undefined reference to vtable for xxx

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii@dlasys.net
Sun Jan 27 18:05:00 GMT 2008

    I am trying to port an application that builds and works under
windows to Linux.
    I did not write the application, and aside from making sure it
continues to build and run under Linux,
    I do not maintain it. It happens to use WxWidgets, and the vtables
errors seem to be nearly exclusively related to
    the implimentations of WxWidgets objects, but I am not gathering the
problem is special to WxWidgets..
    I am getting a plethora of the above errors.

    I have googled the error, and gather that some required method in
xxx's parent is not implimented in xxx's.
    That is only slightly more helpful than the actual error message 
which is completely opaque.
    Is there some easier way besides method by method comparision of the
parent and the child  to
    find out what is missing ?

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