Best way of compiling applications to run on older linux distros

Andrew Haley
Tue Nov 4 14:56:00 GMT 2008

Tom Quarendon wrote:
> So again, you're implying that the only solution is to build on the
> lowest common denominator platform. That isn't obvious.

It is, however, correct.

> What happens if I build up, say, gcc 4.3 on a suitable Centos 4 box and
> compile on that. Will the result work on a customer's Centos 4 box?
> Answer isn't in any way obvious to me. Will the version of libstdc++ on
> a "normal" centos box work or will we have to ship our own?

You may have to ship your own.

> If we ship our own from the build machine will that work?


> Or will it have been compiled with the incompatible dynamic loader hash
> tables?

If both build and target machines are Centos4, no.  It'll be fine.
Dynamic loader hash tables are nothing to do with gcc.


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