MPFR lib path missing from compile command(s) during configuration?

Brian Dessent
Tue Jun 10 00:09:00 GMT 2008

Eric Lemings wrote:

> Ah yes.  For some reason, I was thinking the
> --with-mpfr=<mpfr-install-dir>
> option would take care of that.

But that is not something that gcc has knowledge of -- it varies from
system to system and is part of the policy that the system administrator
controls.  For example, maybe the sysadmin adds directories to, maybe they require all client apps to be linked with an
-rpath, maybe they require wrapper scripts that set LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
maybe they require that mpfr/gmp be built static, etc.  gcc cannot
assume knowledge of how the system is administered.

And besides this is a requirement of just one kind of system, namely
ELF-style shared libraries; but gcc runs on dozens and dozens of various
plaforms and shared libraries work differently on each one, so on some
of them setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH is unnecessary or meaningless.  In
summary, this is site-specific configuration information that must be
handled by the person that installed the library, not the user of the
library (gcc.)


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