Output of gcc -fdump-tree-original

Job Noorman jobnoorman@gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 16:55:00 GMT 2010


If I dump the code generated by GCC for a virtual destructor (with -fdump-
tree-original), I get something like this:

;; Function virtual Foo::~Foo() (null)
;; enabled by -tree-original

  <<cleanup_point <<< Unknown tree: expr_stmt
  (void) (((struct Foo *) this)->_vptr.Foo = &_ZTV3Foo + 8) >>>
if ((bool) (__in_chrg & 1))
    <<cleanup_point <<< Unknown tree: expr_stmt
  operator delete ((void *) this) >>>

My question is: where is the code after "<D.20148>:;" located? It is outside 
of the destructor so when is this code executed?



PS: I also posted this question at 

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