GFortran Preprocessing

Randolph, Christian [USA]
Thu Apr 23 17:14:00 GMT 2009

I have a mixed-language project I am trying to compile using GFortran
4.3 on a PC running Fedora 10.  I have some preprocessor directives in
both .f and .f90 files.  Is there a blanket option I can use to force
the compiler to use the preprocessor for these files?  There are
hundreds of files and I do not want to have to rename them to either .F
or .F90.  The make files are setup to use a common set of compiler
options so I cannot easily use the "-x f77-cpp-input" and "-x
f95-cpp-input" options piecemeal.


Chris Randolph
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Phone: (937) 781-2451

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