Problems Building ppl-0.10.2 with g++-4.4.0 on Open Solaris 2008.11

Dennis Clarke
Sun Apr 26 02:09:00 GMT 2009

> I first built g++ 4.4.0 without ppl and cloog using gcc 3.4.3 that comes
with Open Solaris.

You can't build PPL with anything less than GCC 4.0.3 so I guess that is
why you went the way you chose. A crew of us at Blastwave will be working
with Roberto Bagnara on PPL/CLooG-PPL and we can expect a PPL package over
at Blastwave within a week or so. He is happy to work with us on Solaris
but we are going to start with the production Solaris releases and then we
can work upwards to OpenSolaris. There will be issues, because let's face
it, there always are aren't there?

Whatever patches we come up with will be published and you can expect PPL
to build fine on Solaris soon enough.

does this help at all ?

Dennis Clarke

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