Strange warning about passing argument with different width due to prototype with gcc 4.4.0 on 64 bits machine

Axel Freyn
Tue Aug 24 14:18:00 GMT 2010

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 03:28:17PM +0200, José Luis García Pallero wrote:
> El día 24 de agosto de 2010 14:49, Tiago Maluta
> <> escribió:
> > 2010/8/24 José Luis García Pallero <>:
> >
> >>
> >> Can someone reproduce the behaviour?
> >>
> >
> > I reproduced your behavior. Running your test case with gcc 4.3.1 on
> > Gentoo all goes fine, but with gcc 4.2.1 on MacOSX the warning shows
> > up.
> I didn't remember that I have MacOSX 10.4 installed in my iBook G4.
> The gcc installed is 4.0.1. And as Tiago, the warning shows up. But
> only the warning concerning the char input argument. But in my
> workstation Xeon 64 bits tha warning appears for char arguments and
> for the long argument without explicit cast.
I would propose to also compare sizeof(int), sizeof(char) and
sizeof(long) for those platforms (e.g. using

In principle, the warning only claims that the function prototype did
influence the way how gcc calls the function:
 - whenever a function without a prototype is called, the C standard
   claims that all integral arguments (like char, int, long) are
   converted to "int" -- and passed as "int" arguments to the function
 - in your examples, you have function prototypes, specifying that those
   arguments shall be passed as "char" or as "long"
The warning tells, that gcc is doing that -- and thus everything should
work fine.
However, on a machine where sizeof(int)=sizeof(long) (like e.g. many
i386 processors have "sizeof(int)=sizeof(long)=4"), int and long have
the same width and such no warning appears. 
On x64, I think the most common values are "sizeof(int)=4" and
"sizeof(long)=8", such that here it's a difference and the warning
appears for long.

I don't know what's the width of char, int and long on ppc, but maybe
that explains the effects?

On the other hand: I don't know whether new versions of gcc continue to
emit this warning at all?


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