GCC Compilation problem in HP LINUX server

Helge Bahmann hcb@chaoticmind.net
Wed Aug 5 11:52:00 GMT 2009

On Tue, 4 Aug 2009, gkarthi29 wrote:

> Hi Helge
> I find something interseting in your reply and i can feel that with this
> approach i can make my code work. But i need to know how to make use of that
> personality function for my code.

Please do not take this as offense but as advice: The code I sent is 
pretty much self-explanatory, so I wager to guess you have almost zero 
*nix development experience -- *please* take the time to make sure you 
understand the (very bad) side effects of making your program run this 
way. This has to do both with the compiler and the operating system, and 
when you don't understand the sample then you really should not be doing 

> for example my code test.c is in root folder, then where should i have your
> code?inside my test.c or in a separate file? My test.c is compiled using
> "gcc -o test.o test.c"

Don't put it anywhere in your code. It is a stand-alone wrapper program 
through which you must run your program.


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