MPC8360e stmw/lmw

Anthony Amaro Jr
Wed Aug 18 15:44:00 GMT 2010


We've got some C code on the Freescale MPC8360e (powerpc) for which
we're trying to get the compiler to generate load/store multiple
instructions, particularly when saving registers to the stack on a
function call. We've tried using the -mstatic and -mmultiple compiler
flags however it still issues stw instructions for each register. I
have read that declaring global registers can prevent the store
multiple instructions from being used however I cannot find anywhere
in the code where we do that. Is there a flag I can set to throw a
compiler warning or an error for when the compiler refuses to use
load/store multiple instructions (even with the -mstatic and
-mmultiple flags)?

We're using Qnx Neutrino 6.5 with GCC 4.4.2.


Anthony Amaro, Jr.

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