cross compiling gcc

Segher Boessenkool
Wed Aug 18 04:30:00 GMT 2010

>> So the reaon this test fails is not necessarily because forced unwind
>> support is missing, but because crt1.o is...
> Interesting problem.  crt1.o actually comes from glibc, so it's no
> surprise that gcc can't find it when configuring glibc for the first
> time.

See the eglibc build instructions:*checkout*/branches/eglibc-2_5/libc/EGLIBC.cross-building

It says:
"Next, there are a few object files needed to link shared libraries,
which we build and install by hand:

    $ mkdir -p $sysroot/usr/lib
    $ make csu/subdir_lib
    $ cp csu/crt1.o csu/crti.o csu/crtn.o $sysroot/usr/lib

>> It can't honestly be that hard to build a cross compiler.
> Yes, I'm afraid it can.

Indeed.  Those eglibc instructions help a lot; whenever you run into a
problem though, you're on your own.


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