Like __cyg_profile_func_exit but with the return value instead of the call site

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Aug 21 15:07:00 GMT 2009

Laurent Burgy <> writes:

> I wanted to develop something similar to __cyg_profile_func_exit but
> instead of having the call site I would like to have the actual value
> returned.
> With gcc-4.3.3, the expand_builtin_profile_func in builtins.c makes this call:
>   emit_library_call (which, LCT_NORMAL, VOIDmode, 2, this, Pmode,
> 		     expand_builtin_return_addr (BUILT_IN_RETURN_ADDRESS,
> 						 0),
> 		     Pmode);
>   Is there a way to replace expand_builtin_return_addr to get the
> value returned ?

In principle, sure, but it means some gcc hacking.  You'll have to
allocate a stack slot to hold the return value, record the stack slot in
cfun (adding a new field to struct function), and change
expand_builtin_return_address (or add a new builtin function) to return
the value in that slot.

But I don't see the advantage, given that you will have to change your
code anyhow to call expand_builtin_return_address.  The point of
__cyg_profile_func_exit is that you don't have to change your code.  If
you are going to change your code, there are probably much easier ways
to do this.


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