C++ Macros, ##, and ::

Harvey Chapman hchapman-gcc-help@3gfp.com
Thu Mar 27 21:00:00 GMT 2008

Why does ...

#define MT(name) { name::Type, name::Create }

work, and ...

#define MT(name) { name##::Type, name##::Create }

does not?

Is that first one portable? I understand the error I get for the  
second one about name and :: not constituting a valid pre-processor  
token, but the first one seems wrong to me. Is :: used in a macro a  
special case? Or is it an operator? Just looking for some insight to  
help me remember this.

Here is the original code to give you an idea of intent.

#define MT(name) { name::Type, name::Create }

struct types_t
   uint32_t type;
   BaseModel::CreateFn fn;
} types[] =
uint32_t typesLen = sizeof(types)/sizeof(types_t);

#undef MT


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