-mtune option for Intel Nehalem

Rayne hjazz6@ymail.com
Tue Apr 13 01:47:00 GMT 2010

I mostly just want to know if an option is avaliable for the Nehalem processors. If it happens that the newest version of GCC has such an option, then I can always upgrade to that version. I believe that Barcelona is an AMD processor, so I'm confused as to how that would work for an Intel Nehalem processor. As for -mtune=nocona, I've tried and there was no performance gain.

Thank you.


> Do you mean you want to use an old version of gcc, issued prior to the 
> advent of -mtune=barcelona? That would reduce your performance potential 
> for vectorized code. It should be obvious, as Nehalem came later than 
> Barcelona, that there would be no optimization for Nehalem in older 
> versions.
> You would have to experiment yourself to see whether -mtune=nocona helps 
> performance in your case. It's certainly not feasible to give you 
> recommendations covering all old gcc versions, even if we could guess the 
> other factors of your case.
>Tim Prince


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