Register Usage

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Apr 29 00:27:00 GMT 2009

John Farmer <> writes:

> I had a good look through the ARM-THUMB Procedure Call Standard and it sort
> of suggests that R7 could be used as a frame pointer. Looked through the GCC
> docs and found the -fabi option but it appears to apply to C++ code.
> I am still wondering what makes the decision to use R7 as the frame pointer.
> If its used because of an ABI standard for the ARM Cortex-M3 CPU how is it
> specified to GCC? Also if this is the case is there a standard that I could
> look through? I have looked on the ARM web site but not found it yet.

When gcc needs a frame pointer in Thumb code, it will always use r7.
There is no way to change this.  I'm not sure why you would want to
change it.


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