Segmentation fault after compilation with gcc-3.4 on 64-bit Linux

Alireza Haghdoost
Sat Aug 1 14:28:00 GMT 2009

Dear All

I have a big ANSI-C application which should compile by gcc 3.4 or
earlier gcc versions, It works fine on any 32-bit Linux but when I
compile it on 64-bit one, application execution failed by Segmentation
fault error. I mean that gcc-3.4 on 64-bit machine compiles my
application well but when I try to run compiled application, it failed
by Segmentation Fault error.
I have tried several compilation Flags like -mtune=nocona and -m64 but
no one works for me and I still have Segmentation fault in the
execution of my application only on 64-bit Linux.
I will appreciate if some one here can help me.

Best regards,
Alireza Haghdoost

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