MD5 sum of gcc-4.3.3.tar.bz2 != MD5 sum found in md5.sum

Scott Karns
Sun Jan 25 15:57:00 GMT 2009

I am building the 4.3.3 release of gcc, but note that the md5 sum of gcc-4.3.3.tar.bz2 is not the same as that reported in the corresponding md5.sum. I have downloaded the 4.3.3 tarball from two different locations and the same md5 sum was calculated for both.

[me@bigiron SOURCES]$ md5sum gcc-4.3.3.tar.bz2
cc3c5565fdb9ab87a05ddb106ba0bd1f  gcc-4.3.3.tar.bz2
[me@bigiron SOURCES]$ cat gcc-4.3.3.md5.sum
d3338b75fa6f83be08908b1eed56d439  gcc-4.3.3.tar.bz2
0ed3856fc641f712da10a3322a8bea8c  gcc-4.3.3.tar.gz
e00c6b23b73f73c6c892a3c0bebefb7e  gcc-ada-4.3.3.tar.gz
f11d7eb983cf39297ee4d954060ab896  gcc-core-4.3.3.tar.gz
44b30a15404df565c446cd588d038666  gcc-fortran-4.3.3.tar.gz
6bcea346e44ab7684186da46651fdf2f  gcc-g++-4.3.3.tar.gz
6943919ab8c6c3e7d41f707f09dd1c7f  gcc-java-4.3.3.tar.gz
8b404976a4c59c587b276a740f41f0f8  gcc-objc-4.3.3.tar.gz
f2fff142b800878e66b15682f3fef78f  gcc-testsuite-4.3.3.tar.gz


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