Issues with name mangling

Lorenzo Pesce
Thu Mar 6 02:07:00 GMT 2008

Dear gcc support,
I have an perhaps a strange question. I work at a free
software release to make statistical analysis. The software
has to work on Linux, OS X  and windows.  The computational
core is a mix of f77 and f90/f95, which will be made of
libraries, to be exported  either as .a, or .so, or .dll and
so on.

I got it to work fine, until I stumbled on a strange problem.
The module functions are mangled differently on OS X and
Linux, which messes up my calls. 
One is mangled as __moduleName_MOD_functionName, the other one
as __moduleName__functionName.

Is there any reason why the mangling is done that way and do
you have any idea of how could I fix it so that my function
calls will port directly from system to system? Since I would
like to make my libs available from R and other packages, it
is very important for me that the calls are identical, so I
don't have to multiplicated everything.

Thanks a lot!


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