Is gcc and libgcc_s.a thread-safe ?

Mon Jan 19 12:41:00 GMT 2009

Hello anyone,

We have a project where we use the gcc compiler and the libgcc_s.a (Compiler
collection library) to build executables on AIX 5.3 (powerpc). Please note
that we don't use the GNU C Library but instead use the AIX's own libc.a for
the C functions.

We have a plan to use threads for some executables / some functions. Before
we do this I want to be sure that the code generated by gcc and the
libgcc_s.a are both thread-safe.

Can anyone point me to some GNU/GCC documentation (or have any experience)
regarding this ? Is is safe to assume that both the code generated by gcc
and the libgcc_s.a libraries are thread-safe ?

Please help,
Grateful for any pointers.

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