workaround for "error: more than 30 operands in 'asm'"?

Clem Taylor
Fri Mar 14 01:10:00 GMT 2008

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 1:56 AM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
>  Since you mention the number of registers you are using, note that
>  that only matters if they are inputs or outputs.  If you need a
>  temporary register, just pick one, and add it the clobber list.  But
>  if you really have that many inputs and outputs, then you are stuck.

I'm using input and outputs because I want the compiler to pick the
registers and I want to have named values. The inline block looks
something like:

asm (
    "... bunch-o-vmx code ..."
    : [rIn0]  "=rv" (rIn0),  [gIn0]  "=rv" (gIn0),  [bIn0]  "=rv" (bIn0), ...
    : [rpix]  "r"   (rpix),  [gpix]  "r"   (gpix),  [bpix]  "r"   (bpix), ...
    : "memory" );

Writing this type of code using %0 %1 ... %n would be very painful and
unpleasant to maintain. If gcc 4.2.x did a sane jobs scheduling the C
intrinsic version of this code I wouldn't need to use inline assembly.
I wrote the C version in the order that shouldn't have any stalls. But
the compiler re-orders the code and takes offset constants and
recomputes them inside the loop [values like 0, 16, 32, ... 112]. With
all the write/read stalls and extra addi instructions, the C intrinsic
version runs at >5 cycles per instruction and overall the asm version
is ~10x faster, ouch.


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