_SDA_BASE_ and _SDA2_BASE_ undefined

Wang Lei leiwangxd@gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 22:29:00 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I am writing a shared library using GCC for PowerPC. I can compile and
link everything.  But, while I check the symbol table of ELF header, I
find that the following two symbols are undefined(Num 61 and 101). I
extracted the symbol info via readelf command. They are listed as

Symbol table '.dynsym' contains 103 entries:
   Num:    Value          Size  Type       Bind      Vis            Ndx     Name
     0:       00000000     0     NOTYPE  LOCAL  DEFAULT  UND
     1:       00000094     0     SECTION LOCAL  DEFAULT    1
     2:       000003bc     0     SECTION LOCAL  DEFAULT    2
    61:      00000000     0     OBJECT  GLOBAL DEFAULT  UND _SDA_BASE_
   101:     00000000     0     OBJECT  GLOBAL DEFAULT  UND _SDA2_BASE_

Does it matter or not for me to use this library?

Thanks and regards!


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