Bug with PPC 32-bit inline assembler [4.1.1 and 4.3.2]

Tom St Denis tstdenis@ellipticsemi.com
Tue Sep 23 14:19:00 GMT 2008

I ran into a bug with the PPC side of things with both 4.1.1 [came with 
FC5] and a freshly built 4.3.2, the snippet is this block

#if 0

#define SQRADDSC(i, j)            \
asm(                              \
   " mullw  %0,%6,%7        \n\t" \
   " mulhwu %1,%6,%7        \n\t" \
   " xor    %2,%2,%2        \n\t" \
:"=r"(sc0), "=r"(sc1), "=r"(sc2):"0"(sc0), "1"(sc1), "2"(sc2), 
"r"(i),"r"(j) : "%cc");


#define SQRADDSC(i, j)            \
asm(                              \
   " mullw  %0,%3,%4        \n\t" \
   " mulhwu %1,%3,%4        \n\t" \
   " xor    %2,%2,%2        \n\t" \
:"=r"(sc0), "=r"(sc1), "=r"(sc2): "r"(i),"r"(j) : "%cc");


Where {sc0,sc1,sc2} are not previously initialized.  The first block 
(that is disabled) is my old code.  It would correctly warn about 
uninitialized variables.  The 2nd block was my fix which to me seems 
correct.  However, the compiler generates output like this

 # 0 "" 2
 # 38 "fp_sqr_comba_6.i" 1
         mullw  25,25,18       
         mulhwu 9,25,18       
         xor    0,0,0       

Where r25 is both an input and output it seems.  Clearly r25 is not 
supposed to be overwritten here.

I put together a tarball of the source, cmdline, uname, gcc version, etc 
up at


The tarball has all that you need to reproduce the bug with both 4.1.1 
and 4.3.2.

Has this been seen before, and/or should I file a gcc bug about it?  I 
guess more importantly, is my PPC "fix" correct?


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