Fix bug in earlier GCC release

Johan Ekberg
Fri Nov 7 09:27:00 GMT 2008

Is it possible to get a bug fixed in GCC-4.2.3, which is already fixed
in the GCC-4.3.2?

The problem is related to the call to the
lang_hooks.tree_inlining.cannot_inline_tree_fn() in
inlinable_function_p() - tree-inline.c. The code in the hook causes an

I've been searching bugzilla for a patch but without any success.

In GCC-4.3.2 the hook is removed. But there seems to be a lot of
structural changes between GCC-4.2.3 and GCC-4.3.2, so just remove the
hook in GCC-4.2.3 is probably not a solid solution.


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