error in dlopen()

ranjith kumar
Sat Apr 18 07:25:00 GMT 2009

I inserted a shared library(say  inside a running process(say mutatee) .
I did not use dlopen() function for this.

The shared library(  contains dlopen() function ie) it depends on
The problem is when I tried to call dlopen() function which is inside
the shared library( the mutatee is getting crashed.

When I call dlopen() with file="" , the mutatee is not getting
crashed,  but when I give any other filename it is getting crashed.

What could be the reason.

General questions about dlopen().

1) In which section dlopen() inserts a library. Inside heap or text or
data section??? How to know whether dlopen() has permissions for that
2) I want to debug dlopen() function to know where it is getting crashed.
    I dont have gdb on my machine(armv5-linux).
   Where can I download souce code??? that I will
comiple it for arm and insert my own printf() statements inside it.
Thanks in advance.

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