Should I read GCC manual ?

Ian Lance Taylor
Sat Feb 27 00:52:00 GMT 2010

arnuld uttre <> writes:

> Some years ago someone told me this:    "if you are a C Programmer and
> work on GNU/Linux (Lignux ?)  and you have system programming as your
> hobby, intend on work on OS side then you need to master these three
> things:
> 1) ANSI C (and/or C++)
> 2) your compiler (gcc)
> 3) I forgot
> I work on GNU/Linux most of the time as hobby and I I fit the
> description above and have turned the system programming hobby of mine
> into a job. Hence I intend to understand GNU C compiler (gcc) and for
> that can you guys tell me if these 2 books are required:
> or reading them will not make much difference ?

You should read

The two manuals you mention are for the C library, not for gcc.
Reading them is also a good idea.  You can buy them, or read them at .


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