Why does gcc4 dislike this code?

jlh jlh@gmx.ch
Thu Jun 19 01:05:00 GMT 2008


>> walt wrote:
>>>    *((unsigned long int *) tmp)++ = *((unsigned long int *) b1)++;
> If you had to fix that code, how would you do it?

Maybe like in the following snippet?  It's ugly though.  Maybe you
need to rethink the whole thing and avoid such ugly hacks

    unsigned long int *tmp_cast = (unsigned long int *)tmp;
    unsigned long int *b1_cast = (unsigned long int *)b1;
    *tmp_cast++ = *b1_cast++;
    tmp = (whatever_type1 *)tmp_cast;
    b1 = (whatever_type2 *)b1_cast;


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