MIPS, about evaluation boards for MIPS without any opsys, 
only some firmware
monitor (an "embedded system") etc. "target dependent things" :( Please 
try to learn something
about these first so that you could tell if your target MIPS system 
using 'octeon' is an embedded
system without an opsys or some with it, using Linux, NetBSD, RTEMS-RTOS 
or something!

The more you can tell about the target system type, the better 
instructions you will get or be
pointed to for your specific build case !

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