Mingw gcc 4.4.0 64bit garbage collector bug?

John Fine johnsfine@verizon.net
Tue Nov 18 16:45:00 GMT 2008

I'm using a Mingw build of gcc 4.4.0 in Windows XP64 to compile a very 
large .cpp file (193KB main file plus many headers).

cc1plus.exe exits with return code 128 with no error message and without 
creating any output files.

I checked the behavior with procmon (from sysinternals) and I see that 
it stopped reading include files at a very unlikely spot and then did a 
large amount of processing and many changes in its virtual memory size 
before exiting (with no further I/O).

This seems to me like it implies a failure in cc1plus's internal garbage 

The system has 16GB of ram.  The cc1plus process hit a top memory use of 
128MB.  So it shouldn't have failed due to lack of memory.

I know this request for help is rather lame at this point:  I'm not 
giving you a way to reproduce the problem.  I'm not the person who 
installed Mingw on this system, so (at the moment) I don't have any 
details of where this exact version of gcc came from nor how it was 

But have you heard of any gcc/Mingw garbage collect bugs?  And/or do 
these symptoms sound like something else to you?  Can you think of any 
short cuts to investigating or solving the problem?

I don't want to go through a detailed investigation to nail all this 
down if someone else has already found the answer and I just needed to ask.

Mingw is not one of the environments I normally use, so I know nothing 
about what debugging tools might be practical in this environment.

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