Problem with exceptions on arm

Henrik Grindal Bakken
Mon Mar 31 12:21:00 GMT 2008

Andrew Haley <> writes:

> Henrik Grindal Bakken wrote:
>> Thanks, Martin.  It does help a little, I guess (ruling out
>> sjlj-exceptions, for one), but nothing springs at me from that
>> configure line.  Could this be kernel related?
> Yes, but it's much more likely to be libc releated.

Any usual suspects there?  I'm pretty certain the libc on target and
host (i.e. in the toolchain) are identical save for debug info.  When
stripped, they compute to the same sha1 checksum.

I build glibc like this:

            BUILD_CC=gcc \
                AS=${PROGRAM_PREFIX}as \
                CC=${PROGRAM_PREFIX}gcc \
                AR=${PROGRAM_PREFIX}ar \
                LD=${PROGRAM_PREFIX}ld \
                RANLIB=${PROGRAM_PREFIX}ranlib \
                CFLAGS="${GLIBC_CFLAGS}" \
                ../${GLIBCDIST}/configure \
                --host=${GNU_ARCH} \
                --build=${BUILD_ARCH} \
                --prefix=/ \
                --enable-add-ons=$THREADADDON \
                --with-headers=${PREFIX}/${GNU_ARCH}/sys-include \
                --without-cvs \
                --disable-debug \
                --disable-profile \
                --without-gd \
                --without-selinux \
                --enable-static \
                --enable-shared \
                --cache-file=config.cache \

Where GLIBC_CONF_FLAGS="--with-__thread --with-tls -without-fp"
(Hmm.  I actually use -without, not --without, but perhaps configure
doesn't separate...)

Also, I set
                echo "libc_cv_forced_unwind=$UNWIND" > config.cache
                echo "libc_cv_c_cleanup=yes" >> config.cache


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