AIX 5.3 gcc 4.1.2 bootstrap error

Brian Dessent
Tue Mar 18 14:41:00 GMT 2008

Jonathan Saxton wrote:
> I had lots of difficulty building 4.2.2 on AIX 5.2.  Problem turned out to
> be binutils.  I found that I had to delete binutils altogether.  It was not
> sufficient to use the make options to specify the native versions of ld and

For what it's worth gcc documents this requirement:


> The native as and ld are recommended for bootstrapping on AIX 4 and 
> required for bootstrapping on AIX 5L. The GNU Assembler reports that it 
> supports WEAK symbols on AIX 4, which causes GCC to try to utilize weak 
> symbol functionality although it is not supported. The GNU Assembler and 
> Linker do not support AIX 5L sufficiently to bootstrap GCC. The native 
> AIX tools do interoperate with GCC.


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