question on 64-bit compilation options

kiran kumar
Mon Apr 5 16:12:00 GMT 2010


Thanks in advance for your help.

My apps run in 32-bit mode on Linux in a i586 machine (intel arch). I am planning to go from 32-bit processes to 64-bit processes.
My gcc version is provided by Wind River Linux and its' version is 4.1.2.

I have below questions. Could not get answer in the on line docs I referred to at

1. if there is an option that does error checking, of long to int  OR pointer to int assignments only. just want to get porting errors since it will be LP64.

2. I did not find an option in "Intel 386 and AMD x86-64 Options" to specify the size of long to be 4 bytes so that my apps gets compiled as long of 4 bytes than 8 bytes when compile to 64bit. This option seems to be there for MIPS. Is there some thing I am missing.



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