array subscript is below array bounds : false positive?

Peter A. Felvegi
Wed Sep 16 10:49:00 GMT 2009

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Peter A. Felvegi wrote:
>> Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>>> You can avoid this kind of thing by telling gcc that your assert
>>> condition does not return.
>>> void assert_failure () __attribute__ ((noreturn, always_inline));
>>> void assert_failure() { __asm__ ("int $0x03"); }
>>> #define ASSERT(x) if (x) { } else { assert_failure(); }
>> Now I got 'noreturn function does return' warning/error in
>> assert_failure().
> void assert_failure() {
>   for (;;)
>     __asm__ ("int $0x03");
> }


1) I defined the fn as 'inline void assert_failure()' otherwise the 
debug link would fail with 'multiple definitions' error, despite the 
'always_inline' attribute.

2) when compiling some template functions with optimization, I got 
"sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to ‘void 
assert_failure()’: function not inlinable" messages, so I had to remove 
the always_inline attribute.

3) the for(;;) loop solves the above 'noreturn function does return' 
error, but it also prohibits continuing the prg from the debugger. I 
Solved this by only defining the assert_failure() fn in optimized 
builds, the debug build uses the asm directly in the assert macro.

Thanks, Peter

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