Port GCC to Mac OS9?

Jay Hill jayman30usa2@me.com
Sun Apr 26 18:07:00 GMT 2009


Sorry for the length of this post.

Please don't laugh me out of here. I'm a developer that recently got  
involved in the vintage Macintosh community when I decided to fix up  
my old 12" iBook G3 600 (that had been sitting on a shelf for years)  
to use basically for a netbook. There are still many people with old  
macs running  Apple OS9 that still run great and these die hard mac  
fans just seem to prefer the Classic OS.

With my motivation stated above, is there any way possible to port a  
newer GCC based Toolchain (at least 3.3?) to OS9 using the old dev  
tools I have like MPW or Codewarrior 7?  I believe this would  
encourage a new developer community to form much like it did around OS/ 
2 Warp - eCS  and Amiga once open source dev tools were created. It  
would finally be possible to port existing open source software like  
modern web browsers to the OS9 Platform.  I believe there are many  
more people actively using OS9 than Warp and Amiga put together.

Please give me some advice or direction here.



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