Building a cross-compiler

John Carter
Tue Jan 29 04:32:00 GMT 2008

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, Wenton L. Davis wrote:

> I am finally going to admit defeat and come ask for help on this.  I am 
> trying to build a cross-compiler to run on an x86 machine for several 
> targets: ARM, MIPS, AVR, and m681x.  I would like a single compiler to handle 
> those 4 architectures in addition to the x86, eventually.  However, for now, 
> I am just trying to get the individual targets able to compile.

It's a _very_ dark art....

Some hints:...

There is a nasty tangly dependency between binutils, libc and the

Last time I did it, I found I had to have the binutils --prefix directory
the same --prefix as the compiler.

You then need to have the target libc in the appropriate level of the
gcc src tree. Your error messages suggest to me you either don't have
a libc build, or have it at the wrong level.

I found I couldn't build it "out the box" for the variants I was
building for, I had to find and apply some patches. (Not too
surprising, given the combinatorial explosion of host os X host CPU X
target os X target CPU X libc implementation X libc version X binutils
version, they simply can't test everything.)

Good Luck! I can email you my scripts for building things, can't
guarantee they'll work for you though! Being in Ruby, I find them easy to
read / maintain than the cross gcc shell script project.

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