statically linked gcc executables

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Jan 25 22:10:00 GMT 2008

"Angelo Leto" <> writes:

> I'm working on applications which are data critical, so when I change
> a library on the system there is the risk that results may be
> different, so I create a repository with the critical libraries, and I
> upgrade the libraries on repository only when it is needed and
> independently from the system libraries (I do this in order to upgrade
> the productivity tools and their related libraries without interacting
> with the libraries linked by my application). Obviously when I change
> the compiler I obtain different results on my applications, so my idea
> is to create a "development package" which includes my critical
> libraries and also the compiler in order to obtain the same result
> (always using the same optimizations flags) on  my application also
> when I'm compiling on different Linux installations.
> I guess that the same gcc static binary (e.g. compiled for generic
> i386 architecture) should give me the same output on different linux
> environments running on i386 machines. Is there any reason for which
> this might not be true?

I recommend building a chroot environment.


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