Problems Building ppl-0.10.2 with g++-4.4.0 on Open Solaris 2008.11

Tom Browder
Sun Apr 26 02:16:00 GMT 2009

On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 9:03 PM, Dennis Clarke <> wrote:
>> I first built g++ 4.4.0 without ppl and cloog using gcc 3.4.3 that comes
> with Open Solaris.
> You can't build PPL with anything less than GCC 4.0.3 so I guess that is
> why you went the way you chose. A crew of us at Blastwave will be working
> with Roberto Bagnara on PPL/CLooG-PPL and we can expect a PPL package over
> at Blastwave within a week or so. He is happy to work with us on Solaris
> but we are going to start with the production Solaris releases and then we
> can work upwards to OpenSolaris. There will be issues, because let's face
> it, there always are aren't there?
> Whatever patches we come up with will be published and you can expect PPL
> to build fine on Solaris soon enough.
> does this help at all ?

Thanks, Dennis.

I'm a brand newbie at Open Solaris but I've been compiling gcc since
before egcc and it really doesn't look like a Solaris problem but a
ppl problem.  Thats why I said "Catch 22" (or, just as well, "chicken
and egg").  I suspect g++-4.4.0 is too strict for ppl and ppl needs



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