Retrieve label name

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Apr 15 15:35:00 GMT 2009

"Vincent R." <> writes:

> when declaring a label like this :
> tree block, body, cond, except_stmt, label, tlabel, name;
>   location_t loc, loclabel;
>   gcc_assert (c_parser_next_token_is_keyword (parser, RID_SEH_TRY));
>   /* label try */
>   loclabel = c_parser_peek_token (parser)->location;
>   name = c_parser_peek_token (parser)->value;
>   cfun->seh_try_begin_label = name;
>   tlabel = define_label (loclabel, name);
>   ...
> How can we know the label name( that will be generated ?

Do you mean what label will be generated in the assembler code?  That is
almost certainly not the right question to ask during the parse, so: why
do you want to know?

In any case, there is no answer in the frontend.  The assembly level
label name is normally not determined until RTL is generated.


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