problem with AVR cross compiler

Egbert Jan van den Bussche
Fri Mar 7 08:34:00 GMT 2008

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Egbert Jan van den Bussche wrote:
>> There seems to be a new 'class' AVR35, introduced in 4.2.3. Would it be
>> possible to find out who was responsible for this change/patch? He could
>> tell if a newer binutils was used for his testing.
> This seems to be the patch you need, committed to binutils on
> 2008-01-14: <>. 
> So, use binutils from current CVS.
> Brian
So it seems binutils is the cause. Thanks for finding out. I'll see what 
to do; get the cvs source or stick with 4.2.2. I'm not using the devices 
concerned here.

Egbert Jan

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