MIPS Cross compilation -ffreestanding option

Anitha Boyapati anithab@sankhya.com
Thu Jan 24 16:13:00 GMT 2008

I am seeing the difference between using hosted environment and a free
standing environment in the startup code with a mips-cross-compiler using 
a dummy main file.
(Compiler bilt for target MIPS32. --target=mips-elf
--enable-languages=c,c++ --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --with-newlib
# File : main.c
int main() { }

mips-elf-gcc -ffreestanding main.c -o main
I have built the main file with -ffreestanding option and checked the
disassembly with mips-elf-objdump. So the dump will have mostly startup
I find that get_mem_info jumps to a certain address which is not in the
code space of the 'main' executable. A series of other library calls also
jump to that address PATTERN (0xbfc00000 + <offset>). I am reading out
part of disassembly of the main program:

a002006c <zerobss>:
a002006c:       3c02a002        lui     v0,0xa002
a0020070:       2442612c        addiu   v0,v0,24876
a0020074:       3c03a002        lui     v1,0xa002
a0020078:       246362d0        addiu   v1,v1,25296
a002007c:       ac400000        sw      zero,0(v0)
a0020080:       0043082b        sltu    at,v0,v1
a0020084:       1420fffd        bnez    at,a002007c <zerobss+0x10>
a0020088:       24420004        addiu   v0,v0,4
a002008c:       3c08a002        lui     t0,0xa002
a0020090:       250861d0        addiu   t0,t0,25040
a0020094:       251d0100        addiu   sp,t0,256
a0020098:       3c04a002        lui     a0,0xa002
a002009c:       248461c0        addiu   a0,a0,25024
a00200a0:       0c00940d        jal     a0025034 <get_mem_info>

a0024fc4 <read>:
a0024fc4:       3c02bfc0        lui     v0,0xbfc0 ============???
a0024fc8:       34420038        ori     v0,v0,0x38
a0024fcc:       00400008        jr      v0
a0024fd0:       00000000        nop
a0024fd4 <write>:
a0024fd4:       3c02bfc0        lui     v0,0xbfc0 =========== ???
a0024fd8:       34420040        ori     v0,v0,0x40
a0024fdc:       00400008        jr      v0
a0024fe0:       00000000        nop
a0024fe4 <close>:
a0024fe4:       3c02bfc0        lui     v0,0xbfc0 ========== ???
a0024fe8:       34420050        ori     v0,v0,0x50
a0024fec:       00400008        jr      v0
a0024ff0:       00000000        nop

a0025034 <get_mem_info>:
a0025034:       3c02bfc0        lui     v0,0xbfc0========= ???
a0025038:       344201b8        ori     v0,v0,0x1b8
a002503c:       00400008        jr      v0
a0025040:       00000000        nop

As can be seen, few of the library calls are doing a jump. I would like to 
know 2 issues regarding this:

 [1]. What those address are likely to represent ? Some system call 
      table...of OS ?
 [2]. From info gcc:
     Assert that compilation takes place in a freestanding environment.
     This implies `-fno-builtin'.  A freestanding environment is one
     in which the standard library may not exist, and program startup
     may not necessarily be at `main'.  The most obvious example is an
     OS kernel.  This is equivalent to `-fno-hosted'.

     But OS specific routines still seem to be called.

(Attached is the full dump output). Any ideas ? (or is this not the 
correct mailing list ?)

Anitha B
@S A N K H Y A

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main:     file format elf32-bigmips

Disassembly of section .text:

a0020000 <_ftext>:
a0020000:	00000000 	nop

a0020004 <_start>:
a0020004:	3c022010 	lui	v0,0x2010
a0020008:	40826000 	mtc0	v0,$12
a002000c:	40806800 	mtc0	zero,$13
a0020010:	00000000 	nop
a0020014:	3c0aaaaa 	lui	t2,0xaaaa
a0020018:	354a5555 	ori	t2,t2,0x5555
a002001c:	448a0000 	mtc1	t2,$f0
a0020020:	44800800 	mtc1	zero,$f1
a0020024:	44080000 	mfc1	t0,$f0
a0020028:	44090800 	mfc1	t1,$f1
a002002c:	00000000 	nop
a0020030:	150a0005 	bne	t0,t2,a0020048 <_start+0x44>
a0020034:	00000000 	nop
a0020038:	15200003 	bnez	t1,a0020048 <_start+0x44>
a002003c:	00000000 	nop
a0020040:	08008015 	j	a0020054 <_start+0x50>
a0020044:	00000000 	nop
a0020048:	3c020010 	lui	v0,0x10
a002004c:	40826000 	mtc0	v0,$12
a0020050:	00000000 	nop
a0020054:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0020058:	24420064 	addiu	v0,v0,100
a002005c:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0020060:	00000000 	nop
a0020064:	3c1ca003 	lui	gp,0xa003
a0020068:	279ce108 	addiu	gp,gp,-7928

a002006c <zerobss>:
a002006c:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0020070:	2442612c 	addiu	v0,v0,24876
a0020074:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0020078:	246362d0 	addiu	v1,v1,25296
a002007c:	ac400000 	sw	zero,0(v0)
a0020080:	0043082b 	sltu	at,v0,v1
a0020084:	1420fffd 	bnez	at,a002007c <zerobss+0x10>
a0020088:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a002008c:	3c08a002 	lui	t0,0xa002
a0020090:	250861d0 	addiu	t0,t0,25040
a0020094:	251d0100 	addiu	sp,t0,256
a0020098:	3c04a002 	lui	a0,0xa002
a002009c:	248461c0 	addiu	a0,a0,25024
a00200a0:	0c00940d 	jal	a0025034 <get_mem_info>
a00200a4:	00000000 	nop
a00200a8:	3c080000 	lui	t0,0x0
a00200ac:	25080000 	addiu	t0,t0,0
a00200b0:	15000005 	bnez	t0,a00200c8 <zerobss+0x5c>
a00200b4:	00000000 	nop
a00200b8:	8c880000 	lw	t0,0(a0)
a00200bc:	3c098000 	lui	t1,0x8000
a00200c0:	01094021 	addu	t0,t0,t1
a00200c4:	2508ffe0 	addiu	t0,t0,-32
a00200c8:	0100e821 	move	sp,t0
a00200cc:	af9d8024 	sw	sp,-32732(gp)

a00200d0 <init>:
a00200d0:	3c190000 	lui	t9,0x0
a00200d4:	27390000 	addiu	t9,t9,0
a00200d8:	13200003 	beqz	t9,a00200e8 <init+0x18>
a00200dc:	00000000 	nop
a00200e0:	0320f809 	jalr	t9
a00200e4:	00000000 	nop
a00200e8:	3c190000 	lui	t9,0x0
a00200ec:	27390000 	addiu	t9,t9,0
a00200f0:	13200003 	beqz	t9,a0020100 <init+0x30>
a00200f4:	00000000 	nop
a00200f8:	0320f809 	jalr	t9
a00200fc:	00000000 	nop
a0020100:	3c04a002 	lui	a0,0xa002
a0020104:	2484015c 	addiu	a0,a0,348
a0020108:	0c008ec4 	jal	a0023b10 <atexit>
a002010c:	00000000 	nop
a0020110:	00002021 	move	a0,zero
a0020114:	0c00804d 	jal	a0020134 <main>
a0020118:	00000000 	nop
a002011c:	0c008eee 	jal	a0023bb8 <exit>
a0020120:	00402021 	move	a0,v0

a0020124 <_exit>:
a0020124:	03ff000d 	break	0x3ff
a0020128:	00000000 	nop
a002012c:	1000fffd 	b	a0020124 <_exit>
a0020130:	00000000 	nop

a0020134 <main>:
a0020134:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0020138:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a002013c:	afbe0010 	sw	s8,16(sp)
a0020140:	0c0080aa 	jal	a00202a8 <__main>
a0020144:	03a0f021 	move	s8,sp
a0020148:	03c0e821 	move	sp,s8
a002014c:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a0020150:	8fbe0010 	lw	s8,16(sp)
a0020154:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020158:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a002015c <__do_global_dtors>:
a002015c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0020160:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a0020164:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0020168:	3c04a002 	lui	a0,0xa002
a002016c:	8c8254fc 	lw	v0,21756(a0)
a0020170:	00000000 	nop
a0020174:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0020178:	00000000 	nop
a002017c:	1060000d 	beqz	v1,a00201b4 <__do_global_dtors+0x58>
a0020180:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a0020184:	8e0254fc 	lw	v0,21756(s0)
a0020188:	00000000 	nop
a002018c:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0020190:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a0020194:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020198:	ae0254fc 	sw	v0,21756(s0)
a002019c:	8e0254fc 	lw	v0,21756(s0)
a00201a0:	00000000 	nop
a00201a4:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a00201a8:	00000000 	nop
a00201ac:	1460fff9 	bnez	v1,a0020194 <__do_global_dtors+0x38>
a00201b0:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a00201b4:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a00201b8:	8c625500 	lw	v0,21760(v1)
a00201bc:	00000000 	nop
a00201c0:	10400005 	beqz	v0,a00201d8 <__do_global_dtors+0x7c>
a00201c4:	3c04a002 	lui	a0,0xa002
a00201c8:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a00201cc:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a00201d0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00201d4:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a00201d8:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a00201dc:	248454fc 	addiu	a0,a0,21756
a00201e0:	0c0081e3 	jal	a002078c <__deregister_frame_info>
a00201e4:	ac625500 	sw	v0,21760(v1)
a00201e8:	08008072 	j	a00201c8 <__do_global_dtors+0x6c>
a00201ec:	00000000 	nop

a00201f0 <__do_global_ctors>:
a00201f0:	3c04a002 	lui	a0,0xa002
a00201f4:	3c05a002 	lui	a1,0xa002
a00201f8:	27bdffe0 	addiu	sp,sp,-32
a00201fc:	248454fc 	addiu	a0,a0,21756
a0020200:	24a56140 	addiu	a1,a1,24896
a0020204:	afbf0018 	sw	ra,24(sp)
a0020208:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a002020c:	0c00816e 	jal	a00205b8 <__register_frame_info>
a0020210:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0020214:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0020218:	8c645110 	lw	a0,20752(v1)
a002021c:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0020220:	10820015 	beq	a0,v0,a0020278 <__do_global_ctors+0x88>
a0020224:	24635110 	addiu	v1,v1,20752
a0020228:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a002022c:	1200000a 	beqz	s0,a0020258 <__do_global_ctors+0x68>
a0020230:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0020234:	00101880 	sll	v1,s0,0x2
a0020238:	24425110 	addiu	v0,v0,20752
a002023c:	00628821 	addu	s1,v1,v0
a0020240:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0020244:	00000000 	nop
a0020248:	0040f809 	jalr	v0
a002024c:	2610ffff 	addiu	s0,s0,-1
a0020250:	1600fffb 	bnez	s0,a0020240 <__do_global_ctors+0x50>
a0020254:	2631fffc 	addiu	s1,s1,-4
a0020258:	3c04a002 	lui	a0,0xa002
a002025c:	0c008ec4 	jal	a0023b10 <atexit>
a0020260:	2484015c 	addiu	a0,a0,348
a0020264:	8fbf0018 	lw	ra,24(sp)
a0020268:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a002026c:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0020270:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020274:	27bd0020 	addiu	sp,sp,32
a0020278:	8c620004 	lw	v0,4(v1)
a002027c:	00000000 	nop
a0020280:	1040ffe9 	beqz	v0,a0020228 <__do_global_ctors+0x38>
a0020284:	00002021 	move	a0,zero
a0020288:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a002028c:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a0020290:	8c620000 	lw	v0,0(v1)
a0020294:	00000000 	nop
a0020298:	1440fffc 	bnez	v0,a002028c <__do_global_ctors+0x9c>
a002029c:	24840001 	addiu	a0,a0,1
a00202a0:	0800808b 	j	a002022c <__do_global_ctors+0x3c>
a00202a4:	00808021 	move	s0,a0

a00202a8 <__main>:
a00202a8:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a00202ac:	8c626158 	lw	v0,24920(v1)
a00202b0:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00202b4:	10400005 	beqz	v0,a00202cc <__main+0x24>
a00202b8:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00202bc:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00202c0:	00000000 	nop
a00202c4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00202c8:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a00202cc:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a00202d0:	0c00807c 	jal	a00201f0 <__do_global_ctors>
a00202d4:	ac626158 	sw	v0,24920(v1)
a00202d8:	080080af 	j	a00202bc <__main+0x14>
a00202dc:	00000000 	nop

a00202e0 <size_of_encoded_value>:
a00202e0:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00202e4:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a00202e8:	240300ff 	li	v1,255
a00202ec:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00202f0:	30850007 	andi	a1,a0,0x7
a00202f4:	10830009 	beq	a0,v1,a002031c <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a00202f8:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a00202fc:	24030002 	li	v1,2
a0020300:	28a40003 	slti	a0,a1,3
a0020304:	10a30005 	beq	a1,v1,a002031c <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a0020308:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a002030c:	10800007 	beqz	a0,a002032c <size_of_encoded_value+0x4c>
a0020310:	24020004 	li	v0,4
a0020314:	14a0000a 	bnez	a1,a0020340 <size_of_encoded_value+0x60>
a0020318:	00000000 	nop
a002031c:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0020320:	00000000 	nop
a0020324:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020328:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a002032c:	24030003 	li	v1,3
a0020330:	10a3fffa 	beq	a1,v1,a002031c <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a0020334:	24030004 	li	v1,4
a0020338:	10a3fff8 	beq	a1,v1,a002031c <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a002033c:	24020008 	li	v0,8
a0020340:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0020344:	00000000 	nop

a0020348 <base_of_encoded_value>:
a0020348:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a002034c:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a0020350:	240300ff 	li	v1,255
a0020354:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0020358:	1083000d 	beq	a0,v1,a0020390 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a002035c:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0020360:	30840070 	andi	a0,a0,0x70
a0020364:	24020020 	li	v0,32
a0020368:	10820021 	beq	a0,v0,a00203f0 <base_of_encoded_value+0xa8>
a002036c:	00000000 	nop
a0020370:	28820021 	slti	v0,a0,33
a0020374:	1040000a 	beqz	v0,a00203a0 <base_of_encoded_value+0x58>
a0020378:	24020040 	li	v0,64
a002037c:	10800003 	beqz	a0,a002038c <base_of_encoded_value+0x44>
a0020380:	24020010 	li	v0,16
a0020384:	1482001e 	bne	a0,v0,a0020400 <base_of_encoded_value+0xb8>
a0020388:	00000000 	nop
a002038c:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0020390:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0020394:	00000000 	nop
a0020398:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002039c:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a00203a0:	1082000f 	beq	a0,v0,a00203e0 <base_of_encoded_value+0x98>
a00203a4:	00000000 	nop
a00203a8:	28820041 	slti	v0,a0,65
a00203ac:	10400008 	beqz	v0,a00203d0 <base_of_encoded_value+0x88>
a00203b0:	24020050 	li	v0,80
a00203b4:	24020030 	li	v0,48
a00203b8:	14820011 	bne	a0,v0,a0020400 <base_of_encoded_value+0xb8>
a00203bc:	00000000 	nop
a00203c0:	0c008789 	jal	a0021e24 <_Unwind_GetDataRelBase>
a00203c4:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a00203c8:	080080e4 	j	a0020390 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a00203cc:	00000000 	nop
a00203d0:	1082ffef 	beq	a0,v0,a0020390 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a00203d4:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a00203d8:	08008100 	j	a0020400 <base_of_encoded_value+0xb8>
a00203dc:	00000000 	nop
a00203e0:	0c008786 	jal	a0021e18 <_Unwind_GetRegionStart>
a00203e4:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a00203e8:	080080e4 	j	a0020390 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a00203ec:	00000000 	nop
a00203f0:	0c00878c 	jal	a0021e30 <_Unwind_GetTextRelBase>
a00203f4:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a00203f8:	080080e4 	j	a0020390 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a00203fc:	00000000 	nop
a0020400:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0020404:	00000000 	nop

a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>:
a0020408:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a002040c:	308a00ff 	andi	t2,a0,0xff
a0020410:	24020050 	li	v0,80
a0020414:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0020418:	11420053 	beq	t2,v0,a0020568 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x160>
a002041c:	00c05821 	move	t3,a2
a0020420:	3143000f 	andi	v1,t2,0xf
a0020424:	2c62000d 	sltiu	v0,v1,13
a0020428:	10400055 	beqz	v0,a0020580 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x178>
a002042c:	00031080 	sll	v0,v1,0x2
a0020430:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0020434:	24635120 	addiu	v1,v1,20768
a0020438:	00431021 	addu	v0,v0,v1
a002043c:	8c440000 	lw	a0,0(v0)
a0020440:	00000000 	nop
a0020444:	00800008 	jr	a0
a0020448:	00000000 	nop
a002044c:	88c80000 	lwl	t0,0(a2)
a0020450:	98c80003 	lwr	t0,3(a2)
a0020454:	00000000 	nop
a0020458:	24c60004 	addiu	a2,a2,4
a002045c:	11000009 	beqz	t0,a0020484 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x7c>
a0020460:	31430070 	andi	v1,t2,0x70
a0020464:	24020010 	li	v0,16
a0020468:	1062000b 	beq	v1,v0,a0020498 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x90>
a002046c:	00000000 	nop
a0020470:	01054021 	addu	t0,t0,a1
a0020474:	31420080 	andi	v0,t2,0x80
a0020478:	10400002 	beqz	v0,a0020484 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x7c>
a002047c:	00000000 	nop
a0020480:	8d080000 	lw	t0,0(t0)
a0020484:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0020488:	00c01021 	move	v0,a2
a002048c:	ace80000 	sw	t0,0(a3)
a0020490:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020494:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0020498:	0800811d 	j	a0020474 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x6c>
a002049c:	010b4021 	addu	t0,t0,t3
a00204a0:	00002021 	move	a0,zero
a00204a4:	00004021 	move	t0,zero
a00204a8:	90c30000 	lbu	v1,0(a2)
a00204ac:	24c60001 	addiu	a2,a2,1
a00204b0:	3062007f 	andi	v0,v1,0x7f
a00204b4:	00821004 	sllv	v0,v0,a0
a00204b8:	30630080 	andi	v1,v1,0x80
a00204bc:	01024025 	or	t0,t0,v0
a00204c0:	1460fff9 	bnez	v1,a00204a8 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0xa0>
a00204c4:	24840007 	addiu	a0,a0,7
a00204c8:	08008117 	j	a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a00204cc:	00000000 	nop
a00204d0:	90c20000 	lbu	v0,0(a2)
a00204d4:	90c30001 	lbu	v1,1(a2)
a00204d8:	00021200 	sll	v0,v0,0x8
a00204dc:	00624025 	or	t0,v1,v0
a00204e0:	08008117 	j	a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a00204e4:	24c60002 	addiu	a2,a2,2
a00204e8:	00004821 	move	t1,zero
a00204ec:	00004021 	move	t0,zero
a00204f0:	90c40000 	lbu	a0,0(a2)
a00204f4:	24c60001 	addiu	a2,a2,1
a00204f8:	3082007f 	andi	v0,a0,0x7f
a00204fc:	01221004 	sllv	v0,v0,t1
a0020500:	30830080 	andi	v1,a0,0x80
a0020504:	01024025 	or	t0,t0,v0
a0020508:	1460fff9 	bnez	v1,a00204f0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0xe8>
a002050c:	25290007 	addiu	t1,t1,7
a0020510:	2d220020 	sltiu	v0,t1,32
a0020514:	1040ffd1 	beqz	v0,a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0020518:	30820040 	andi	v0,a0,0x40
a002051c:	1040ffcf 	beqz	v0,a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0020520:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0020524:	01221004 	sllv	v0,v0,t1
a0020528:	08008117 	j	a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a002052c:	01024025 	or	t0,t0,v0
a0020530:	90c30000 	lbu	v1,0(a2)
a0020534:	90c20001 	lbu	v0,1(a2)
a0020538:	00031a00 	sll	v1,v1,0x8
a002053c:	00431025 	or	v0,v0,v1
a0020540:	00021400 	sll	v0,v0,0x10
a0020544:	00024403 	sra	t0,v0,0x10
a0020548:	08008117 	j	a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a002054c:	24c60002 	addiu	a2,a2,2
a0020550:	88c30004 	lwl	v1,4(a2)
a0020554:	98c30007 	lwr	v1,7(a2)
a0020558:	00000000 	nop
a002055c:	24c60008 	addiu	a2,a2,8
a0020560:	08008117 	j	a002045c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0020564:	00604021 	move	t0,v1
a0020568:	24c20003 	addiu	v0,a2,3
a002056c:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0020570:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0020574:	8c480000 	lw	t0,0(v0)
a0020578:	08008121 	j	a0020484 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x7c>
a002057c:	24460004 	addiu	a2,v0,4
a0020580:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0020584:	00000000 	nop

a0020588 <__register_frame_info_bases>:
a0020588:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a002058c:	8c686164 	lw	t0,24932(v1)
a0020590:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0020594:	aca20000 	sw	v0,0(a1)
a0020598:	3c021fe0 	lui	v0,0x1fe0
a002059c:	aca60004 	sw	a2,4(a1)
a00205a0:	aca70008 	sw	a3,8(a1)
a00205a4:	aca4000c 	sw	a0,12(a1)
a00205a8:	aca20010 	sw	v0,16(a1)
a00205ac:	aca80014 	sw	t0,20(a1)
a00205b0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00205b4:	ac656164 	sw	a1,24932(v1)

a00205b8 <__register_frame_info>:
a00205b8:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00205bc:	00003021 	move	a2,zero
a00205c0:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00205c4:	0c008162 	jal	a0020588 <__register_frame_info_bases>
a00205c8:	00003821 	move	a3,zero
a00205cc:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00205d0:	00000000 	nop
a00205d4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00205d8:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a00205dc <__register_frame>:
a00205dc:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00205e0:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a00205e4:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a00205e8:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a00205ec:	0c008f15 	jal	a0023c54 <malloc>
a00205f0:	24040018 	li	a0,24
a00205f4:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a00205f8:	0c00816e 	jal	a00205b8 <__register_frame_info>
a00205fc:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020600:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a0020604:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0020608:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002060c:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0020610 <__register_frame_info_table_bases>:
a0020610:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0020614:	8c686164 	lw	t0,24932(v1)
a0020618:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a002061c:	aca20000 	sw	v0,0(a1)
a0020620:	3c025fe0 	lui	v0,0x5fe0
a0020624:	aca60004 	sw	a2,4(a1)
a0020628:	aca70008 	sw	a3,8(a1)
a002062c:	aca4000c 	sw	a0,12(a1)
a0020630:	aca20010 	sw	v0,16(a1)
a0020634:	aca80014 	sw	t0,20(a1)
a0020638:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002063c:	ac656164 	sw	a1,24932(v1)

a0020640 <__register_frame_info_table>:
a0020640:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0020644:	00003021 	move	a2,zero
a0020648:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a002064c:	0c008184 	jal	a0020610 <__register_frame_info_table_bases>
a0020650:	00003821 	move	a3,zero
a0020654:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0020658:	00000000 	nop
a002065c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020660:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0020664 <__register_frame_table>:
a0020664:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0020668:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a002066c:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a0020670:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a0020674:	0c008f15 	jal	a0023c54 <malloc>
a0020678:	24040018 	li	a0,24
a002067c:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0020680:	0c008190 	jal	a0020640 <__register_frame_info_table>
a0020684:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020688:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a002068c:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0020690:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020694:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0020698 <__deregister_frame_info_bases>:
a0020698:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a002069c:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00206a0:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a00206a4:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a00206a8:	8c436164 	lw	v1,24932(v0)
a00206ac:	00000000 	nop
a00206b0:	1060000b 	beqz	v1,a00206e0 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0x48>
a00206b4:	24466164 	addiu	a2,v0,24932
a00206b8:	8cc30000 	lw	v1,0(a2)
a00206bc:	00000000 	nop
a00206c0:	8c62000c 	lw	v0,12(v1)
a00206c4:	00000000 	nop
a00206c8:	1044002b 	beq	v0,a0,a0020778 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0xe0>
a00206cc:	00608021 	move	s0,v1
a00206d0:	8c620014 	lw	v0,20(v1)
a00206d4:	00000000 	nop
a00206d8:	1440fff7 	bnez	v0,a00206b8 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0x20>
a00206dc:	24660014 	addiu	a2,v1,20
a00206e0:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00206e4:	8c436168 	lw	v1,24936(v0)
a00206e8:	00000000 	nop
a00206ec:	10600025 	beqz	v1,a0020784 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0xec>
a00206f0:	24466168 	addiu	a2,v0,24936
a00206f4:	8cc50000 	lw	a1,0(a2)
a00206f8:	00000000 	nop
a00206fc:	8ca20010 	lw	v0,16(a1)
a0020700:	00000000 	nop
a0020704:	04410018 	bgez	v0,a0020768 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0xd0>
a0020708:	00000000 	nop
a002070c:	8ca2000c 	lw	v0,12(a1)
a0020710:	00000000 	nop
a0020714:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0020718:	00000000 	nop
a002071c:	10640007 	beq	v1,a0,a002073c <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0xa4>
a0020720:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a0020724:	8ca20014 	lw	v0,20(a1)
a0020728:	00000000 	nop
a002072c:	1440fff1 	bnez	v0,a00206f4 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0x5c>
a0020730:	24a60014 	addiu	a2,a1,20
a0020734:	080081e1 	j	a0020784 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0xec>
a0020738:	00000000 	nop
a002073c:	8e020014 	lw	v0,20(s0)
a0020740:	00000000 	nop
a0020744:	acc20000 	sw	v0,0(a2)
a0020748:	8e04000c 	lw	a0,12(s0)
a002074c:	0c008f20 	jal	a0023c80 <free>
a0020750:	00000000 	nop
a0020754:	02001021 	move	v0,s0
a0020758:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a002075c:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0020760:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020764:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0020768:	8ca2000c 	lw	v0,12(a1)
a002076c:	00000000 	nop
a0020770:	1444ffec 	bne	v0,a0,a0020724 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0x8c>
a0020774:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a0020778:	8e020014 	lw	v0,20(s0)
a002077c:	080081d5 	j	a0020754 <__deregister_frame_info_bases+0xbc>
a0020780:	acc20000 	sw	v0,0(a2)
a0020784:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0020788:	00000000 	nop

a002078c <__deregister_frame_info>:
a002078c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0020790:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0020794:	0c0081a6 	jal	a0020698 <__deregister_frame_info_bases>
a0020798:	00000000 	nop
a002079c:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00207a0:	00000000 	nop
a00207a4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00207a8:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a00207ac <__deregister_frame>:
a00207ac:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00207b0:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00207b4:	0c0081e3 	jal	a002078c <__deregister_frame_info>
a00207b8:	00000000 	nop
a00207bc:	0c008f20 	jal	a0023c80 <free>
a00207c0:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a00207c4:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00207c8:	00000000 	nop
a00207cc:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00207d0:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a00207d4 <base_from_object>:
a00207d4:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00207d8:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a00207dc:	240300ff 	li	v1,255
a00207e0:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00207e4:	1083000d 	beq	a0,v1,a002081c <base_from_object+0x48>
a00207e8:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a00207ec:	30840070 	andi	a0,a0,0x70
a00207f0:	24020020 	li	v0,32
a00207f4:	10820017 	beq	a0,v0,a0020854 <base_from_object+0x80>
a00207f8:	00000000 	nop
a00207fc:	28820021 	slti	v0,a0,33
a0020800:	1040000a 	beqz	v0,a002082c <base_from_object+0x58>
a0020804:	24020030 	li	v0,48
a0020808:	10800003 	beqz	a0,a0020818 <base_from_object+0x44>
a002080c:	24020010 	li	v0,16
a0020810:	14820013 	bne	a0,v0,a0020860 <base_from_object+0x8c>
a0020814:	00000000 	nop
a0020818:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a002081c:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0020820:	00000000 	nop
a0020824:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020828:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a002082c:	10820006 	beq	a0,v0,a0020848 <base_from_object+0x74>
a0020830:	00000000 	nop
a0020834:	24020050 	li	v0,80
a0020838:	1082fff8 	beq	a0,v0,a002081c <base_from_object+0x48>
a002083c:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0020840:	08008218 	j	a0020860 <base_from_object+0x8c>
a0020844:	00000000 	nop
a0020848:	8ca20008 	lw	v0,8(a1)
a002084c:	08008207 	j	a002081c <base_from_object+0x48>
a0020850:	00000000 	nop
a0020854:	8ca20004 	lw	v0,4(a1)
a0020858:	08008207 	j	a002081c <base_from_object+0x48>
a002085c:	00000000 	nop
a0020860:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0020864:	00000000 	nop

a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>:
a0020868:	27bdffd0 	addiu	sp,sp,-48
a002086c:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0020870:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0020874:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0020878:	afbf0028 	sw	ra,40(sp)
a002087c:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0020880:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0020884:	92230009 	lbu	v1,9(s1)
a0020888:	2402007a 	li	v0,122
a002088c:	10620009 	beq	v1,v0,a00208b4 <get_cie_encoding+0x4c>
a0020890:	26300009 	addiu	s0,s1,9
a0020894:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0020898:	8fbf0028 	lw	ra,40(sp)
a002089c:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a00208a0:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a00208a4:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a00208a8:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a00208ac:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00208b0:	27bd0030 	addiu	sp,sp,48
a00208b4:	0c0092ae 	jal	a0024ab8 <strlen>
a00208b8:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a00208bc:	02021021 	addu	v0,s0,v0
a00208c0:	24440001 	addiu	a0,v0,1
a00208c4:	27b00010 	addiu	s0,sp,16
a00208c8:	00803021 	move	a2,a0
a00208cc:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a00208d0:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00208d4:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00208d8:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00208dc:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a00208e0:	00803021 	move	a2,a0
a00208e4:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a00208e8:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a00208ec:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00208f0:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00208f4:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a00208f8:	24840001 	addiu	a0,a0,1
a00208fc:	00803021 	move	a2,a0
a0020900:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0020904:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0020908:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002090c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0020910:	2630000a 	addiu	s0,s1,10
a0020914:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0020918:	24130052 	li	s3,82
a002091c:	24120050 	li	s2,80
a0020920:	2411004c 	li	s1,76
a0020924:	92030000 	lbu	v1,0(s0)
a0020928:	24860001 	addiu	a2,a0,1
a002092c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0020930:	1073000d 	beq	v1,s3,a0020968 <get_cie_encoding+0x100>
a0020934:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a0020938:	10720006 	beq	v1,s2,a0020954 <get_cie_encoding+0xec>
a002093c:	00000000 	nop
a0020940:	24840001 	addiu	a0,a0,1
a0020944:	1471ffd4 	bne	v1,s1,a0020898 <get_cie_encoding+0x30>
a0020948:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a002094c:	08008249 	j	a0020924 <get_cie_encoding+0xbc>
a0020950:	26100001 	addiu	s0,s0,1
a0020954:	90840000 	lbu	a0,0(a0)
a0020958:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002095c:	3084007f 	andi	a0,a0,0x7f
a0020960:	08008253 	j	a002094c <get_cie_encoding+0xe4>
a0020964:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0020968:	90820000 	lbu	v0,0(a0)
a002096c:	08008226 	j	a0020898 <get_cie_encoding+0x30>
a0020970:	00000000 	nop

a0020974 <fde_unencoded_compare>:
a0020974:	8ca20008 	lw	v0,8(a1)
a0020978:	8cc30008 	lw	v1,8(a2)
a002097c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020980:	00431023 	subu	v0,v0,v1

a0020984 <fde_single_encoding_compare>:
a0020984:	27bdffd0 	addiu	sp,sp,-48
a0020988:	afbf0028 	sw	ra,40(sp)
a002098c:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0020990:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0020994:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0020998:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a002099c:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a00209a0:	8e240010 	lw	a0,16(s1)
a00209a4:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a00209a8:	00042542 	srl	a0,a0,0x15
a00209ac:	02202821 	move	a1,s1
a00209b0:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a00209b4:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a00209b8:	00c09021 	move	s2,a2
a00209bc:	8e240010 	lw	a0,16(s1)
a00209c0:	00409821 	move	s3,v0
a00209c4:	26100008 	addiu	s0,s0,8
a00209c8:	00042542 	srl	a0,a0,0x15
a00209cc:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a00209d0:	02003021 	move	a2,s0
a00209d4:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a00209d8:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00209dc:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a00209e0:	8e240010 	lw	a0,16(s1)
a00209e4:	26520008 	addiu	s2,s2,8
a00209e8:	00042542 	srl	a0,a0,0x15
a00209ec:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a00209f0:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a00209f4:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a00209f8:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00209fc:	27a70014 	addiu	a3,sp,20
a0020a00:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0020a04:	8fa30014 	lw	v1,20(sp)
a0020a08:	8fbf0028 	lw	ra,40(sp)
a0020a0c:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0020a10:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0020a14:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0020a18:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0020a1c:	00431023 	subu	v0,v0,v1
a0020a20:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020a24:	27bd0030 	addiu	sp,sp,48

a0020a28 <fde_mixed_encoding_compare>:
a0020a28:	27bdffd0 	addiu	sp,sp,-48
a0020a2c:	afbf0028 	sw	ra,40(sp)
a0020a30:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0020a34:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0020a38:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0020a3c:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0020a40:	00a08821 	move	s1,a1
a0020a44:	8e220004 	lw	v0,4(s1)
a0020a48:	00809821 	move	s3,a0
a0020a4c:	02221023 	subu	v0,s1,v0
a0020a50:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a0020a54:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0020a58:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a0020a5c:	00c09021 	move	s2,a2
a0020a60:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a0020a64:	321000ff 	andi	s0,s0,0xff
a0020a68:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020a6c:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a0020a70:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0020a74:	26310008 	addiu	s1,s1,8
a0020a78:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a0020a7c:	02203021 	move	a2,s1
a0020a80:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0020a84:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0020a88:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020a8c:	8e440004 	lw	a0,4(s2)
a0020a90:	00000000 	nop
a0020a94:	02442023 	subu	a0,s2,a0
a0020a98:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a0020a9c:	24840004 	addiu	a0,a0,4
a0020aa0:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a0020aa4:	321000ff 	andi	s0,s0,0xff
a0020aa8:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0020aac:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a0020ab0:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020ab4:	26520008 	addiu	s2,s2,8
a0020ab8:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020abc:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0020ac0:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0020ac4:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0020ac8:	27a70014 	addiu	a3,sp,20
a0020acc:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0020ad0:	8fa30014 	lw	v1,20(sp)
a0020ad4:	8fbf0028 	lw	ra,40(sp)
a0020ad8:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0020adc:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0020ae0:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0020ae4:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0020ae8:	00431023 	subu	v0,v0,v1
a0020aec:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020af0:	27bd0030 	addiu	sp,sp,48

a0020af4 <frame_heapsort>:
a0020af4:	27bdffc0 	addiu	sp,sp,-64
a0020af8:	afb70034 	sw	s7,52(sp)
a0020afc:	afbf003c 	sw	ra,60(sp)
a0020b00:	afbe0038 	sw	s8,56(sp)
a0020b04:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a0020b08:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a0020b0c:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a0020b10:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0020b14:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0020b18:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0020b1c:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0020b20:	8cde0004 	lw	s8,4(a2)
a0020b24:	24d70008 	addiu	s7,a2,8
a0020b28:	afa40040 	sw	a0,64(sp)
a0020b2c:	afa50044 	sw	a1,68(sp)
a0020b30:	13c00030 	beqz	s8,a0020bf4 <frame_heapsort+0x100>
a0020b34:	afbe0010 	sw	s8,16(sp)
a0020b38:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0020b3c:	00000000 	nop
a0020b40:	2451ffff 	addiu	s1,v0,-1
a0020b44:	0011a040 	sll	s4,s1,0x1
a0020b48:	26820001 	addiu	v0,s4,1
a0020b4c:	005e102b 	sltu	v0,v0,s8
a0020b50:	afb10010 	sw	s1,16(sp)
a0020b54:	10400023 	beqz	v0,a0020be4 <frame_heapsort+0xf0>
a0020b58:	02801821 	move	v1,s4
a0020b5c:	24760002 	addiu	s6,v1,2
a0020b60:	0011a8c0 	sll	s5,s1,0x3
a0020b64:	02de102b 	sltu	v0,s6,s8
a0020b68:	02b78021 	addu	s0,s5,s7
a0020b6c:	8fa40040 	lw	a0,64(sp)
a0020b70:	10400078 	beqz	v0,a0020d54 <frame_heapsort+0x260>
a0020b74:	00119880 	sll	s3,s1,0x2
a0020b78:	8e050008 	lw	a1,8(s0)
a0020b7c:	8e060004 	lw	a2,4(s0)
a0020b80:	8fa30044 	lw	v1,68(sp)
a0020b84:	00000000 	nop
a0020b88:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020b8c:	02779021 	addu	s2,s3,s7
a0020b90:	8fa40040 	lw	a0,64(sp)
a0020b94:	18400080 	blez	v0,a0020d98 <frame_heapsort+0x2a4>
a0020b98:	00000000 	nop
a0020b9c:	8e050008 	lw	a1,8(s0)
a0020ba0:	8e460000 	lw	a2,0(s2)
a0020ba4:	8fa30044 	lw	v1,68(sp)
a0020ba8:	00000000 	nop
a0020bac:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020bb0:	02c08821 	move	s1,s6
a0020bb4:	18400067 	blez	v0,a0020d54 <frame_heapsort+0x260>
a0020bb8:	00000000 	nop
a0020bbc:	8e430000 	lw	v1,0(s2)
a0020bc0:	8e020008 	lw	v0,8(s0)
a0020bc4:	00000000 	nop
a0020bc8:	ae420000 	sw	v0,0(s2)
a0020bcc:	ae030008 	sw	v1,8(s0)
a0020bd0:	0011a040 	sll	s4,s1,0x1
a0020bd4:	26820001 	addiu	v0,s4,1
a0020bd8:	005e102b 	sltu	v0,v0,s8
a0020bdc:	1440ffdf 	bnez	v0,a0020b5c <frame_heapsort+0x68>
a0020be0:	02801821 	move	v1,s4
a0020be4:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0020be8:	00000000 	nop
a0020bec:	1440ffd4 	bnez	v0,a0020b40 <frame_heapsort+0x4c>
a0020bf0:	00000000 	nop
a0020bf4:	2fc20002 	sltiu	v0,s8,2
a0020bf8:	14400037 	bnez	v0,a0020cd8 <frame_heapsort+0x1e4>
a0020bfc:	001e1080 	sll	v0,s8,0x2
a0020c00:	00571021 	addu	v0,v0,s7
a0020c04:	afa20014 	sw	v0,20(sp)
a0020c08:	8fa30014 	lw	v1,20(sp)
a0020c0c:	27deffff 	addiu	s8,s8,-1
a0020c10:	2463fffc 	addiu	v1,v1,-4
a0020c14:	afa30014 	sw	v1,20(sp)
a0020c18:	8c630000 	lw	v1,0(v1)
a0020c1c:	8ee40000 	lw	a0,0(s7)
a0020c20:	aee30000 	sw	v1,0(s7)
a0020c24:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0020c28:	8fa30014 	lw	v1,20(sp)
a0020c2c:	005e102b 	sltu	v0,v0,s8
a0020c30:	ac640000 	sw	a0,0(v1)
a0020c34:	10400025 	beqz	v0,a0020ccc <frame_heapsort+0x1d8>
a0020c38:	00008821 	move	s1,zero
a0020c3c:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0020c40:	26960002 	addiu	s6,s4,2
a0020c44:	0011a8c0 	sll	s5,s1,0x3
a0020c48:	02de102b 	sltu	v0,s6,s8
a0020c4c:	02b78021 	addu	s0,s5,s7
a0020c50:	8fa40040 	lw	a0,64(sp)
a0020c54:	1040002c 	beqz	v0,a0020d08 <frame_heapsort+0x214>
a0020c58:	00119880 	sll	s3,s1,0x2
a0020c5c:	8e050008 	lw	a1,8(s0)
a0020c60:	8e060004 	lw	a2,4(s0)
a0020c64:	8fa30044 	lw	v1,68(sp)
a0020c68:	00000000 	nop
a0020c6c:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020c70:	02779021 	addu	s2,s3,s7
a0020c74:	8fa40040 	lw	a0,64(sp)
a0020c78:	18400034 	blez	v0,a0020d4c <frame_heapsort+0x258>
a0020c7c:	00000000 	nop
a0020c80:	8e050008 	lw	a1,8(s0)
a0020c84:	8e460000 	lw	a2,0(s2)
a0020c88:	8fa30044 	lw	v1,68(sp)
a0020c8c:	00000000 	nop
a0020c90:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020c94:	02c08821 	move	s1,s6
a0020c98:	1840001b 	blez	v0,a0020d08 <frame_heapsort+0x214>
a0020c9c:	00000000 	nop
a0020ca0:	8e430000 	lw	v1,0(s2)
a0020ca4:	8e020008 	lw	v0,8(s0)
a0020ca8:	00000000 	nop
a0020cac:	ae420000 	sw	v0,0(s2)
a0020cb0:	ae030008 	sw	v1,8(s0)
a0020cb4:	00111840 	sll	v1,s1,0x1
a0020cb8:	0060a021 	move	s4,v1
a0020cbc:	26820001 	addiu	v0,s4,1
a0020cc0:	005e102b 	sltu	v0,v0,s8
a0020cc4:	1440ffde 	bnez	v0,a0020c40 <frame_heapsort+0x14c>
a0020cc8:	00000000 	nop
a0020ccc:	2fc20002 	sltiu	v0,s8,2
a0020cd0:	1040ffcd 	beqz	v0,a0020c08 <frame_heapsort+0x114>
a0020cd4:	00000000 	nop
a0020cd8:	8fbf003c 	lw	ra,60(sp)
a0020cdc:	8fbe0038 	lw	s8,56(sp)
a0020ce0:	8fb70034 	lw	s7,52(sp)
a0020ce4:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0020ce8:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a0020cec:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a0020cf0:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0020cf4:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0020cf8:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0020cfc:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0020d00:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020d04:	27bd0040 	addiu	sp,sp,64
a0020d08:	02b79021 	addu	s2,s5,s7
a0020d0c:	02778021 	addu	s0,s3,s7
a0020d10:	8fa40040 	lw	a0,64(sp)
a0020d14:	8e450004 	lw	a1,4(s2)
a0020d18:	8e060000 	lw	a2,0(s0)
a0020d1c:	8fa30044 	lw	v1,68(sp)
a0020d20:	00000000 	nop
a0020d24:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020d28:	26910001 	addiu	s1,s4,1
a0020d2c:	1840ffe8 	blez	v0,a0020cd0 <frame_heapsort+0x1dc>
a0020d30:	2fc20002 	sltiu	v0,s8,2
a0020d34:	8e030000 	lw	v1,0(s0)
a0020d38:	8e420004 	lw	v0,4(s2)
a0020d3c:	00000000 	nop
a0020d40:	ae020000 	sw	v0,0(s0)
a0020d44:	0800832d 	j	a0020cb4 <frame_heapsort+0x1c0>
a0020d48:	ae430004 	sw	v1,4(s2)
a0020d4c:	08008342 	j	a0020d08 <frame_heapsort+0x214>
a0020d50:	00119880 	sll	s3,s1,0x2
a0020d54:	02b79021 	addu	s2,s5,s7
a0020d58:	02778021 	addu	s0,s3,s7
a0020d5c:	8fa40040 	lw	a0,64(sp)
a0020d60:	8e450004 	lw	a1,4(s2)
a0020d64:	8e060000 	lw	a2,0(s0)
a0020d68:	8fa30044 	lw	v1,68(sp)
a0020d6c:	00000000 	nop
a0020d70:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0020d74:	26910001 	addiu	s1,s4,1
a0020d78:	1840ff9a 	blez	v0,a0020be4 <frame_heapsort+0xf0>
a0020d7c:	00000000 	nop
a0020d80:	8e030000 	lw	v1,0(s0)
a0020d84:	8e420004 	lw	v0,4(s2)
a0020d88:	00000000 	nop
a0020d8c:	ae020000 	sw	v0,0(s0)
a0020d90:	080082f4 	j	a0020bd0 <frame_heapsort+0xdc>
a0020d94:	ae430004 	sw	v1,4(s2)
a0020d98:	08008355 	j	a0020d54 <frame_heapsort+0x260>
a0020d9c:	00119880 	sll	s3,s1,0x2

a0020da0 <classify_object_over_fdes>:
a0020da0:	27bdffc8 	addiu	sp,sp,-56
a0020da4:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a0020da8:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a0020dac:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a0020db0:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0020db4:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0020db8:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0020dbc:	afbf0034 	sw	ra,52(sp)
a0020dc0:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0020dc4:	00a08821 	move	s1,a1
a0020dc8:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0020dcc:	00809021 	move	s2,a0
a0020dd0:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0020dd4:	0000b021 	move	s6,zero
a0020dd8:	00009821 	move	s3,zero
a0020ddc:	1040003b 	beqz	v0,a0020ecc <classify_object_over_fdes+0x12c>
a0020de0:	0000a821 	move	s5,zero
a0020de4:	8e220004 	lw	v0,4(s1)
a0020de8:	00000000 	nop
a0020dec:	10400030 	beqz	v0,a0020eb0 <classify_object_over_fdes+0x110>
a0020df0:	02221023 	subu	v0,s1,v0
a0020df4:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a0020df8:	10540014 	beq	v0,s4,a0020e4c <classify_object_over_fdes+0xac>
a0020dfc:	327000ff 	andi	s0,s3,0xff
a0020e00:	0040a021 	move	s4,v0
a0020e04:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a0020e08:	02802021 	move	a0,s4
a0020e0c:	00409821 	move	s3,v0
a0020e10:	327000ff 	andi	s0,s3,0xff
a0020e14:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020e18:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a0020e1c:	02402821 	move	a1,s2
a0020e20:	8e440010 	lw	a0,16(s2)
a0020e24:	0040a821 	move	s5,v0
a0020e28:	00041542 	srl	v0,a0,0x15
a0020e2c:	240300ff 	li	v1,255
a0020e30:	304200ff 	andi	v0,v0,0xff
a0020e34:	10430032 	beq	v0,v1,a0020f00 <classify_object_over_fdes+0x160>
a0020e38:	326300ff 	andi	v1,s3,0xff
a0020e3c:	10530003 	beq	v0,s3,a0020e4c <classify_object_over_fdes+0xac>
a0020e40:	3c022000 	lui	v0,0x2000
a0020e44:	00821025 	or	v0,a0,v0
a0020e48:	ae420010 	sw	v0,16(s2)
a0020e4c:	26260008 	addiu	a2,s1,8
a0020e50:	02a02821 	move	a1,s5
a0020e54:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a0020e58:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0020e5c:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020e60:	0c0080b8 	jal	a00202e0 <size_of_encoded_value>
a0020e64:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020e68:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0020e6c:	2c620004 	sltiu	v0,v1,4
a0020e70:	10400021 	beqz	v0,a0020ef8 <classify_object_over_fdes+0x158>
a0020e74:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0020e78:	000318c0 	sll	v1,v1,0x3
a0020e7c:	00621004 	sllv	v0,v0,v1
a0020e80:	2443ffff 	addiu	v1,v0,-1
a0020e84:	8fa40010 	lw	a0,16(sp)
a0020e88:	00000000 	nop
a0020e8c:	00831024 	and	v0,a0,v1
a0020e90:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a0020eb0 <classify_object_over_fdes+0x110>
a0020e94:	00000000 	nop
a0020e98:	8e420000 	lw	v0,0(s2)
a0020e9c:	00000000 	nop
a0020ea0:	0082102b 	sltu	v0,a0,v0
a0020ea4:	10400002 	beqz	v0,a0020eb0 <classify_object_over_fdes+0x110>
a0020ea8:	26d60001 	addiu	s6,s6,1
a0020eac:	ae440000 	sw	a0,0(s2)
a0020eb0:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0020eb4:	00000000 	nop
a0020eb8:	02221021 	addu	v0,s1,v0
a0020ebc:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a0020ec0:	00000000 	nop
a0020ec4:	1460ffc7 	bnez	v1,a0020de4 <classify_object_over_fdes+0x44>
a0020ec8:	24510004 	addiu	s1,v0,4
a0020ecc:	02c01021 	move	v0,s6
a0020ed0:	8fbf0034 	lw	ra,52(sp)
a0020ed4:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0020ed8:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a0020edc:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a0020ee0:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0020ee4:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0020ee8:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0020eec:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0020ef0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0020ef4:	27bd0038 	addiu	sp,sp,56
a0020ef8:	080083a1 	j	a0020e84 <classify_object_over_fdes+0xe4>
a0020efc:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a0020f00:	3c02e01f 	lui	v0,0xe01f
a0020f04:	3442ffff 	ori	v0,v0,0xffff
a0020f08:	00821024 	and	v0,a0,v0
a0020f0c:	00031d40 	sll	v1,v1,0x15
a0020f10:	08008392 	j	a0020e48 <classify_object_over_fdes+0xa8>
a0020f14:	00431025 	or	v0,v0,v1

a0020f18 <add_fdes>:
a0020f18:	27bdffc0 	addiu	sp,sp,-64
a0020f1c:	afb70034 	sw	s7,52(sp)
a0020f20:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a0020f24:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a0020f28:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0020f2c:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0020f30:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0020f34:	0080a821 	move	s5,a0
a0020f38:	afbf0038 	sw	ra,56(sp)
a0020f3c:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a0020f40:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0020f44:	8ea20010 	lw	v0,16(s5)
a0020f48:	00a0b821 	move	s7,a1
a0020f4c:	00022542 	srl	a0,v0,0x15
a0020f50:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a0020f54:	02a02821 	move	a1,s5
a0020f58:	00c08821 	move	s1,a2
a0020f5c:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a0020f60:	00029542 	srl	s2,v0,0x15
a0020f64:	00409821 	move	s3,v0
a0020f68:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0020f6c:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0020f70:	1040003d 	beqz	v0,a0021068 <add_fdes+0x150>
a0020f74:	325200ff 	andi	s2,s2,0xff
a0020f78:	24160001 	li	s6,1
a0020f7c:	8e230004 	lw	v1,4(s1)
a0020f80:	00000000 	nop
a0020f84:	10600031 	beqz	v1,a002104c <add_fdes+0x134>
a0020f88:	00000000 	nop
a0020f8c:	8ea20010 	lw	v0,16(s5)
a0020f90:	00000000 	nop
a0020f94:	00021742 	srl	v0,v0,0x1d
a0020f98:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a0020f9c:	1040000c 	beqz	v0,a0020fd0 <add_fdes+0xb8>
a0020fa0:	02231023 	subu	v0,s1,v1
a0020fa4:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a0020fa8:	10540009 	beq	v0,s4,a0020fd0 <add_fdes+0xb8>
a0020fac:	00000000 	nop
a0020fb0:	0040a021 	move	s4,v0
a0020fb4:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a0020fb8:	02802021 	move	a0,s4
a0020fbc:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0020fc0:	324400ff 	andi	a0,s2,0xff
a0020fc4:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a0020fc8:	02a02821 	move	a1,s5
a0020fcc:	00409821 	move	s3,v0
a0020fd0:	12400032 	beqz	s2,a002109c <add_fdes+0x184>
a0020fd4:	325000ff 	andi	s0,s2,0xff
a0020fd8:	26260008 	addiu	a2,s1,8
a0020fdc:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0020fe0:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a0020fe4:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0020fe8:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020fec:	0c0080b8 	jal	a00202e0 <size_of_encoded_value>
a0020ff0:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0020ff4:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0020ff8:	2c620004 	sltiu	v0,v1,4
a0020ffc:	10400025 	beqz	v0,a0021094 <add_fdes+0x17c>
a0021000:	000310c0 	sll	v0,v1,0x3
a0021004:	00561004 	sllv	v0,s6,v0
a0021008:	2443ffff 	addiu	v1,v0,-1
a002100c:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0021010:	00000000 	nop
a0021014:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0021018:	1040000c 	beqz	v0,a002104c <add_fdes+0x134>
a002101c:	00000000 	nop
a0021020:	8ee40000 	lw	a0,0(s7)
a0021024:	00000000 	nop
a0021028:	10800008 	beqz	a0,a002104c <add_fdes+0x134>
a002102c:	00000000 	nop
a0021030:	8c830004 	lw	v1,4(a0)
a0021034:	00000000 	nop
a0021038:	00031080 	sll	v0,v1,0x2
a002103c:	00441021 	addu	v0,v0,a0
a0021040:	24630001 	addiu	v1,v1,1
a0021044:	ac510008 	sw	s1,8(v0)
a0021048:	ac830004 	sw	v1,4(a0)
a002104c:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0021050:	00000000 	nop
a0021054:	02221021 	addu	v0,s1,v0
a0021058:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a002105c:	00000000 	nop
a0021060:	1460ffc6 	bnez	v1,a0020f7c <add_fdes+0x64>
a0021064:	24510004 	addiu	s1,v0,4
a0021068:	8fbf0038 	lw	ra,56(sp)
a002106c:	8fb70034 	lw	s7,52(sp)
a0021070:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0021074:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a0021078:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a002107c:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0021080:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0021084:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0021088:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a002108c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021090:	27bd0040 	addiu	sp,sp,64
a0021094:	08008403 	j	a002100c <add_fdes+0xf4>
a0021098:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a002109c:	8e220008 	lw	v0,8(s1)
a00210a0:	00000000 	nop
a00210a4:	1440ffde 	bnez	v0,a0021020 <add_fdes+0x108>
a00210a8:	00000000 	nop
a00210ac:	08008413 	j	a002104c <add_fdes+0x134>
a00210b0:	00000000 	nop

a00210b4 <linear_search_fdes>:
a00210b4:	27bdffc8 	addiu	sp,sp,-56
a00210b8:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a00210bc:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a00210c0:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a00210c4:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a00210c8:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a00210cc:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a00210d0:	0080a821 	move	s5,a0
a00210d4:	afbf0034 	sw	ra,52(sp)
a00210d8:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a00210dc:	8ea20010 	lw	v0,16(s5)
a00210e0:	00a08821 	move	s1,a1
a00210e4:	00022542 	srl	a0,v0,0x15
a00210e8:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a00210ec:	02a02821 	move	a1,s5
a00210f0:	00029542 	srl	s2,v0,0x15
a00210f4:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a00210f8:	00c0b021 	move	s6,a2
a00210fc:	00409821 	move	s3,v0
a0021100:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0021104:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0021108:	1040003c 	beqz	v0,a00211fc <linear_search_fdes+0x148>
a002110c:	325200ff 	andi	s2,s2,0xff
a0021110:	8e230004 	lw	v1,4(s1)
a0021114:	00000000 	nop
a0021118:	10600031 	beqz	v1,a00211e0 <linear_search_fdes+0x12c>
a002111c:	00000000 	nop
a0021120:	8ea20010 	lw	v0,16(s5)
a0021124:	00000000 	nop
a0021128:	00021742 	srl	v0,v0,0x1d
a002112c:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a0021130:	1040000c 	beqz	v0,a0021164 <linear_search_fdes+0xb0>
a0021134:	02231023 	subu	v0,s1,v1
a0021138:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a002113c:	10540009 	beq	v0,s4,a0021164 <linear_search_fdes+0xb0>
a0021140:	00000000 	nop
a0021144:	0040a021 	move	s4,v0
a0021148:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a002114c:	02802021 	move	a0,s4
a0021150:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0021154:	324400ff 	andi	a0,s2,0xff
a0021158:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a002115c:	02a02821 	move	a1,s5
a0021160:	00409821 	move	s3,v0
a0021164:	12400032 	beqz	s2,a0021230 <linear_search_fdes+0x17c>
a0021168:	325000ff 	andi	s0,s2,0xff
a002116c:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a0021170:	26260008 	addiu	a2,s1,8
a0021174:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021178:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002117c:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0021180:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0021184:	3244000f 	andi	a0,s2,0xf
a0021188:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a002118c:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021190:	27a70014 	addiu	a3,sp,20
a0021194:	0c0080b8 	jal	a00202e0 <size_of_encoded_value>
a0021198:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a002119c:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00211a0:	2c620004 	sltiu	v0,v1,4
a00211a4:	10400020 	beqz	v0,a0021228 <linear_search_fdes+0x174>
a00211a8:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a00211ac:	000318c0 	sll	v1,v1,0x3
a00211b0:	00621004 	sllv	v0,v0,v1
a00211b4:	2443ffff 	addiu	v1,v0,-1
a00211b8:	8fa40010 	lw	a0,16(sp)
a00211bc:	00000000 	nop
a00211c0:	00831024 	and	v0,a0,v1
a00211c4:	10400006 	beqz	v0,a00211e0 <linear_search_fdes+0x12c>
a00211c8:	00000000 	nop
a00211cc:	8fa20014 	lw	v0,20(sp)
a00211d0:	02c41823 	subu	v1,s6,a0
a00211d4:	0062182b 	sltu	v1,v1,v0
a00211d8:	14600009 	bnez	v1,a0021200 <linear_search_fdes+0x14c>
a00211dc:	02201021 	move	v0,s1
a00211e0:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a00211e4:	00000000 	nop
a00211e8:	02221021 	addu	v0,s1,v0
a00211ec:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a00211f0:	00000000 	nop
a00211f4:	1460ffc6 	bnez	v1,a0021110 <linear_search_fdes+0x5c>
a00211f8:	24510004 	addiu	s1,v0,4
a00211fc:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021200:	8fbf0034 	lw	ra,52(sp)
a0021204:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0021208:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a002120c:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a0021210:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0021214:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0021218:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a002121c:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0021220:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021224:	27bd0038 	addiu	sp,sp,56
a0021228:	0800846e 	j	a00211b8 <linear_search_fdes+0x104>
a002122c:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a0021230:	8e220008 	lw	v0,8(s1)
a0021234:	00000000 	nop
a0021238:	afa20010 	sw	v0,16(sp)
a002123c:	8e23000c 	lw	v1,12(s1)
a0021240:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0021244:	1480ffe1 	bnez	a0,a00211cc <linear_search_fdes+0x118>
a0021248:	afa30014 	sw	v1,20(sp)
a002124c:	08008478 	j	a00211e0 <linear_search_fdes+0x12c>
a0021250:	00000000 	nop

a0021254 <search_object>:
a0021254:	27bdffa8 	addiu	sp,sp,-88
a0021258:	afb7004c 	sw	s7,76(sp)
a002125c:	afbf0054 	sw	ra,84(sp)
a0021260:	afbe0050 	sw	s8,80(sp)
a0021264:	afb60048 	sw	s6,72(sp)
a0021268:	afb50044 	sw	s5,68(sp)
a002126c:	afb40040 	sw	s4,64(sp)
a0021270:	afb3003c 	sw	s3,60(sp)
a0021274:	afb20038 	sw	s2,56(sp)
a0021278:	afb10034 	sw	s1,52(sp)
a002127c:	afb00030 	sw	s0,48(sp)
a0021280:	0080b821 	move	s7,a0
a0021284:	8ee40010 	lw	a0,16(s7)
a0021288:	00000000 	nop
a002128c:	04810096 	bgez	a0,a00214e8 <search_object+0x294>
a0021290:	afa5005c 	sw	a1,92(sp)
a0021294:	00041742 	srl	v0,a0,0x1d
a0021298:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a002129c:	10400041 	beqz	v0,a00213a4 <search_object+0x150>
a00212a0:	00048d42 	srl	s1,a0,0x15
a00212a4:	8ef5000c 	lw	s5,12(s7)
a00212a8:	00000000 	nop
a00212ac:	8eb40004 	lw	s4,4(s5)
a00212b0:	00000000 	nop
a00212b4:	12800025 	beqz	s4,a002134c <search_object+0xf8>
a00212b8:	0000b021 	move	s6,zero
a00212bc:	02d41821 	addu	v1,s6,s4
a00212c0:	00039842 	srl	s3,v1,0x1
a00212c4:	00131080 	sll	v0,s3,0x2
a00212c8:	00551021 	addu	v0,v0,s5
a00212cc:	8c520008 	lw	s2,8(v0)
a00212d0:	00000000 	nop
a00212d4:	8e440004 	lw	a0,4(s2)
a00212d8:	00000000 	nop
a00212dc:	02442023 	subu	a0,s2,a0
a00212e0:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a00212e4:	24840004 	addiu	a0,a0,4
a00212e8:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a00212ec:	321100ff 	andi	s1,s0,0xff
a00212f0:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a00212f4:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a00212f8:	02e02821 	move	a1,s7
a00212fc:	27a70018 	addiu	a3,sp,24
a0021300:	26460008 	addiu	a2,s2,8
a0021304:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0021308:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002130c:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0021310:	3210000f 	andi	s0,s0,0xf
a0021314:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0021318:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a002131c:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0021320:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021324:	27a7001c 	addiu	a3,sp,28
a0021328:	8fa30018 	lw	v1,24(sp)
a002132c:	8fa5005c 	lw	a1,92(sp)
a0021330:	00000000 	nop
a0021334:	00a3102b 	sltu	v0,a1,v1
a0021338:	10400012 	beqz	v0,a0021384 <search_object+0x130>
a002133c:	02d3102b 	sltu	v0,s6,s3
a0021340:	0260a021 	move	s4,s3
a0021344:	1440ffdd 	bnez	v0,a00212bc <search_object+0x68>
a0021348:	00000000 	nop
a002134c:	00009021 	move	s2,zero
a0021350:	02401021 	move	v0,s2
a0021354:	8fbf0054 	lw	ra,84(sp)
a0021358:	8fbe0050 	lw	s8,80(sp)
a002135c:	8fb7004c 	lw	s7,76(sp)
a0021360:	8fb60048 	lw	s6,72(sp)
a0021364:	8fb50044 	lw	s5,68(sp)
a0021368:	8fb40040 	lw	s4,64(sp)
a002136c:	8fb3003c 	lw	s3,60(sp)
a0021370:	8fb20038 	lw	s2,56(sp)
a0021374:	8fb10034 	lw	s1,52(sp)
a0021378:	8fb00030 	lw	s0,48(sp)
a002137c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021380:	27bd0058 	addiu	sp,sp,88
a0021384:	8fa2001c 	lw	v0,28(sp)
a0021388:	8fa6005c 	lw	a2,92(sp)
a002138c:	00621021 	addu	v0,v1,v0
a0021390:	00c2102b 	sltu	v0,a2,v0
a0021394:	1440ffee 	bnez	v0,a0021350 <search_object+0xfc>
a0021398:	26760001 	addiu	s6,s3,1
a002139c:	080084d1 	j	a0021344 <search_object+0xf0>
a00213a0:	02d4102b 	sltu	v0,s6,s4
a00213a4:	322200ff 	andi	v0,s1,0xff
a00213a8:	1040002e 	beqz	v0,a0021464 <search_object+0x210>
a00213ac:	305000ff 	andi	s0,v0,0xff
a00213b0:	8ef4000c 	lw	s4,12(s7)
a00213b4:	02e02821 	move	a1,s7
a00213b8:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a00213bc:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a00213c0:	8e920004 	lw	s2,4(s4)
a00213c4:	0040b821 	move	s7,v0
a00213c8:	1240001b 	beqz	s2,a0021438 <search_object+0x1e4>
a00213cc:	00009821 	move	s3,zero
a00213d0:	0200b021 	move	s6,s0
a00213d4:	3235000f 	andi	s5,s1,0xf
a00213d8:	02721821 	addu	v1,s3,s2
a00213dc:	00038842 	srl	s1,v1,0x1
a00213e0:	00111080 	sll	v0,s1,0x2
a00213e4:	00541021 	addu	v0,v0,s4
a00213e8:	8c500008 	lw	s0,8(v0)
a00213ec:	27a70020 	addiu	a3,sp,32
a00213f0:	26060008 	addiu	a2,s0,8
a00213f4:	02c02021 	move	a0,s6
a00213f8:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00213fc:	02e02821 	move	a1,s7
a0021400:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0021404:	32a400ff 	andi	a0,s5,0xff
a0021408:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a002140c:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021410:	27a70024 	addiu	a3,sp,36
a0021414:	8fa30020 	lw	v1,32(sp)
a0021418:	8fa4005c 	lw	a0,92(sp)
a002141c:	00000000 	nop
a0021420:	0083102b 	sltu	v0,a0,v1
a0021424:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a0021444 <search_object+0x1f0>
a0021428:	0271102b 	sltu	v0,s3,s1
a002142c:	02209021 	move	s2,s1
a0021430:	1440ffe9 	bnez	v0,a00213d8 <search_object+0x184>
a0021434:	00000000 	nop
a0021438:	00008021 	move	s0,zero
a002143c:	080084d5 	j	a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a0021440:	02001021 	move	v0,s0
a0021444:	8fa20024 	lw	v0,36(sp)
a0021448:	8fa5005c 	lw	a1,92(sp)
a002144c:	00621021 	addu	v0,v1,v0
a0021450:	00a2102b 	sltu	v0,a1,v0
a0021454:	1440fff9 	bnez	v0,a002143c <search_object+0x1e8>
a0021458:	26330001 	addiu	s3,s1,1
a002145c:	0800850c 	j	a0021430 <search_object+0x1dc>
a0021460:	0272102b 	sltu	v0,s3,s2
a0021464:	8ee4000c 	lw	a0,12(s7)
a0021468:	00000000 	nop
a002146c:	8c880004 	lw	t0,4(a0)
a0021470:	00000000 	nop
a0021474:	0048102b 	sltu	v0,v0,t0
a0021478:	10400011 	beqz	v0,a00214c0 <search_object+0x26c>
a002147c:	00005021 	move	t2,zero
a0021480:	01481821 	addu	v1,t2,t0
a0021484:	00033842 	srl	a3,v1,0x1
a0021488:	00071080 	sll	v0,a3,0x2
a002148c:	00441021 	addu	v0,v0,a0
a0021490:	8c430008 	lw	v1,8(v0)
a0021494:	8fa5005c 	lw	a1,92(sp)
a0021498:	8c660008 	lw	a2,8(v1)
a002149c:	00604821 	move	t1,v1
a00214a0:	00a6102b 	sltu	v0,a1,a2
a00214a4:	8c63000c 	lw	v1,12(v1)
a00214a8:	10400008 	beqz	v0,a00214cc <search_object+0x278>
a00214ac:	00c31021 	addu	v0,a2,v1
a00214b0:	00e04021 	move	t0,a3
a00214b4:	0148102b 	sltu	v0,t2,t0
a00214b8:	1440fff1 	bnez	v0,a0021480 <search_object+0x22c>
a00214bc:	00000000 	nop
a00214c0:	00004821 	move	t1,zero
a00214c4:	080084d5 	j	a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a00214c8:	01201021 	move	v0,t1
a00214cc:	8fa6005c 	lw	a2,92(sp)
a00214d0:	00000000 	nop
a00214d4:	00c2102b 	sltu	v0,a2,v0
a00214d8:	1440fffa 	bnez	v0,a00214c4 <search_object+0x270>
a00214dc:	24ea0001 	addiu	t2,a3,1
a00214e0:	0800852e 	j	a00214b8 <search_object+0x264>
a00214e4:	0148102b 	sltu	v0,t2,t0
a00214e8:	3c02001f 	lui	v0,0x1f
a00214ec:	3442ffff 	ori	v0,v0,0xffff
a00214f0:	00821024 	and	v0,a0,v0
a00214f4:	104000fb 	beqz	v0,a00218e4 <search_object+0x690>
a00214f8:	afa20028 	sw	v0,40(sp)
a00214fc:	8fa40028 	lw	a0,40(sp)
a0021500:	00000000 	nop
a0021504:	00041080 	sll	v0,a0,0x2
a0021508:	24500008 	addiu	s0,v0,8
a002150c:	0c008f15 	jal	a0023c54 <malloc>
a0021510:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021514:	104000f1 	beqz	v0,a00218dc <search_object+0x688>
a0021518:	afa20010 	sw	v0,16(sp)
a002151c:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021520:	0c008f15 	jal	a0023c54 <malloc>
a0021524:	ac400004 	sw	zero,4(v0)
a0021528:	10400002 	beqz	v0,a0021534 <search_object+0x2e0>
a002152c:	afa20014 	sw	v0,20(sp)
a0021530:	ac400004 	sw	zero,4(v0)
a0021534:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0021538:	104000a4 	beqz	v0,a00217cc <search_object+0x578>
a002153c:	00000000 	nop
a0021540:	8ee20010 	lw	v0,16(s7)
a0021544:	00000000 	nop
a0021548:	00021782 	srl	v0,v0,0x1e
a002154c:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a0021550:	104000dd 	beqz	v0,a00218c8 <search_object+0x674>
a0021554:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021558:	8ef0000c 	lw	s0,12(s7)
a002155c:	00000000 	nop
a0021560:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0021564:	00000000 	nop
a0021568:	1040000a 	beqz	v0,a0021594 <search_object+0x340>
a002156c:	00000000 	nop
a0021570:	8e060000 	lw	a2,0(s0)
a0021574:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021578:	27a50010 	addiu	a1,sp,16
a002157c:	0c0083c6 	jal	a0020f18 <add_fdes>
a0021580:	26100004 	addiu	s0,s0,4
a0021584:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0021588:	00000000 	nop
a002158c:	1440fff8 	bnez	v0,a0021570 <search_object+0x31c>
a0021590:	00000000 	nop
a0021594:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0021598:	00000000 	nop
a002159c:	10400006 	beqz	v0,a00215b8 <search_object+0x364>
a00215a0:	00000000 	nop
a00215a4:	8c420004 	lw	v0,4(v0)
a00215a8:	8fa50028 	lw	a1,40(sp)
a00215ac:	00000000 	nop
a00215b0:	144500f7 	bne	v0,a1,a0021990 <search_object+0x73c>
a00215b4:	00000000 	nop
a00215b8:	8ee30010 	lw	v1,16(s7)
a00215bc:	00000000 	nop
a00215c0:	00031742 	srl	v0,v1,0x1d
a00215c4:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a00215c8:	104000b5 	beqz	v0,a00218a0 <search_object+0x64c>
a00215cc:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00215d0:	24420a28 	addiu	v0,v0,2600
a00215d4:	afa2002c 	sw	v0,44(sp)
a00215d8:	8fb40014 	lw	s4,20(sp)
a00215dc:	00000000 	nop
a00215e0:	128000a9 	beqz	s4,a0021888 <search_object+0x634>
a00215e4:	00000000 	nop
a00215e8:	8fb50010 	lw	s5,16(sp)
a00215ec:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00215f0:	8ebe0004 	lw	s8,4(s5)
a00215f4:	24506160 	addiu	s0,v0,24928
a00215f8:	13c00018 	beqz	s8,a002165c <search_object+0x408>
a00215fc:	0000b021 	move	s6,zero
a0021600:	26930008 	addiu	s3,s4,8
a0021604:	26b10008 	addiu	s1,s5,8
a0021608:	02a09021 	move	s2,s5
a002160c:	3c06a002 	lui	a2,0xa002
a0021610:	24c66160 	addiu	a2,a2,24928
a0021614:	12060009 	beq	s0,a2,a002163c <search_object+0x3e8>
a0021618:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a002161c:	8fa3002c 	lw	v1,44(sp)
a0021620:	8e060000 	lw	a2,0(s0)
a0021624:	8e250000 	lw	a1,0(s1)
a0021628:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a002162c:	00000000 	nop
a0021630:	02151823 	subu	v1,s0,s5
a0021634:	04400091 	bltz	v0,a002187c <search_object+0x628>
a0021638:	02831821 	addu	v1,s4,v1
a002163c:	26d60001 	addiu	s6,s6,1
a0021640:	02de102b 	sltu	v0,s6,s8
a0021644:	ae700000 	sw	s0,0(s3)
a0021648:	26310004 	addiu	s1,s1,4
a002164c:	26500008 	addiu	s0,s2,8
a0021650:	26730004 	addiu	s3,s3,4
a0021654:	1440ffed 	bnez	v0,a002160c <search_object+0x3b8>
a0021658:	26520004 	addiu	s2,s2,4
a002165c:	00004821 	move	t1,zero
a0021660:	0000b021 	move	s6,zero
a0021664:	13c00013 	beqz	s8,a00216b4 <search_object+0x460>
a0021668:	00004021 	move	t0,zero
a002166c:	26a40008 	addiu	a0,s5,8
a0021670:	24070008 	li	a3,8
a0021674:	26860008 	addiu	a2,s4,8
a0021678:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a002167c:	02871021 	addu	v0,s4,a3
a0021680:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0021684:	00000000 	nop
a0021688:	10600077 	beqz	v1,a0021868 <search_object+0x614>
a002168c:	00000000 	nop
a0021690:	8c820000 	lw	v0,0(a0)
a0021694:	25290001 	addiu	t1,t1,1
a0021698:	aca20000 	sw	v0,0(a1)
a002169c:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a00216a0:	26d60001 	addiu	s6,s6,1
a00216a4:	02de102b 	sltu	v0,s6,s8
a00216a8:	24840004 	addiu	a0,a0,4
a00216ac:	1440fff3 	bnez	v0,a002167c <search_object+0x428>
a00216b0:	24e70004 	addiu	a3,a3,4
a00216b4:	aea90004 	sw	t1,4(s5)
a00216b8:	ae880004 	sw	t0,4(s4)
a00216bc:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a00216c0:	8fa60014 	lw	a2,20(sp)
a00216c4:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a00216c8:	8cc40004 	lw	a0,4(a2)
a00216cc:	00000000 	nop
a00216d0:	00641821 	addu	v1,v1,a0
a00216d4:	8fa40028 	lw	a0,40(sp)
a00216d8:	00000000 	nop
a00216dc:	146400ae 	bne	v1,a0,a0021998 <search_object+0x744>
a00216e0:	00000000 	nop
a00216e4:	8fa5002c 	lw	a1,44(sp)
a00216e8:	0c0082bd 	jal	a0020af4 <frame_heapsort>
a00216ec:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a00216f0:	8fbe0014 	lw	s8,20(sp)
a00216f4:	8fb40010 	lw	s4,16(sp)
a00216f8:	8fd30004 	lw	s3,4(s8)
a00216fc:	00000000 	nop
a0021700:	12600025 	beqz	s3,a0021798 <search_object+0x544>
a0021704:	00000000 	nop
a0021708:	00131080 	sll	v0,s3,0x2
a002170c:	005e1021 	addu	v0,v0,s8
a0021710:	8e920004 	lw	s2,4(s4)
a0021714:	24560008 	addiu	s6,v0,8
a0021718:	26d6fffc 	addiu	s6,s6,-4
a002171c:	8ed50000 	lw	s5,0(s6)
a0021720:	2673ffff 	addiu	s3,s3,-1
a0021724:	2651ffff 	addiu	s1,s2,-1
a0021728:	00111080 	sll	v0,s1,0x2
a002172c:	24420008 	addiu	v0,v0,8
a0021730:	02828021 	addu	s0,s4,v0
a0021734:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021738:	1240000d 	beqz	s2,a0021770 <search_object+0x51c>
a002173c:	02a03021 	move	a2,s5
a0021740:	8fa3002c 	lw	v1,44(sp)
a0021744:	8e050000 	lw	a1,0(s0)
a0021748:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a002174c:	00000000 	nop
a0021750:	02531821 	addu	v1,s2,s3
a0021754:	00031880 	sll	v1,v1,0x2
a0021758:	18400005 	blez	v0,a0021770 <search_object+0x51c>
a002175c:	00741821 	addu	v1,v1,s4
a0021760:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0021764:	02209021 	move	s2,s1
a0021768:	080085c9 	j	a0021724 <search_object+0x4d0>
a002176c:	ac620008 	sw	v0,8(v1)
a0021770:	02531021 	addu	v0,s2,s3
a0021774:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a0021778:	00541021 	addu	v0,v0,s4
a002177c:	1660ffe6 	bnez	s3,a0021718 <search_object+0x4c4>
a0021780:	ac550008 	sw	s5,8(v0)
a0021784:	8fc30004 	lw	v1,4(s8)
a0021788:	8e820004 	lw	v0,4(s4)
a002178c:	00000000 	nop
a0021790:	00431021 	addu	v0,v0,v1
a0021794:	ae820004 	sw	v0,4(s4)
a0021798:	8fa40014 	lw	a0,20(sp)
a002179c:	0c008f20 	jal	a0023c80 <free>
a00217a0:	00000000 	nop
a00217a4:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a00217a8:	8ee3000c 	lw	v1,12(s7)
a00217ac:	00000000 	nop
a00217b0:	ac430000 	sw	v1,0(v0)
a00217b4:	8ee40010 	lw	a0,16(s7)
a00217b8:	8fa30010 	lw	v1,16(sp)
a00217bc:	3c028000 	lui	v0,0x8000
a00217c0:	00822025 	or	a0,a0,v0
a00217c4:	aee3000c 	sw	v1,12(s7)
a00217c8:	aee40010 	sw	a0,16(s7)
a00217cc:	8ee30000 	lw	v1,0(s7)
a00217d0:	8fa4005c 	lw	a0,92(sp)
a00217d4:	00000000 	nop
a00217d8:	0083182b 	sltu	v1,a0,v1
a00217dc:	1460fedd 	bnez	v1,a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a00217e0:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a00217e4:	8ee20010 	lw	v0,16(s7)
a00217e8:	00000000 	nop
a00217ec:	0440fea9 	bltz	v0,a0021294 <search_object+0x40>
a00217f0:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a00217f4:	00021782 	srl	v0,v0,0x1e
a00217f8:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a00217fc:	10400014 	beqz	v0,a0021850 <search_object+0x5fc>
a0021800:	00000000 	nop
a0021804:	8ef0000c 	lw	s0,12(s7)
a0021808:	00000000 	nop
a002180c:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0021810:	00000000 	nop
a0021814:	1040fecf 	beqz	v0,a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a0021818:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a002181c:	8e050000 	lw	a1,0(s0)
a0021820:	8fa6005c 	lw	a2,92(sp)
a0021824:	0c00842d 	jal	a00210b4 <linear_search_fdes>
a0021828:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a002182c:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0021830:	1460fec8 	bnez	v1,a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a0021834:	26100004 	addiu	s0,s0,4
a0021838:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a002183c:	00000000 	nop
a0021840:	1440fff6 	bnez	v0,a002181c <search_object+0x5c8>
a0021844:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021848:	080084d5 	j	a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a002184c:	00000000 	nop
a0021850:	8ee5000c 	lw	a1,12(s7)
a0021854:	8fa6005c 	lw	a2,92(sp)
a0021858:	0c00842d 	jal	a00210b4 <linear_search_fdes>
a002185c:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021860:	080084d5 	j	a0021354 <search_object+0x100>
a0021864:	00000000 	nop
a0021868:	8c820000 	lw	v0,0(a0)
a002186c:	25080001 	addiu	t0,t0,1
a0021870:	acc20000 	sw	v0,0(a2)
a0021874:	080085a8 	j	a00216a0 <search_object+0x44c>
a0021878:	24c60004 	addiu	a2,a2,4
a002187c:	8c700000 	lw	s0,0(v1)
a0021880:	08008583 	j	a002160c <search_object+0x3b8>
a0021884:	ac600000 	sw	zero,0(v1)
a0021888:	8fa60010 	lw	a2,16(sp)
a002188c:	8fa5002c 	lw	a1,44(sp)
a0021890:	0c0082bd 	jal	a0020af4 <frame_heapsort>
a0021894:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021898:	080085e9 	j	a00217a4 <search_object+0x550>
a002189c:	00000000 	nop
a00218a0:	00031542 	srl	v0,v1,0x15
a00218a4:	304200ff 	andi	v0,v0,0xff
a00218a8:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a00218bc <search_object+0x668>
a00218ac:	00000000 	nop
a00218b0:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00218b4:	08008575 	j	a00215d4 <search_object+0x380>
a00218b8:	24420984 	addiu	v0,v0,2436
a00218bc:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00218c0:	08008575 	j	a00215d4 <search_object+0x380>
a00218c4:	24420974 	addiu	v0,v0,2420
a00218c8:	8ee6000c 	lw	a2,12(s7)
a00218cc:	0c0083c6 	jal	a0020f18 <add_fdes>
a00218d0:	27a50010 	addiu	a1,sp,16
a00218d4:	08008565 	j	a0021594 <search_object+0x340>
a00218d8:	00000000 	nop
a00218dc:	0800854e 	j	a0021538 <search_object+0x2e4>
a00218e0:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a00218e4:	00041782 	srl	v0,a0,0x1e
a00218e8:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a00218ec:	10400023 	beqz	v0,a002197c <search_object+0x728>
a00218f0:	00000000 	nop
a00218f4:	8ef0000c 	lw	s0,12(s7)
a00218f8:	00000000 	nop
a00218fc:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0021900:	00000000 	nop
a0021904:	1040000b 	beqz	v0,a0021934 <search_object+0x6e0>
a0021908:	00000000 	nop
a002190c:	8e050000 	lw	a1,0(s0)
a0021910:	0c008368 	jal	a0020da0 <classify_object_over_fdes>
a0021914:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021918:	8fa40028 	lw	a0,40(sp)
a002191c:	26100004 	addiu	s0,s0,4
a0021920:	8e030000 	lw	v1,0(s0)
a0021924:	00822021 	addu	a0,a0,v0
a0021928:	1460fff8 	bnez	v1,a002190c <search_object+0x6b8>
a002192c:	afa40028 	sw	a0,40(sp)
a0021930:	8ee40010 	lw	a0,16(s7)
a0021934:	8fa60028 	lw	a2,40(sp)
a0021938:	3c03001f 	lui	v1,0x1f
a002193c:	3463ffff 	ori	v1,v1,0xffff
a0021940:	3c05ffe0 	lui	a1,0xffe0
a0021944:	00c31024 	and	v0,a2,v1
a0021948:	00852024 	and	a0,a0,a1
a002194c:	00822025 	or	a0,a0,v0
a0021950:	00831824 	and	v1,a0,v1
a0021954:	10660003 	beq	v1,a2,a0021964 <search_object+0x710>
a0021958:	aee40010 	sw	a0,16(s7)
a002195c:	00851024 	and	v0,a0,a1
a0021960:	aee20010 	sw	v0,16(s7)
a0021964:	8fa30028 	lw	v1,40(sp)
a0021968:	00000000 	nop
a002196c:	1460fee3 	bnez	v1,a00214fc <search_object+0x2a8>
a0021970:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021974:	0800854e 	j	a0021538 <search_object+0x2e4>
a0021978:	00000000 	nop
a002197c:	8ee5000c 	lw	a1,12(s7)
a0021980:	0c008368 	jal	a0020da0 <classify_object_over_fdes>
a0021984:	02e02021 	move	a0,s7
a0021988:	0800864c 	j	a0021930 <search_object+0x6dc>
a002198c:	afa20028 	sw	v0,40(sp)
a0021990:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0021994:	00000000 	nop
a0021998:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a002199c:	00000000 	nop

a00219a0 <_Unwind_Find_FDE>:
a00219a0:	27bdffd0 	addiu	sp,sp,-48
a00219a4:	afb40020 	sw	s4,32(sp)
a00219a8:	afb3001c 	sw	s3,28(sp)
a00219ac:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a00219b0:	afbf0028 	sw	ra,40(sp)
a00219b4:	afb50024 	sw	s5,36(sp)
a00219b8:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a00219bc:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a00219c0:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00219c4:	8c516168 	lw	s1,24936(v0)
a00219c8:	00809821 	move	s3,a0
a00219cc:	00a0a021 	move	s4,a1
a00219d0:	00009021 	move	s2,zero
a00219d4:	12200031 	beqz	s1,a0021a9c <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0xfc>
a00219d8:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a00219dc:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a00219e0:	00000000 	nop
a00219e4:	0262102b 	sltu	v0,s3,v0
a00219e8:	1440005b 	bnez	v0,a0021b58 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x1b8>
a00219ec:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a00219f0:	0c008495 	jal	a0021254 <search_object>
a00219f4:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a00219f8:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a00219fc:	12400027 	beqz	s2,a0021a9c <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0xfc>
a0021a00:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0021a04:	8e220004 	lw	v0,4(s1)
a0021a08:	00000000 	nop
a0021a0c:	ae820000 	sw	v0,0(s4)
a0021a10:	8e230008 	lw	v1,8(s1)
a0021a14:	00000000 	nop
a0021a18:	ae830004 	sw	v1,4(s4)
a0021a1c:	8e240010 	lw	a0,16(s1)
a0021a20:	00000000 	nop
a0021a24:	00041742 	srl	v0,a0,0x1d
a0021a28:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a0021a2c:	00042542 	srl	a0,a0,0x15
a0021a30:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a0021a50 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0xb0>
a0021a34:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a0021a38:	8e440004 	lw	a0,4(s2)
a0021a3c:	00000000 	nop
a0021a40:	02442023 	subu	a0,s2,a0
a0021a44:	0c00821a 	jal	a0020868 <get_cie_encoding>
a0021a48:	24840004 	addiu	a0,a0,4
a0021a4c:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0021a50:	309000ff 	andi	s0,a0,0xff
a0021a54:	02202821 	move	a1,s1
a0021a58:	0c0081f5 	jal	a00207d4 <base_from_object>
a0021a5c:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021a60:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0021a64:	26870008 	addiu	a3,s4,8
a0021a68:	26460008 	addiu	a2,s2,8
a0021a6c:	0c008102 	jal	a0020408 <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021a70:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021a74:	02401021 	move	v0,s2
a0021a78:	8fbf0028 	lw	ra,40(sp)
a0021a7c:	8fb50024 	lw	s5,36(sp)
a0021a80:	8fb40020 	lw	s4,32(sp)
a0021a84:	8fb3001c 	lw	s3,28(sp)
a0021a88:	8fb20018 	lw	s2,24(sp)
a0021a8c:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0021a90:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0021a94:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021a98:	27bd0030 	addiu	sp,sp,48
a0021a9c:	8c716164 	lw	s1,24932(v1)
a0021aa0:	00000000 	nop
a0021aa4:	12200028 	beqz	s1,a0021b48 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x1a8>
a0021aa8:	0060a821 	move	s5,v1
a0021aac:	3c10a002 	lui	s0,0xa002
a0021ab0:	8e220014 	lw	v0,20(s1)
a0021ab4:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0021ab8:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0021abc:	0c008495 	jal	a0021254 <search_object>
a0021ac0:	ac626164 	sw	v0,24932(v1)
a0021ac4:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0021ac8:	8e026168 	lw	v0,24936(s0)
a0021acc:	00000000 	nop
a0021ad0:	10400013 	beqz	v0,a0021b20 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x180>
a0021ad4:	26056168 	addiu	a1,s0,24936
a0021ad8:	8c420000 	lw	v0,0(v0)
a0021adc:	8e230000 	lw	v1,0(s1)
a0021ae0:	00000000 	nop
a0021ae4:	0043102b 	sltu	v0,v0,v1
a0021ae8:	1440000d 	bnez	v0,a0021b20 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x180>
a0021aec:	00000000 	nop
a0021af0:	00602021 	move	a0,v1
a0021af4:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a0021af8:	00000000 	nop
a0021afc:	8c430014 	lw	v1,20(v0)
a0021b00:	00000000 	nop
a0021b04:	10600006 	beqz	v1,a0021b20 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x180>
a0021b08:	24450014 	addiu	a1,v0,20
a0021b0c:	8c620000 	lw	v0,0(v1)
a0021b10:	00000000 	nop
a0021b14:	0044102b 	sltu	v0,v0,a0
a0021b18:	1040fff6 	beqz	v0,a0021af4 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x154>
a0021b1c:	00000000 	nop
a0021b20:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a0021b24:	00000000 	nop
a0021b28:	ae220014 	sw	v0,20(s1)
a0021b2c:	1640ffb5 	bnez	s2,a0021a04 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x64>
a0021b30:	acb10000 	sw	s1,0(a1)
a0021b34:	02a01821 	move	v1,s5
a0021b38:	8c716164 	lw	s1,24932(v1)
a0021b3c:	00000000 	nop
a0021b40:	1620ffdb 	bnez	s1,a0021ab0 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x110>
a0021b44:	00000000 	nop
a0021b48:	1640ffae 	bnez	s2,a0021a04 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x64>
a0021b4c:	02401021 	move	v0,s2
a0021b50:	0800869e 	j	a0021a78 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0xd8>
a0021b54:	00000000 	nop
a0021b58:	8e310014 	lw	s1,20(s1)
a0021b5c:	08008675 	j	a00219d4 <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x34>
a0021b60:	00000000 	nop

a0021b64 <size_of_encoded_value>:
a0021b64:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0021b68:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a0021b6c:	240300ff 	li	v1,255
a0021b70:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0021b74:	30850007 	andi	a1,a0,0x7
a0021b78:	10830009 	beq	a0,v1,a0021ba0 <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a0021b7c:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021b80:	24030002 	li	v1,2
a0021b84:	28a40003 	slti	a0,a1,3
a0021b88:	10a30005 	beq	a1,v1,a0021ba0 <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a0021b8c:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a0021b90:	10800007 	beqz	a0,a0021bb0 <size_of_encoded_value+0x4c>
a0021b94:	24020004 	li	v0,4
a0021b98:	14a0000a 	bnez	a1,a0021bc4 <size_of_encoded_value+0x60>
a0021b9c:	00000000 	nop
a0021ba0:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0021ba4:	00000000 	nop
a0021ba8:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021bac:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0021bb0:	24030003 	li	v1,3
a0021bb4:	10a3fffa 	beq	a1,v1,a0021ba0 <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a0021bb8:	24030004 	li	v1,4
a0021bbc:	10a3fff8 	beq	a1,v1,a0021ba0 <size_of_encoded_value+0x3c>
a0021bc0:	24020008 	li	v0,8
a0021bc4:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0021bc8:	00000000 	nop

a0021bcc <base_of_encoded_value>:
a0021bcc:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0021bd0:	308400ff 	andi	a0,a0,0xff
a0021bd4:	240300ff 	li	v1,255
a0021bd8:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0021bdc:	1083000d 	beq	a0,v1,a0021c14 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a0021be0:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021be4:	30840070 	andi	a0,a0,0x70
a0021be8:	24020020 	li	v0,32
a0021bec:	10820021 	beq	a0,v0,a0021c74 <base_of_encoded_value+0xa8>
a0021bf0:	00000000 	nop
a0021bf4:	28820021 	slti	v0,a0,33
a0021bf8:	1040000a 	beqz	v0,a0021c24 <base_of_encoded_value+0x58>
a0021bfc:	24020040 	li	v0,64
a0021c00:	10800003 	beqz	a0,a0021c10 <base_of_encoded_value+0x44>
a0021c04:	24020010 	li	v0,16
a0021c08:	1482001e 	bne	a0,v0,a0021c84 <base_of_encoded_value+0xb8>
a0021c0c:	00000000 	nop
a0021c10:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021c14:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0021c18:	00000000 	nop
a0021c1c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021c20:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0021c24:	1082000f 	beq	a0,v0,a0021c64 <base_of_encoded_value+0x98>
a0021c28:	00000000 	nop
a0021c2c:	28820041 	slti	v0,a0,65
a0021c30:	10400008 	beqz	v0,a0021c54 <base_of_encoded_value+0x88>
a0021c34:	24020050 	li	v0,80
a0021c38:	24020030 	li	v0,48
a0021c3c:	14820011 	bne	a0,v0,a0021c84 <base_of_encoded_value+0xb8>
a0021c40:	00000000 	nop
a0021c44:	0c008789 	jal	a0021e24 <_Unwind_GetDataRelBase>
a0021c48:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0021c4c:	08008705 	j	a0021c14 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a0021c50:	00000000 	nop
a0021c54:	1082ffef 	beq	a0,v0,a0021c14 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a0021c58:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0021c5c:	08008721 	j	a0021c84 <base_of_encoded_value+0xb8>
a0021c60:	00000000 	nop
a0021c64:	0c008786 	jal	a0021e18 <_Unwind_GetRegionStart>
a0021c68:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0021c6c:	08008705 	j	a0021c14 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a0021c70:	00000000 	nop
a0021c74:	0c00878c 	jal	a0021e30 <_Unwind_GetTextRelBase>
a0021c78:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0021c7c:	08008705 	j	a0021c14 <base_of_encoded_value+0x48>
a0021c80:	00000000 	nop
a0021c84:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0021c88:	00000000 	nop

a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>:
a0021c8c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0021c90:	308a00ff 	andi	t2,a0,0xff
a0021c94:	24020050 	li	v0,80
a0021c98:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0021c9c:	11420053 	beq	t2,v0,a0021dec <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x160>
a0021ca0:	00c05821 	move	t3,a2
a0021ca4:	3143000f 	andi	v1,t2,0xf
a0021ca8:	2c62000d 	sltiu	v0,v1,13
a0021cac:	10400055 	beqz	v0,a0021e04 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x178>
a0021cb0:	00031080 	sll	v0,v1,0x2
a0021cb4:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0021cb8:	24635158 	addiu	v1,v1,20824
a0021cbc:	00431021 	addu	v0,v0,v1
a0021cc0:	8c440000 	lw	a0,0(v0)
a0021cc4:	00000000 	nop
a0021cc8:	00800008 	jr	a0
a0021ccc:	00000000 	nop
a0021cd0:	88c80000 	lwl	t0,0(a2)
a0021cd4:	98c80003 	lwr	t0,3(a2)
a0021cd8:	00000000 	nop
a0021cdc:	24c60004 	addiu	a2,a2,4
a0021ce0:	11000009 	beqz	t0,a0021d08 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x7c>
a0021ce4:	31430070 	andi	v1,t2,0x70
a0021ce8:	24020010 	li	v0,16
a0021cec:	1062000b 	beq	v1,v0,a0021d1c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x90>
a0021cf0:	00000000 	nop
a0021cf4:	01054021 	addu	t0,t0,a1
a0021cf8:	31420080 	andi	v0,t2,0x80
a0021cfc:	10400002 	beqz	v0,a0021d08 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x7c>
a0021d00:	00000000 	nop
a0021d04:	8d080000 	lw	t0,0(t0)
a0021d08:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0021d0c:	00c01021 	move	v0,a2
a0021d10:	ace80000 	sw	t0,0(a3)
a0021d14:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021d18:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0021d1c:	0800873e 	j	a0021cf8 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x6c>
a0021d20:	010b4021 	addu	t0,t0,t3
a0021d24:	00002021 	move	a0,zero
a0021d28:	00004021 	move	t0,zero
a0021d2c:	90c30000 	lbu	v1,0(a2)
a0021d30:	24c60001 	addiu	a2,a2,1
a0021d34:	3062007f 	andi	v0,v1,0x7f
a0021d38:	00821004 	sllv	v0,v0,a0
a0021d3c:	30630080 	andi	v1,v1,0x80
a0021d40:	01024025 	or	t0,t0,v0
a0021d44:	1460fff9 	bnez	v1,a0021d2c <read_encoded_value_with_base+0xa0>
a0021d48:	24840007 	addiu	a0,a0,7
a0021d4c:	08008738 	j	a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021d50:	00000000 	nop
a0021d54:	90c20000 	lbu	v0,0(a2)
a0021d58:	90c30001 	lbu	v1,1(a2)
a0021d5c:	00021200 	sll	v0,v0,0x8
a0021d60:	00624025 	or	t0,v1,v0
a0021d64:	08008738 	j	a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021d68:	24c60002 	addiu	a2,a2,2
a0021d6c:	00004821 	move	t1,zero
a0021d70:	00004021 	move	t0,zero
a0021d74:	90c40000 	lbu	a0,0(a2)
a0021d78:	24c60001 	addiu	a2,a2,1
a0021d7c:	3082007f 	andi	v0,a0,0x7f
a0021d80:	01221004 	sllv	v0,v0,t1
a0021d84:	30830080 	andi	v1,a0,0x80
a0021d88:	01024025 	or	t0,t0,v0
a0021d8c:	1460fff9 	bnez	v1,a0021d74 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0xe8>
a0021d90:	25290007 	addiu	t1,t1,7
a0021d94:	2d220020 	sltiu	v0,t1,32
a0021d98:	1040ffd1 	beqz	v0,a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021d9c:	30820040 	andi	v0,a0,0x40
a0021da0:	1040ffcf 	beqz	v0,a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021da4:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0021da8:	01221004 	sllv	v0,v0,t1
a0021dac:	08008738 	j	a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021db0:	01024025 	or	t0,t0,v0
a0021db4:	90c30000 	lbu	v1,0(a2)
a0021db8:	90c20001 	lbu	v0,1(a2)
a0021dbc:	00031a00 	sll	v1,v1,0x8
a0021dc0:	00431025 	or	v0,v0,v1
a0021dc4:	00021400 	sll	v0,v0,0x10
a0021dc8:	00024403 	sra	t0,v0,0x10
a0021dcc:	08008738 	j	a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021dd0:	24c60002 	addiu	a2,a2,2
a0021dd4:	88c30004 	lwl	v1,4(a2)
a0021dd8:	98c30007 	lwr	v1,7(a2)
a0021ddc:	00000000 	nop
a0021de0:	24c60008 	addiu	a2,a2,8
a0021de4:	08008738 	j	a0021ce0 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x54>
a0021de8:	00604021 	move	t0,v1
a0021dec:	24c20003 	addiu	v0,a2,3
a0021df0:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0021df4:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0021df8:	8c480000 	lw	t0,0(v0)
a0021dfc:	08008742 	j	a0021d08 <read_encoded_value_with_base+0x7c>
a0021e00:	24460004 	addiu	a2,v0,4
a0021e04:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0021e08:	00000000 	nop

a0021e0c <_Unwind_GetLanguageSpecificData>:
a0021e0c:	8c82013c 	lw	v0,316(a0)
a0021e10:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021e14:	00000000 	nop

a0021e18 <_Unwind_GetRegionStart>:
a0021e18:	8c820148 	lw	v0,328(a0)
a0021e1c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021e20:	00000000 	nop

a0021e24 <_Unwind_GetDataRelBase>:
a0021e24:	8c820144 	lw	v0,324(a0)
a0021e28:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021e2c:	00000000 	nop

a0021e30 <_Unwind_GetTextRelBase>:
a0021e30:	8c820140 	lw	v0,320(a0)
a0021e34:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021e38:	00000000 	nop

a0021e3c <extract_cie_info>:
a0021e3c:	27bdffc0 	addiu	sp,sp,-64
a0021e40:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0021e44:	00809021 	move	s2,a0
a0021e48:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0021e4c:	26510009 	addiu	s1,s2,9
a0021e50:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0021e54:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a0021e58:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0021e5c:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0021e60:	00c09821 	move	s3,a2
a0021e64:	afa50044 	sw	a1,68(sp)
a0021e68:	afbf003c 	sw	ra,60(sp)
a0021e6c:	afbe0038 	sw	s8,56(sp)
a0021e70:	afb70034 	sw	s7,52(sp)
a0021e74:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a0021e78:	0c0092ae 	jal	a0024ab8 <strlen>
a0021e7c:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a0021e80:	27b00010 	addiu	s0,sp,16
a0021e84:	02221021 	addu	v0,s1,v0
a0021e88:	24460001 	addiu	a2,v0,1
a0021e8c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0021e90:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0021e94:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021e98:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0021e9c:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0021ea0:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0021ea4:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a0021ea8:	ae620288 	sw	v0,648(s3)
a0021eac:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0021eb0:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021eb4:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0021eb8:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0021ebc:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0021ec0:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0021ec4:	ae620284 	sw	v0,644(s3)
a0021ec8:	90c30000 	lbu	v1,0(a2)
a0021ecc:	240200ff 	li	v0,255
a0021ed0:	a262028e 	sb	v0,654(s3)
a0021ed4:	a263028c 	sb	v1,652(s3)
a0021ed8:	92440009 	lbu	a0,9(s2)
a0021edc:	2402007a 	li	v0,122
a0021ee0:	10820043 	beq	a0,v0,a0021ff0 <extract_cie_info+0x1b4>
a0021ee4:	24c60001 	addiu	a2,a2,1
a0021ee8:	92230000 	lbu	v1,0(s1)
a0021eec:	00000000 	nop
a0021ef0:	00601021 	move	v0,v1
a0021ef4:	10400028 	beqz	v0,a0021f98 <extract_cie_info+0x15c>
a0021ef8:	241e0068 	li	s8,104
a0021efc:	2417004c 	li	s7,76
a0021f00:	24160052 	li	s6,82
a0021f04:	24150050 	li	s5,80
a0021f08:	24040065 	li	a0,101
a0021f0c:	10440031 	beq	v0,a0,a0021fd4 <extract_cie_info+0x198>
a0021f10:	306300ff 	andi	v1,v1,0xff
a0021f14:	1077002a 	beq	v1,s7,a0021fc0 <extract_cie_info+0x184>
a0021f18:	00000000 	nop
a0021f1c:	8fa50044 	lw	a1,68(sp)
a0021f20:	10760022 	beq	v1,s6,a0021fac <extract_cie_info+0x170>
a0021f24:	24d20001 	addiu	s2,a2,1
a0021f28:	1075000e 	beq	v1,s5,a0021f64 <extract_cie_info+0x128>
a0021f2c:	26310001 	addiu	s1,s1,1
a0021f30:	02801021 	move	v0,s4
a0021f34:	8fbf003c 	lw	ra,60(sp)
a0021f38:	8fbe0038 	lw	s8,56(sp)
a0021f3c:	8fb70034 	lw	s7,52(sp)
a0021f40:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0021f44:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a0021f48:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a0021f4c:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0021f50:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0021f54:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0021f58:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0021f5c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0021f60:	27bd0040 	addiu	sp,sp,64
a0021f64:	90d00000 	lbu	s0,0(a2)
a0021f68:	0c0086f3 	jal	a0021bcc <base_of_encoded_value>
a0021f6c:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021f70:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0021f74:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0021f78:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0021f7c:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021f80:	26670280 	addiu	a3,s3,640
a0021f84:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0021f88:	92220000 	lbu	v0,0(s1)
a0021f8c:	00000000 	nop
a0021f90:	1440ffdd 	bnez	v0,a0021f08 <extract_cie_info+0xcc>
a0021f94:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0021f98:	02801021 	move	v0,s4
a0021f9c:	1440ffe5 	bnez	v0,a0021f34 <extract_cie_info+0xf8>
a0021fa0:	00000000 	nop
a0021fa4:	080087cd 	j	a0021f34 <extract_cie_info+0xf8>
a0021fa8:	00c01021 	move	v0,a2
a0021fac:	90c20000 	lbu	v0,0(a2)
a0021fb0:	26310001 	addiu	s1,s1,1
a0021fb4:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0021fb8:	080087e2 	j	a0021f88 <extract_cie_info+0x14c>
a0021fbc:	a262028d 	sb	v0,653(s3)
a0021fc0:	90c20000 	lbu	v0,0(a2)
a0021fc4:	26310001 	addiu	s1,s1,1
a0021fc8:	24c60001 	addiu	a2,a2,1
a0021fcc:	080087e2 	j	a0021f88 <extract_cie_info+0x14c>
a0021fd0:	a262028e 	sb	v0,654(s3)
a0021fd4:	92220001 	lbu	v0,1(s1)
a0021fd8:	00000000 	nop
a0021fdc:	145effcd 	bne	v0,s8,a0021f14 <extract_cie_info+0xd8>
a0021fe0:	00000000 	nop
a0021fe4:	24c60004 	addiu	a2,a2,4
a0021fe8:	080087e2 	j	a0021f88 <extract_cie_info+0x14c>
a0021fec:	26310002 	addiu	s1,s1,2
a0021ff0:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0021ff4:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0021ff8:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0021ffc:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022000:	8fa30010 	lw	v1,16(sp)
a0022004:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0022008:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a002200c:	a262028f 	sb	v0,655(s3)
a0022010:	00c3a021 	addu	s4,a2,v1
a0022014:	080087ba 	j	a0021ee8 <extract_cie_info+0xac>
a0022018:	2651000a 	addiu	s1,s2,10

a002201c <execute_stack_op>:
a002201c:	27bdfed0 	addiu	sp,sp,-304
a0022020:	afb40128 	sw	s4,296(sp)
a0022024:	00804021 	move	t0,a0
a0022028:	00a0a021 	move	s4,a1
a002202c:	0114102b 	sltu	v0,t0,s4
a0022030:	afb30124 	sw	s3,292(sp)
a0022034:	afb20120 	sw	s2,288(sp)
a0022038:	afbf012c 	sw	ra,300(sp)
a002203c:	afb1011c 	sw	s1,284(sp)
a0022040:	afb00118 	sw	s0,280(sp)
a0022044:	afa70010 	sw	a3,16(sp)
a0022048:	00c09821 	move	s3,a2
a002204c:	1040001b 	beqz	v0,a00220bc <execute_stack_op+0xa0>
a0022050:	24120001 	li	s2,1
a0022054:	91110000 	lbu	s1,0(t0)
a0022058:	00000000 	nop
a002205c:	2623fffd 	addiu	v1,s1,-3
a0022060:	2c620094 	sltiu	v0,v1,148
a0022064:	14400003 	bnez	v0,a0022074 <execute_stack_op+0x58>
a0022068:	25080001 	addiu	t0,t0,1
a002206c:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022070:	00000000 	nop
a0022074:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0022078:	24425190 	addiu	v0,v0,20880
a002207c:	00031880 	sll	v1,v1,0x2
a0022080:	00621821 	addu	v1,v1,v0
a0022084:	8c640000 	lw	a0,0(v1)
a0022088:	00000000 	nop
a002208c:	00800008 	jr	a0
a0022090:	00000000 	nop
a0022094:	2630ffd0 	addiu	s0,s1,-48
a0022098:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a002209c:	10400167 	beqz	v0,a002263c <execute_stack_op+0x620>
a00220a0:	26520001 	addiu	s2,s2,1
a00220a4:	00121080 	sll	v0,s2,0x2
a00220a8:	03a21821 	addu	v1,sp,v0
a00220ac:	ac700010 	sw	s0,16(v1)
a00220b0:	0114102b 	sltu	v0,t0,s4
a00220b4:	1440ffe7 	bnez	v0,a0022054 <execute_stack_op+0x38>
a00220b8:	00000000 	nop
a00220bc:	2652ffff 	addiu	s2,s2,-1
a00220c0:	06400160 	bltz	s2,a0022644 <execute_stack_op+0x628>
a00220c4:	00121080 	sll	v0,s2,0x2
a00220c8:	03a21821 	addu	v1,sp,v0
a00220cc:	8c620010 	lw	v0,16(v1)
a00220d0:	8fbf012c 	lw	ra,300(sp)
a00220d4:	8fb40128 	lw	s4,296(sp)
a00220d8:	8fb30124 	lw	s3,292(sp)
a00220dc:	8fb20120 	lw	s2,288(sp)
a00220e0:	8fb1011c 	lw	s1,284(sp)
a00220e4:	8fb00118 	lw	s0,280(sp)
a00220e8:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00220ec:	27bd0130 	addiu	sp,sp,304
a00220f0:	91100000 	lbu	s0,0(t0)
a00220f4:	00000000 	nop
a00220f8:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00220fc:	25080001 	addiu	t0,t0,1
a0022100:	81100000 	lb	s0,0(t0)
a0022104:	00000000 	nop
a0022108:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a002210c:	25080001 	addiu	t0,t0,1
a0022110:	91020000 	lbu	v0,0(t0)
a0022114:	91030001 	lbu	v1,1(t0)
a0022118:	00021200 	sll	v0,v0,0x8
a002211c:	00628025 	or	s0,v1,v0
a0022120:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022124:	25080002 	addiu	t0,t0,2
a0022128:	91030000 	lbu	v1,0(t0)
a002212c:	91020001 	lbu	v0,1(t0)
a0022130:	00031a00 	sll	v1,v1,0x8
a0022134:	00431025 	or	v0,v0,v1
a0022138:	00021400 	sll	v0,v0,0x10
a002213c:	00028403 	sra	s0,v0,0x10
a0022140:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022144:	25080002 	addiu	t0,t0,2
a0022148:	89100000 	lwl	s0,0(t0)
a002214c:	99100003 	lwr	s0,3(t0)
a0022150:	00000000 	nop
a0022154:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022158:	25080004 	addiu	t0,t0,4
a002215c:	89030004 	lwl	v1,4(t0)
a0022160:	99030007 	lwr	v1,7(t0)
a0022164:	00000000 	nop
a0022168:	25080008 	addiu	t0,t0,8
a002216c:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022170:	00608021 	move	s0,v1
a0022174:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a0022178:	27a70110 	addiu	a3,sp,272
a002217c:	08008864 	j	a0022190 <execute_stack_op+0x174>
a0022180:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022184:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a0022188:	27a70110 	addiu	a3,sp,272
a002218c:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a0022190:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022194:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022198:	8fb00110 	lw	s0,272(sp)
a002219c:	00000000 	nop
a00221a0:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00221a4:	00404021 	move	t0,v0
a00221a8:	1a400112 	blez	s2,a00225f4 <execute_stack_op+0x5d8>
a00221ac:	00121080 	sll	v0,s2,0x2
a00221b0:	08008884 	j	a0022210 <execute_stack_op+0x1f4>
a00221b4:	005d1021 	addu	v0,v0,sp
a00221b8:	2652ffff 	addiu	s2,s2,-1
a00221bc:	0641ffbd 	bgez	s2,a00220b4 <execute_stack_op+0x98>
a00221c0:	0114102b 	sltu	v0,t0,s4
a00221c4:	0800897f 	j	a00225fc <execute_stack_op+0x5e0>
a00221c8:	00000000 	nop
a00221cc:	2a420002 	slti	v0,s2,2
a00221d0:	1440010e 	bnez	v0,a002260c <execute_stack_op+0x5f0>
a00221d4:	00121080 	sll	v0,s2,0x2
a00221d8:	005d1021 	addu	v0,v0,sp
a00221dc:	8c500008 	lw	s0,8(v0)
a00221e0:	00000000 	nop
a00221e4:	08008827 	j	a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a00221e8:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a00221ec:	91050000 	lbu	a1,0(t0)
a00221f0:	00000000 	nop
a00221f4:	2642ffff 	addiu	v0,s2,-1
a00221f8:	00a2102a 	slt	v0,a1,v0
a00221fc:	10400101 	beqz	v0,a0022604 <execute_stack_op+0x5e8>
a0022200:	25080001 	addiu	t0,t0,1
a0022204:	02451023 	subu	v0,s2,a1
a0022208:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a002220c:	005d1021 	addu	v0,v0,sp
a0022210:	8c50000c 	lw	s0,12(v0)
a0022214:	00000000 	nop
a0022218:	08008827 	j	a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a002221c:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a0022220:	2a420003 	slti	v0,s2,3
a0022224:	144000fb 	bnez	v0,a0022614 <execute_stack_op+0x5f8>
a0022228:	00121080 	sll	v0,s2,0x2
a002222c:	27a30010 	addiu	v1,sp,16
a0022230:	2446fff4 	addiu	a2,v0,-12
a0022234:	2445fffc 	addiu	a1,v0,-4
a0022238:	2442fff8 	addiu	v0,v0,-8
a002223c:	00663021 	addu	a2,v1,a2
a0022240:	00652821 	addu	a1,v1,a1
a0022244:	00621821 	addu	v1,v1,v0
a0022248:	8ca70000 	lw	a3,0(a1)
a002224c:	00000000 	nop
a0022250:	8c620000 	lw	v0,0(v1)
a0022254:	00000000 	nop
a0022258:	8cc40000 	lw	a0,0(a2)
a002225c:	00000000 	nop
a0022260:	aca20000 	sw	v0,0(a1)
a0022264:	ac640000 	sw	a0,0(v1)
a0022268:	0800882c 	j	a00220b0 <execute_stack_op+0x94>
a002226c:	acc70000 	sw	a3,0(a2)
a0022270:	2652ffff 	addiu	s2,s2,-1
a0022274:	064000ef 	bltz	s2,a0022634 <execute_stack_op+0x618>
a0022278:	00122080 	sll	a0,s2,0x2
a002227c:	91030000 	lbu	v1,0(t0)
a0022280:	91020001 	lbu	v0,1(t0)
a0022284:	00000000 	nop
a0022288:	03a42821 	addu	a1,sp,a0
a002228c:	00031a00 	sll	v1,v1,0x8
a0022290:	00431025 	or	v0,v0,v1
a0022294:	8ca40010 	lw	a0,16(a1)
a0022298:	00000000 	nop
a002229c:	00021400 	sll	v0,v0,0x10
a00222a0:	00022c03 	sra	a1,v0,0x10
a00222a4:	1080ff82 	beqz	a0,a00220b0 <execute_stack_op+0x94>
a00222a8:	25080002 	addiu	t0,t0,2
a00222ac:	0800882c 	j	a00220b0 <execute_stack_op+0x94>
a00222b0:	01054021 	addu	t0,t0,a1
a00222b4:	2652fffe 	addiu	s2,s2,-2
a00222b8:	064000dc 	bltz	s2,a002262c <execute_stack_op+0x610>
a00222bc:	00121880 	sll	v1,s2,0x2
a00222c0:	27a20010 	addiu	v0,sp,16
a00222c4:	2627ffe6 	addiu	a3,s1,-26
a00222c8:	00622821 	addu	a1,v1,v0
a00222cc:	2ce40015 	sltiu	a0,a3,21
a00222d0:	00431021 	addu	v0,v0,v1
a00222d4:	8c460000 	lw	a2,0(v0)
a00222d8:	00000000 	nop
a00222dc:	8ca50004 	lw	a1,4(a1)
a00222e0:	00000000 	nop
a00222e4:	1080ff6d 	beqz	a0,a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a00222e8:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a00222ec:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00222f0:	244253e0 	addiu	v0,v0,21472
a00222f4:	00071880 	sll	v1,a3,0x2
a00222f8:	00621821 	addu	v1,v1,v0
a00222fc:	8c640000 	lw	a0,0(v1)
a0022300:	00000000 	nop
a0022304:	00800008 	jr	a0
a0022308:	00000000 	nop
a002230c:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022310:	00c58024 	and	s0,a2,a1
a0022314:	00c5001a 	div	zero,a2,a1
a0022318:	14a00002 	bnez	a1,a0022324 <execute_stack_op+0x308>
a002231c:	00000000 	nop
a0022320:	0007000d 	break	0x7
a0022324:	00001012 	mflo	v0
a0022330:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022334:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a0022338:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a002233c:	00c58023 	subu	s0,a2,a1
a0022340:	00c5001a 	div	zero,a2,a1
a0022344:	14a00002 	bnez	a1,a0022350 <execute_stack_op+0x334>
a0022348:	00000000 	nop
a002234c:	0007000d 	break	0x7
a0022350:	00001010 	mfhi	v0
a002235c:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022360:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a0022364:	00c50018 	mult	a2,a1
a0022368:	00008012 	mflo	s0
a0022374:	08008827 	j	a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022378:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a002237c:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022380:	00c58025 	or	s0,a2,a1
a0022384:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022388:	00c58021 	addu	s0,a2,a1
a002238c:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022390:	00a68004 	sllv	s0,a2,a1
a0022394:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022398:	00a68006 	srlv	s0,a2,a1
a002239c:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223a0:	00a68007 	srav	s0,a2,a1
a00223a4:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223a8:	00c58026 	xor	s0,a2,a1
a00223ac:	00a61026 	xor	v0,a1,a2
a00223b0:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223b4:	2c500001 	sltiu	s0,v0,1
a00223b8:	00a6102a 	slt	v0,a1,a2
a00223bc:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223c0:	38500001 	xori	s0,v0,0x1
a00223c4:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223c8:	00c5802a 	slt	s0,a2,a1
a00223cc:	00c5102a 	slt	v0,a2,a1
a00223d0:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223d4:	38500001 	xori	s0,v0,0x1
a00223d8:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223dc:	00a6802a 	slt	s0,a1,a2
a00223e0:	00a61026 	xor	v0,a1,a2
a00223e4:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00223e8:	0002802b 	sltu	s0,zero,v0
a00223ec:	91030000 	lbu	v1,0(t0)
a00223f0:	91020001 	lbu	v0,1(t0)
a00223f4:	00031a00 	sll	v1,v1,0x8
a00223f8:	00431025 	or	v0,v0,v1
a00223fc:	00021400 	sll	v0,v0,0x10
a0022400:	00022c03 	sra	a1,v0,0x10
a0022404:	25080002 	addiu	t0,t0,2
a0022408:	0800882c 	j	a00220b0 <execute_stack_op+0x94>
a002240c:	01054021 	addu	t0,t0,a1
a0022410:	2622ffb0 	addiu	v0,s1,-80
a0022414:	08008918 	j	a0022460 <execute_stack_op+0x444>
a0022418:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a002241c:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a0022420:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022424:	27a70110 	addiu	a3,sp,272
a0022428:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002242c:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a0022430:	00404021 	move	t0,v0
a0022434:	2622ff90 	addiu	v0,s1,-112
a0022438:	0800892e 	j	a00224b8 <execute_stack_op+0x49c>
a002243c:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a0022440:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a0022444:	27a70110 	addiu	a3,sp,272
a0022448:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a002244c:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022450:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022454:	8fb10110 	lw	s1,272(sp)
a0022458:	00404021 	move	t0,v0
a002245c:	00111080 	sll	v0,s1,0x2
a0022460:	02621021 	addu	v0,s3,v0
a0022464:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0022468:	00000000 	nop
a002246c:	8c700000 	lw	s0,0(v1)
a0022470:	08008827 	j	a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022474:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a0022478:	27b00110 	addiu	s0,sp,272
a002247c:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a0022480:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022484:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022488:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002248c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022490:	00404021 	move	t0,v0
a0022494:	8fb10110 	lw	s1,272(sp)
a0022498:	00000000 	nop
a002249c:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a00224a0:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a00224a4:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00224a8:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00224ac:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a00224b0:	00404021 	move	t0,v0
a00224b4:	00111080 	sll	v0,s1,0x2
a00224b8:	02621021 	addu	v0,s3,v0
a00224bc:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a00224c0:	00000000 	nop
a00224c4:	8fa50110 	lw	a1,272(sp)
a00224c8:	00000000 	nop
a00224cc:	8c620000 	lw	v0,0(v1)
a00224d0:	00000000 	nop
a00224d4:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00224d8:	00458021 	addu	s0,v0,a1
a00224dc:	2652ffff 	addiu	s2,s2,-1
a00224e0:	0640004e 	bltz	s2,a002261c <execute_stack_op+0x600>
a00224e4:	00121080 	sll	v0,s2,0x2
a00224e8:	03a21821 	addu	v1,sp,v0
a00224ec:	2404001f 	li	a0,31
a00224f0:	8c700010 	lw	s0,16(v1)
a00224f4:	00000000 	nop
a00224f8:	1224000a 	beq	s1,a0,a0022524 <execute_stack_op+0x508>
a00224fc:	2e220020 	sltiu	v0,s1,32
a0022500:	1040000a 	beqz	v0,a002252c <execute_stack_op+0x510>
a0022504:	24020023 	li	v0,35
a0022508:	24020006 	li	v0,6
a002250c:	12220027 	beq	s1,v0,a00225ac <execute_stack_op+0x590>
a0022510:	24020019 	li	v0,25
a0022514:	1622fee1 	bne	s1,v0,a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022518:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a002251c:	0601fedf 	bgez	s0,a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022520:	00000000 	nop
a0022524:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a0022528:	00108023 	negu	s0,s0
a002252c:	12220028 	beq	s1,v0,a00225d0 <execute_stack_op+0x5b4>
a0022530:	2e220024 	sltiu	v0,s1,36
a0022534:	10400006 	beqz	v0,a0022550 <execute_stack_op+0x534>
a0022538:	24020094 	li	v0,148
a002253c:	24020020 	li	v0,32
a0022540:	1622fed6 	bne	s1,v0,a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022544:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a0022548:	08008827 	j	a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a002254c:	00108027 	nor	s0,zero,s0
a0022550:	1622fed2 	bne	s1,v0,a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022554:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a0022558:	91030000 	lbu	v1,0(t0)
a002255c:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a0022560:	10620016 	beq	v1,v0,a00225bc <execute_stack_op+0x5a0>
a0022564:	25080001 	addiu	t0,t0,1
a0022568:	28620003 	slti	v0,v1,3
a002256c:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a002258c <execute_stack_op+0x570>
a0022570:	24020004 	li	v0,4
a0022574:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0022578:	1462002a 	bne	v1,v0,a0022624 <execute_stack_op+0x608>
a002257c:	2e420040 	sltiu	v0,s2,64
a0022580:	92100000 	lbu	s0,0(s0)
a0022584:	08008827 	j	a002209c <execute_stack_op+0x80>
a0022588:	00000000 	nop
a002258c:	10620007 	beq	v1,v0,a00225ac <execute_stack_op+0x590>
a0022590:	24020008 	li	v0,8
a0022594:	14620023 	bne	v1,v0,a0022624 <execute_stack_op+0x608>
a0022598:	00000000 	nop
a002259c:	8a030004 	lwl	v1,4(s0)
a00225a0:	9a030007 	lwr	v1,7(s0)
a00225a4:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00225a8:	00608021 	move	s0,v1
a00225ac:	8a020000 	lwl	v0,0(s0)
a00225b0:	9a020003 	lwr	v0,3(s0)
a00225b4:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00225b8:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a00225bc:	92020000 	lbu	v0,0(s0)
a00225c0:	92030001 	lbu	v1,1(s0)
a00225c4:	00021200 	sll	v0,v0,0x8
a00225c8:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00225cc:	00628025 	or	s0,v1,v0
a00225d0:	01003021 	move	a2,t0
a00225d4:	27a70110 	addiu	a3,sp,272
a00225d8:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00225dc:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00225e0:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00225e4:	8fb10110 	lw	s1,272(sp)
a00225e8:	00404021 	move	t0,v0
a00225ec:	08008826 	j	a0022098 <execute_stack_op+0x7c>
a00225f0:	02118021 	addu	s0,s0,s1
a00225f4:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a00225f8:	00000000 	nop
a00225fc:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022600:	00000000 	nop
a0022604:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022608:	00000000 	nop
a002260c:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022610:	00000000 	nop
a0022614:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022618:	00000000 	nop
a002261c:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022620:	00000000 	nop
a0022624:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022628:	00000000 	nop
a002262c:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022630:	00000000 	nop
a0022634:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022638:	00000000 	nop
a002263c:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022640:	00000000 	nop
a0022644:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0022648:	00000000 	nop

a002264c <execute_cfa_program>:
a002264c:	27bdffc0 	addiu	sp,sp,-64
a0022650:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a0022654:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0022658:	00a0b021 	move	s6,a1
a002265c:	00809021 	move	s2,a0
a0022660:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0022664:	0256102b 	sltu	v0,s2,s6
a0022668:	00e09821 	move	s3,a3
a002266c:	afbe0034 	sw	s8,52(sp)
a0022670:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a0022674:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a0022678:	afbf0038 	sw	ra,56(sp)
a002267c:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0022680:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0022684:	03a0f021 	move	s8,sp
a0022688:	00c0a821 	move	s5,a2
a002268c:	ae600268 	sw	zero,616(s3)
a0022690:	1040001b 	beqz	v0,a0022700 <execute_cfa_program+0xb4>
a0022694:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0022698:	8e65027c 	lw	a1,636(s3)
a002269c:	8ea20138 	lw	v0,312(s5)
a00226a0:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a00226a4:	0082102b 	sltu	v0,a0,v0
a00226a8:	10400015 	beqz	v0,a0022700 <execute_cfa_program+0xb4>
a00226ac:	00000000 	nop
a00226b0:	92480000 	lbu	t0,0(s2)
a00226b4:	00000000 	nop
a00226b8:	31020040 	andi	v0,t0,0x40
a00226bc:	1040001c 	beqz	v0,a0022730 <execute_cfa_program+0xe4>
a00226c0:	26520001 	addiu	s2,s2,1
a00226c4:	8e630288 	lw	v1,648(s3)
a00226c8:	3102003f 	andi	v0,t0,0x3f
a00226cc:	00430018 	mult	v0,v1
a00226d0:	00001012 	mflo	v0
a00226d4:	00821021 	addu	v0,a0,v0
a00226d8:	ae62027c 	sw	v0,636(s3)
a00226dc:	0256102b 	sltu	v0,s2,s6
a00226e0:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a0022700 <execute_cfa_program+0xb4>
a00226e4:	00000000 	nop
a00226e8:	8e64027c 	lw	a0,636(s3)
a00226ec:	8ea20138 	lw	v0,312(s5)
a00226f0:	00000000 	nop
a00226f4:	0082102b 	sltu	v0,a0,v0
a00226f8:	1440ffed 	bnez	v0,a00226b0 <execute_cfa_program+0x64>
a00226fc:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0022700:	03c0e821 	move	sp,s8
a0022704:	8fbf0038 	lw	ra,56(sp)
a0022708:	8fbe0034 	lw	s8,52(sp)
a002270c:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0022710:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a0022714:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a0022718:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a002271c:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0022720:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0022724:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0022728:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002272c:	27bd0040 	addiu	sp,sp,64
a0022730:	31020080 	andi	v0,t0,0x80
a0022734:	10400006 	beqz	v0,a0022750 <execute_cfa_program+0x104>
a0022738:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a002273c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022740:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022744:	27c70010 	addiu	a3,s8,16
a0022748:	08008ac2 	j	a0022b08 <execute_cfa_program+0x4bc>
a002274c:	3110003f 	andi	s0,t0,0x3f
a0022750:	310200c0 	andi	v0,t0,0xc0
a0022754:	1440004c 	bnez	v0,a0022888 <execute_cfa_program+0x23c>
a0022758:	3110003f 	andi	s0,t0,0x3f
a002275c:	2d020030 	sltiu	v0,t0,48
a0022760:	14400003 	bnez	v0,a0022770 <execute_cfa_program+0x124>
a0022764:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0022768:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a002276c:	00000000 	nop
a0022770:	24425438 	addiu	v0,v0,21560
a0022774:	00081880 	sll	v1,t0,0x2
a0022778:	00621821 	addu	v1,v1,v0
a002277c:	8c640000 	lw	a0,0(v1)
a0022780:	00000000 	nop
a0022784:	00800008 	jr	a0
a0022788:	00000000 	nop
a002278c:	9270028d 	lbu	s0,653(s3)
a0022790:	02a02821 	move	a1,s5
a0022794:	0c0086f3 	jal	a0021bcc <base_of_encoded_value>
a0022798:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a002279c:	2671027c 	addiu	s1,s3,636
a00227a0:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a00227a4:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a00227a8:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a00227ac:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00227b0:	02203821 	move	a3,s1
a00227b4:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a00227b8:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a00227bc:	92420000 	lbu	v0,0(s2)
a00227c0:	8e630288 	lw	v1,648(s3)
a00227c4:	00000000 	nop
a00227c8:	26520001 	addiu	s2,s2,1
a00227cc:	00430018 	mult	v0,v1
a00227d0:	00001012 	mflo	v0
a00227dc:	080089b6 	j	a00226d8 <execute_cfa_program+0x8c>
a00227e0:	00a21021 	addu	v0,a1,v0
a00227e4:	92420000 	lbu	v0,0(s2)
a00227e8:	92430001 	lbu	v1,1(s2)
a00227ec:	00021200 	sll	v0,v0,0x8
a00227f0:	8e640288 	lw	a0,648(s3)
a00227f4:	00621825 	or	v1,v1,v0
a00227f8:	00640018 	mult	v1,a0
a00227fc:	26520002 	addiu	s2,s2,2
a0022800:	00001812 	mflo	v1
a0022804:	00a31821 	addu	v1,a1,v1
a0022808:	00000000 	nop
a002280c:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022810:	ae63027c 	sw	v1,636(s3)
a0022814:	8a420000 	lwl	v0,0(s2)
a0022818:	9a420003 	lwr	v0,3(s2)
a002281c:	8e630288 	lw	v1,648(s3)
a0022820:	00000000 	nop
a0022824:	26520004 	addiu	s2,s2,4
a0022828:	00430018 	mult	v0,v1
a002282c:	00001012 	mflo	v0
a0022838:	080089b6 	j	a00226d8 <execute_cfa_program+0x8c>
a002283c:	00a21021 	addu	v0,a1,v0
a0022840:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a0022844:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022848:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a002284c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022850:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022854:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022858:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a002285c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022860:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022864:	08008abf 	j	a0022afc <execute_cfa_program+0x4b0>
a0022868:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a002286c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022870:	27c70010 	addiu	a3,s8,16
a0022874:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022878:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a002287c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022880:	8fd00010 	lw	s0,16(s8)
a0022884:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022888:	001010c0 	sll	v0,s0,0x3
a002288c:	02621021 	addu	v0,s3,v0
a0022890:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022894:	ac400004 	sw	zero,4(v0)
a0022898:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a002289c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a00228a0:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a00228a4:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00228a8:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00228ac:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00228b0:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a00228b4:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a00228b8:	8fd00010 	lw	s0,16(s8)
a00228bc:	00000000 	nop
a00228c0:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a00228c4:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00228c8:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00228cc:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00228d0:	001018c0 	sll	v1,s0,0x3
a00228d4:	8fc50010 	lw	a1,16(s8)
a00228d8:	00000000 	nop
a00228dc:	02632021 	addu	a0,s3,v1
a00228e0:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a00228e4:	00801821 	move	v1,a0
a00228e8:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a00228ec:	ac620004 	sw	v0,4(v1)
a00228f0:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a00228f4:	ac850000 	sw	a1,0(a0)
a00228f8:	1280001a 	beqz	s4,a0022964 <execute_cfa_program+0x318>
a00228fc:	00000000 	nop
a0022900:	02802821 	move	a1,s4
a0022904:	8e940268 	lw	s4,616(s4)
a0022908:	00000000 	nop
a002290c:	00a01821 	move	v1,a1
a0022910:	02601021 	move	v0,s3
a0022914:	26640260 	addiu	a0,s3,608
a0022918:	8c460000 	lw	a2,0(v0)
a002291c:	8c470004 	lw	a3,4(v0)
a0022920:	8c480008 	lw	t0,8(v0)
a0022924:	8c49000c 	lw	t1,12(v0)
a0022928:	ac660000 	sw	a2,0(v1)
a002292c:	ac670004 	sw	a3,4(v1)
a0022930:	ac680008 	sw	t0,8(v1)
a0022934:	ac69000c 	sw	t1,12(v1)
a0022938:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a002293c:	1444fff6 	bne	v0,a0,a0022918 <execute_cfa_program+0x2cc>
a0022940:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a0022944:	8c440000 	lw	a0,0(v0)
a0022948:	8c460004 	lw	a2,4(v0)
a002294c:	8c470008 	lw	a3,8(v0)
a0022950:	ac640000 	sw	a0,0(v1)
a0022954:	ac660004 	sw	a2,4(v1)
a0022958:	ac670008 	sw	a3,8(v1)
a002295c:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022960:	ae650268 	sw	a1,616(s3)
a0022964:	27bdfd90 	addiu	sp,sp,-624
a0022968:	08008a43 	j	a002290c <execute_cfa_program+0x2c0>
a002296c:	27a50010 	addiu	a1,sp,16
a0022970:	8e640268 	lw	a0,616(s3)
a0022974:	00000000 	nop
a0022978:	02601821 	move	v1,s3
a002297c:	00801021 	move	v0,a0
a0022980:	24850260 	addiu	a1,a0,608
a0022984:	8c490000 	lw	t1,0(v0)
a0022988:	8c460004 	lw	a2,4(v0)
a002298c:	8c470008 	lw	a3,8(v0)
a0022990:	8c48000c 	lw	t0,12(v0)
a0022994:	ac690000 	sw	t1,0(v1)
a0022998:	ac660004 	sw	a2,4(v1)
a002299c:	ac670008 	sw	a3,8(v1)
a00229a0:	ac68000c 	sw	t0,12(v1)
a00229a4:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a00229a8:	1445fff6 	bne	v0,a1,a0022984 <execute_cfa_program+0x338>
a00229ac:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a00229b0:	8c490000 	lw	t1,0(v0)
a00229b4:	8c450004 	lw	a1,4(v0)
a00229b8:	8c460008 	lw	a2,8(v0)
a00229bc:	ac690000 	sw	t1,0(v1)
a00229c0:	ac650004 	sw	a1,4(v1)
a00229c4:	ac660008 	sw	a2,8(v1)
a00229c8:	ac940268 	sw	s4,616(a0)
a00229cc:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a00229d0:	0080a021 	move	s4,a0
a00229d4:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a00229d8:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a00229dc:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00229e0:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00229e4:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a00229e8:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a00229ec:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a00229f0:	8fc20010 	lw	v0,16(s8)
a00229f4:	00000000 	nop
a00229f8:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a00229fc:	ae620270 	sw	v0,624(s3)
a0022a00:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022a04:	08008ae0 	j	a0022b80 <execute_cfa_program+0x534>
a0022a08:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022a0c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022a10:	27c70010 	addiu	a3,s8,16
a0022a14:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022a18:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022a1c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022a20:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022a24:	8fc20010 	lw	v0,16(s8)
a0022a28:	00000000 	nop
a0022a2c:	24030001 	li	v1,1
a0022a30:	ae620270 	sw	v0,624(s3)
a0022a34:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022a38:	ae630278 	sw	v1,632(s3)
a0022a3c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022a40:	27c70010 	addiu	a3,s8,16
a0022a44:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022a48:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022a4c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022a50:	8fc30010 	lw	v1,16(s8)
a0022a54:	00000000 	nop
a0022a58:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022a5c:	ae720274 	sw	s2,628(s3)
a0022a60:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a0022a64:	02439021 	addu	s2,s2,v1
a0022a68:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022a6c:	ae620278 	sw	v0,632(s3)
a0022a70:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a0022a74:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022a78:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022a7c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022a80:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022a84:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022a88:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022a8c:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022a90:	8fd00010 	lw	s0,16(s8)
a0022a94:	00000000 	nop
a0022a98:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022a9c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022aa0:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022aa4:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022aa8:	001018c0 	sll	v1,s0,0x3
a0022aac:	8fc50010 	lw	a1,16(s8)
a0022ab0:	00000000 	nop
a0022ab4:	02632021 	addu	a0,s3,v1
a0022ab8:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022abc:	00801821 	move	v1,a0
a0022ac0:	24020003 	li	v0,3
a0022ac4:	ac620004 	sw	v0,4(v1)
a0022ac8:	ac920000 	sw	s2,0(a0)
a0022acc:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022ad0:	02459021 	addu	s2,s2,a1
a0022ad4:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a0022ad8:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022adc:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022ae0:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022ae4:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022ae8:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022aec:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022af0:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022af4:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022af8:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a0022afc:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022b00:	8fd00010 	lw	s0,16(s8)
a0022b04:	00000000 	nop
a0022b08:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022b0c:	00000000 	nop
a0022b10:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022b14:	8fc40010 	lw	a0,16(s8)
a0022b18:	8e620284 	lw	v0,644(s3)
a0022b1c:	00000000 	nop
a0022b20:	001018c0 	sll	v1,s0,0x3
a0022b24:	00820018 	mult	a0,v0
a0022b28:	02632821 	addu	a1,s3,v1
a0022b2c:	00a01821 	move	v1,a1
a0022b30:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0022b34:	ac620004 	sw	v0,4(v1)
a0022b38:	00003012 	mflo	a2
a0022b44:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022b48:	aca60000 	sw	a2,0(a1)
a0022b4c:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a0022b50:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022b54:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022b58:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022b5c:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022b60:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022b64:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022b68:	8fc20010 	lw	v0,16(s8)
a0022b6c:	00000000 	nop
a0022b70:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022b74:	ae620270 	sw	v0,624(s3)
a0022b78:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022b7c:	24040009 	li	a0,9
a0022b80:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022b84:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022b88:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022b8c:	8fc20010 	lw	v0,16(s8)
a0022b90:	00000000 	nop
a0022b94:	24030001 	li	v1,1
a0022b98:	ae62026c 	sw	v0,620(s3)
a0022b9c:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022ba0:	ae630278 	sw	v1,632(s3)
a0022ba4:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022ba8:	27c70010 	addiu	a3,s8,16
a0022bac:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022bb0:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022bb4:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022bb8:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022bbc:	8fc20010 	lw	v0,16(s8)
a0022bc0:	00000000 	nop
a0022bc4:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022bc8:	ae62026c 	sw	v0,620(s3)
a0022bcc:	24100010 	li	s0,16
a0022bd0:	26660004 	addiu	a2,s3,4
a0022bd4:	24070001 	li	a3,1
a0022bd8:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022bdc:	001010c0 	sll	v0,s0,0x3
a0022be0:	26100001 	addiu	s0,s0,1
a0022be4:	02621821 	addu	v1,s3,v0
a0022be8:	2e040020 	sltiu	a0,s0,32
a0022bec:	00c21021 	addu	v0,a2,v0
a0022bf0:	ac470000 	sw	a3,0(v0)
a0022bf4:	ac650000 	sw	a1,0(v1)
a0022bf8:	1480fff8 	bnez	a0,a0022bdc <execute_cfa_program+0x590>
a0022bfc:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a0022c00:	080089b8 	j	a00226e0 <execute_cfa_program+0x94>
a0022c04:	0256102b 	sltu	v0,s2,s6
a0022c08:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022c0c:	27c70010 	addiu	a3,s8,16
a0022c10:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022c14:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022c18:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022c1c:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022c20:	8fc20010 	lw	v0,16(s8)
a0022c24:	00000000 	nop
a0022c28:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022c2c:	aea2014c 	sw	v0,332(s5)
a0022c30:	27d00010 	addiu	s0,s8,16
a0022c34:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022c38:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022c3c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022c40:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022c44:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022c48:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022c4c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022c50:	02003821 	move	a3,s0
a0022c54:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022c58:	8fd00010 	lw	s0,16(s8)
a0022c5c:	00000000 	nop
a0022c60:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022c64:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022c68:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022c6c:	8fc30010 	lw	v1,16(s8)
a0022c70:	8e620284 	lw	v0,644(s3)
a0022c74:	00000000 	nop
a0022c78:	001020c0 	sll	a0,s0,0x3
a0022c7c:	00620018 	mult	v1,v0
a0022c80:	02642821 	addu	a1,s3,a0
a0022c84:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0022c88:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0022c8c:	ac820004 	sw	v0,4(a0)
a0022c90:	00003012 	mflo	a2
a0022c9c:	00061823 	negu	v1,a2
a0022ca0:	080089b7 	j	a00226dc <execute_cfa_program+0x90>
a0022ca4:	aca30000 	sw	v1,0(a1)

a0022ca8 <uw_frame_state_for>:
a0022ca8:	27bdffc0 	addiu	sp,sp,-64
a0022cac:	afb60030 	sw	s6,48(sp)
a0022cb0:	00a0b021 	move	s6,a1
a0022cb4:	afb30024 	sw	s3,36(sp)
a0022cb8:	24060290 	li	a2,656
a0022cbc:	00809821 	move	s3,a0
a0022cc0:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022cc4:	02c02021 	move	a0,s6
a0022cc8:	afb5002c 	sw	s5,44(sp)
a0022ccc:	afbf0038 	sw	ra,56(sp)
a0022cd0:	afb70034 	sw	s7,52(sp)
a0022cd4:	afb40028 	sw	s4,40(sp)
a0022cd8:	afb20020 	sw	s2,32(sp)
a0022cdc:	afb1001c 	sw	s1,28(sp)
a0022ce0:	0c00917f 	jal	a00245fc <memset>
a0022ce4:	afb00018 	sw	s0,24(sp)
a0022ce8:	8e640138 	lw	a0,312(s3)
a0022cec:	26650140 	addiu	a1,s3,320
a0022cf0:	2484ffff 	addiu	a0,a0,-1
a0022cf4:	ae60014c 	sw	zero,332(s3)
a0022cf8:	0c008668 	jal	a00219a0 <_Unwind_Find_FDE>
a0022cfc:	ae60013c 	sw	zero,316(s3)
a0022d00:	0040a821 	move	s5,v0
a0022d04:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0022d08:	02c03021 	move	a2,s6
a0022d0c:	12a0003c 	beqz	s5,a0022e00 <uw_frame_state_for+0x158>
a0022d10:	24020005 	li	v0,5
a0022d14:	8e630148 	lw	v1,328(s3)
a0022d18:	26b20008 	addiu	s2,s5,8
a0022d1c:	aec3027c 	sw	v1,636(s6)
a0022d20:	8ea20004 	lw	v0,4(s5)
a0022d24:	00000000 	nop
a0022d28:	02a28023 	subu	s0,s5,v0
a0022d2c:	26140004 	addiu	s4,s0,4
a0022d30:	0c00878f 	jal	a0021e3c <extract_cie_info>
a0022d34:	02802021 	move	a0,s4
a0022d38:	00408821 	move	s1,v0
a0022d3c:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0022d40:	02603021 	move	a2,s3
a0022d44:	02c03821 	move	a3,s6
a0022d48:	1220002d 	beqz	s1,a0022e00 <uw_frame_state_for+0x158>
a0022d4c:	24020003 	li	v0,3
a0022d50:	8e020004 	lw	v0,4(s0)
a0022d54:	2677013c 	addiu	s7,s3,316
a0022d58:	02821021 	addu	v0,s4,v0
a0022d5c:	0c008993 	jal	a002264c <execute_cfa_program>
a0022d60:	24450004 	addiu	a1,v0,4
a0022d64:	92c4028d 	lbu	a0,653(s6)
a0022d68:	0c0086d9 	jal	a0021b64 <size_of_encoded_value>
a0022d6c:	00008821 	move	s1,zero
a0022d70:	00021040 	sll	v0,v0,0x1
a0022d74:	92c3028f 	lbu	v1,655(s6)
a0022d78:	02429021 	addu	s2,s2,v0
a0022d7c:	27a70010 	addiu	a3,sp,16
a0022d80:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022d84:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022d88:	10600007 	beqz	v1,a0022da8 <uw_frame_state_for+0x100>
a0022d8c:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022d90:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022d94:	00000000 	nop
a0022d98:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022d9c:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0022da0:	00000000 	nop
a0022da4:	02428821 	addu	s1,s2,v0
a0022da8:	92c3028e 	lbu	v1,654(s6)
a0022dac:	240200ff 	li	v0,255
a0022db0:	1062000a 	beq	v1,v0,a0022ddc <uw_frame_state_for+0x134>
a0022db4:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0022db8:	00608021 	move	s0,v1
a0022dbc:	0c0086f3 	jal	a0021bcc <base_of_encoded_value>
a0022dc0:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0022dc4:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0022dc8:	02403021 	move	a2,s2
a0022dcc:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0022dd0:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022dd4:	02e03821 	move	a3,s7
a0022dd8:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022ddc:	02603021 	move	a2,s3
a0022de0:	12200012 	beqz	s1,a0022e2c <uw_frame_state_for+0x184>
a0022de4:	02c03821 	move	a3,s6
a0022de8:	8ea20000 	lw	v0,0(s5)
a0022dec:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0022df0:	02a21021 	addu	v0,s5,v0
a0022df4:	0c008993 	jal	a002264c <execute_cfa_program>
a0022df8:	24450004 	addiu	a1,v0,4
a0022dfc:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0022e00:	8fbf0038 	lw	ra,56(sp)
a0022e04:	8fb70034 	lw	s7,52(sp)
a0022e08:	8fb60030 	lw	s6,48(sp)
a0022e0c:	8fb5002c 	lw	s5,44(sp)
a0022e10:	8fb40028 	lw	s4,40(sp)
a0022e14:	8fb30024 	lw	s3,36(sp)
a0022e18:	8fb20020 	lw	s2,32(sp)
a0022e1c:	8fb1001c 	lw	s1,28(sp)
a0022e20:	8fb00018 	lw	s0,24(sp)
a0022e24:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0022e28:	27bd0040 	addiu	sp,sp,64
a0022e2c:	08008b7a 	j	a0022de8 <uw_frame_state_for+0x140>
a0022e30:	02408821 	move	s1,s2

a0022e34 <uw_update_context_1>:
a0022e34:	27bdfe70 	addiu	sp,sp,-400
a0022e38:	afb5017c 	sw	s5,380(sp)
a0022e3c:	afb1016c 	sw	s1,364(sp)
a0022e40:	27b50010 	addiu	s5,sp,16
a0022e44:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0022e48:	afb00168 	sw	s0,360(sp)
a0022e4c:	afbf018c 	sw	ra,396(sp)
a0022e50:	afbe0188 	sw	s8,392(sp)
a0022e54:	afb70184 	sw	s7,388(sp)
a0022e58:	afb60180 	sw	s6,384(sp)
a0022e5c:	afb40178 	sw	s4,376(sp)
a0022e60:	afb30174 	sw	s3,372(sp)
a0022e64:	afb20170 	sw	s2,368(sp)
a0022e68:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a0022e6c:	02a01821 	move	v1,s5
a0022e70:	02201021 	move	v0,s1
a0022e74:	26240150 	addiu	a0,s1,336
a0022e78:	8c450000 	lw	a1,0(v0)
a0022e7c:	8c460004 	lw	a2,4(v0)
a0022e80:	8c470008 	lw	a3,8(v0)
a0022e84:	8c48000c 	lw	t0,12(v0)
a0022e88:	ac650000 	sw	a1,0(v1)
a0022e8c:	ac660004 	sw	a2,4(v1)
a0022e90:	ac670008 	sw	a3,8(v1)
a0022e94:	ac68000c 	sw	t0,12(v1)
a0022e98:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a0022e9c:	1444fff6 	bne	v0,a0,a0022e78 <uw_update_context_1+0x44>
a0022ea0:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a0022ea4:	8e030278 	lw	v1,632(s0)
a0022ea8:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0022eac:	1062004e 	beq	v1,v0,a0022fe8 <uw_update_context_1+0x1b4>
a0022eb0:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a0022eb4:	1462005d 	bne	v1,v0,a002302c <uw_update_context_1+0x1f8>
a0022eb8:	27a70160 	addiu	a3,sp,352
a0022ebc:	8e060274 	lw	a2,628(s0)
a0022ec0:	00000000 	nop
a0022ec4:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022ec8:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022ecc:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022ed0:	8fa30160 	lw	v1,352(sp)
a0022ed4:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0022ed8:	00431021 	addu	v0,v0,v1
a0022edc:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0022ee0:	02203021 	move	a2,s1
a0022ee4:	0c008807 	jal	a002201c <execute_stack_op>
a0022ee8:	00003821 	move	a3,zero
a0022eec:	00409021 	move	s2,v0
a0022ef0:	ae320134 	sw	s2,308(s1)
a0022ef4:	0000a021 	move	s4,zero
a0022ef8:	241e0001 	li	s8,1
a0022efc:	24170002 	li	s7,2
a0022f00:	24160003 	li	s6,3
a0022f04:	26130004 	addiu	s3,s0,4
a0022f08:	8e620000 	lw	v0,0(s3)
a0022f0c:	00000000 	nop
a0022f10:	105e0030 	beq	v0,s8,a0022fd4 <uw_update_context_1+0x1a0>
a0022f14:	00000000 	nop
a0022f18:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a0022f38 <uw_update_context_1+0x104>
a0022f1c:	00000000 	nop
a0022f20:	10570024 	beq	v0,s7,a0022fb4 <uw_update_context_1+0x180>
a0022f24:	00000000 	nop
a0022f28:	27a70164 	addiu	a3,sp,356
a0022f2c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0022f30:	10560013 	beq	v0,s6,a0022f80 <uw_update_context_1+0x14c>
a0022f34:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0022f38:	26940001 	addiu	s4,s4,1
a0022f3c:	2a82004d 	slti	v0,s4,77
a0022f40:	26310004 	addiu	s1,s1,4
a0022f44:	26100008 	addiu	s0,s0,8
a0022f48:	1440ffef 	bnez	v0,a0022f08 <uw_update_context_1+0xd4>
a0022f4c:	26730008 	addiu	s3,s3,8
a0022f50:	8fbf018c 	lw	ra,396(sp)
a0022f54:	8fbe0188 	lw	s8,392(sp)
a0022f58:	8fb70184 	lw	s7,388(sp)
a0022f5c:	8fb60180 	lw	s6,384(sp)
a0022f60:	8fb5017c 	lw	s5,380(sp)
a0022f64:	8fb40178 	lw	s4,376(sp)
a0022f68:	8fb30174 	lw	s3,372(sp)
a0022f6c:	8fb20170 	lw	s2,368(sp)
a0022f70:	8fb1016c 	lw	s1,364(sp)
a0022f74:	8fb00168 	lw	s0,360(sp)
a0022f78:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0022f7c:	27bd0190 	addiu	sp,sp,400
a0022f80:	8e060000 	lw	a2,0(s0)
a0022f84:	00000000 	nop
a0022f88:	0c008723 	jal	a0021c8c <read_encoded_value_with_base>
a0022f8c:	26940001 	addiu	s4,s4,1
a0022f90:	8fa30164 	lw	v1,356(sp)
a0022f94:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0022f98:	00431021 	addu	v0,v0,v1
a0022f9c:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0022fa0:	27a60010 	addiu	a2,sp,16
a0022fa4:	0c008807 	jal	a002201c <execute_stack_op>
a0022fa8:	02403821 	move	a3,s2
a0022fac:	08008bcf 	j	a0022f3c <uw_update_context_1+0x108>
a0022fb0:	ae220000 	sw	v0,0(s1)
a0022fb4:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0022fb8:	00000000 	nop
a0022fbc:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a0022fc0:	02a21021 	addu	v0,s5,v0
a0022fc4:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0022fc8:	00000000 	nop
a0022fcc:	08008bce 	j	a0022f38 <uw_update_context_1+0x104>
a0022fd0:	ae230000 	sw	v1,0(s1)
a0022fd4:	8e020000 	lw	v0,0(s0)
a0022fd8:	00000000 	nop
a0022fdc:	02421021 	addu	v0,s2,v0
a0022fe0:	08008bce 	j	a0022f38 <uw_update_context_1+0x104>
a0022fe4:	ae220000 	sw	v0,0(s1)
a0022fe8:	8e020270 	lw	v0,624(s0)
a0022fec:	00000000 	nop
a0022ff0:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a0022ff4:	02221021 	addu	v0,s1,v0
a0022ff8:	8c420000 	lw	v0,0(v0)
a0022ffc:	00000000 	nop
a0023000:	10400007 	beqz	v0,a0023020 <uw_update_context_1+0x1ec>
a0023004:	00000000 	nop
a0023008:	8c520000 	lw	s2,0(v0)
a002300c:	00000000 	nop
a0023010:	8e02026c 	lw	v0,620(s0)
a0023014:	00000000 	nop
a0023018:	08008bbc 	j	a0022ef0 <uw_update_context_1+0xbc>
a002301c:	02429021 	addu	s2,s2,v0
a0023020:	8e320134 	lw	s2,308(s1)
a0023024:	08008c04 	j	a0023010 <uw_update_context_1+0x1dc>
a0023028:	00000000 	nop
a002302c:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0023030:	00000000 	nop

a0023034 <uw_update_context>:
a0023034:	27bdffe0 	addiu	sp,sp,-32
a0023038:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a002303c:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a0023040:	afbf0018 	sw	ra,24(sp)
a0023044:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0023048:	0c008b8d 	jal	a0022e34 <uw_update_context_1>
a002304c:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0023050:	9202028c 	lbu	v0,652(s0)
a0023054:	8fbf0018 	lw	ra,24(sp)
a0023058:	00021080 	sll	v0,v0,0x2
a002305c:	02221021 	addu	v0,s1,v0
a0023060:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a0023064:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0023068:	8c640000 	lw	a0,0(v1)
a002306c:	00000000 	nop
a0023070:	ae240138 	sw	a0,312(s1)
a0023074:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0023078:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002307c:	27bd0020 	addiu	sp,sp,32

a0023080 <uw_init_context_1>:
a0023080:	27bdfd48 	addiu	sp,sp,-696
a0023084:	27a302b0 	addiu	v1,sp,688
a0023088:	afb302ac 	sw	s3,684(sp)
a002308c:	afb202a8 	sw	s2,680(sp)
a0023090:	afb102a4 	sw	s1,676(sp)
a0023094:	afbf02b0 	sw	ra,688(sp)
a0023098:	afb002a0 	sw	s0,672(sp)
a002309c:	00601021 	move	v0,v1
a00230a0:	8c500000 	lw	s0,0(v0)
a00230a4:	00a09021 	move	s2,a1
a00230a8:	00c09821 	move	s3,a2
a00230ac:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a00230b0:	24060150 	li	a2,336
a00230b4:	0c00917f 	jal	a00245fc <memset>
a00230b8:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a00230bc:	27a50010 	addiu	a1,sp,16
a00230c0:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a00230c4:	0c008b2a 	jal	a0022ca8 <uw_frame_state_for>
a00230c8:	ae300138 	sw	s0,312(s1)
a00230cc:	27a50010 	addiu	a1,sp,16
a00230d0:	1440000f 	bnez	v0,a0023110 <uw_init_context_1+0x90>
a00230d4:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a00230d8:	ae320134 	sw	s2,308(s1)
a00230dc:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a00230e0:	afa20288 	sw	v0,648(sp)
a00230e4:	afa00280 	sw	zero,640(sp)
a00230e8:	0c008b8d 	jal	a0022e34 <uw_update_context_1>
a00230ec:	afa0027c 	sw	zero,636(sp)
a00230f0:	8fbf02b0 	lw	ra,688(sp)
a00230f4:	ae330138 	sw	s3,312(s1)
a00230f8:	8fb202a8 	lw	s2,680(sp)
a00230fc:	8fb302ac 	lw	s3,684(sp)
a0023100:	8fb102a4 	lw	s1,676(sp)
a0023104:	8fb002a0 	lw	s0,672(sp)
a0023108:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002310c:	27bd02b8 	addiu	sp,sp,696
a0023110:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0023114:	00000000 	nop

a0023118 <uw_install_context_1>:
a0023118:	27bdffd8 	addiu	sp,sp,-40
a002311c:	afb3001c 	sw	s3,28(sp)
a0023120:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a0023124:	3c06a002 	lui	a2,0xa002
a0023128:	afbf0020 	sw	ra,32(sp)
a002312c:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0023130:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0023134:	90c26170 	lbu	v0,24944(a2)
a0023138:	00809821 	move	s3,a0
a002313c:	00a09021 	move	s2,a1
a0023140:	10400022 	beqz	v0,a00231cc <uw_install_context_1+0xb4>
a0023144:	24c36170 	addiu	v1,a2,24944
a0023148:	00608821 	move	s1,v1
a002314c:	00008021 	move	s0,zero
a0023150:	00101880 	sll	v1,s0,0x2
a0023154:	02431021 	addu	v0,s2,v1
a0023158:	8c420000 	lw	v0,0(v0)
a002315c:	02631821 	addu	v1,s3,v1
a0023160:	8c630000 	lw	v1,0(v1)
a0023164:	10400009 	beqz	v0,a002318c <uw_install_context_1+0x74>
a0023168:	00000000 	nop
a002316c:	10600007 	beqz	v1,a002318c <uw_install_context_1+0x74>
a0023170:	02113021 	addu	a2,s0,s1
a0023174:	00602021 	move	a0,v1
a0023178:	10430004 	beq	v0,v1,a002318c <uw_install_context_1+0x74>
a002317c:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0023180:	90c60000 	lbu	a2,0(a2)
a0023184:	0c009148 	jal	a0024520 <memcpy>
a0023188:	00000000 	nop
a002318c:	26100001 	addiu	s0,s0,1
a0023190:	2a02004c 	slti	v0,s0,76
a0023194:	1440ffef 	bnez	v0,a0023154 <uw_install_context_1+0x3c>
a0023198:	00101880 	sll	v1,s0,0x2
a002319c:	8e630134 	lw	v1,308(s3)
a00231a0:	8e420134 	lw	v0,308(s2)
a00231a4:	8e44014c 	lw	a0,332(s2)
a00231a8:	00431023 	subu	v0,v0,v1
a00231ac:	8fbf0020 	lw	ra,32(sp)
a00231b0:	8fb3001c 	lw	s3,28(sp)
a00231b4:	8fb20018 	lw	s2,24(sp)
a00231b8:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a00231bc:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a00231c0:	00441021 	addu	v0,v0,a0
a00231c4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00231c8:	27bd0028 	addiu	sp,sp,40
a00231cc:	24020004 	li	v0,4
a00231d0:	a0c26170 	sb	v0,24944(a2)
a00231d4:	a0620001 	sb	v0,1(v1)
a00231d8:	a0620002 	sb	v0,2(v1)
a00231dc:	a0620003 	sb	v0,3(v1)
a00231e0:	a0620004 	sb	v0,4(v1)
a00231e4:	a0620005 	sb	v0,5(v1)
a00231e8:	a0620006 	sb	v0,6(v1)
a00231ec:	a0620007 	sb	v0,7(v1)
a00231f0:	a0620008 	sb	v0,8(v1)
a00231f4:	a0620009 	sb	v0,9(v1)
a00231f8:	a062000a 	sb	v0,10(v1)
a00231fc:	a062000b 	sb	v0,11(v1)
a0023200:	a062000c 	sb	v0,12(v1)
a0023204:	a062000d 	sb	v0,13(v1)
a0023208:	a062000e 	sb	v0,14(v1)
a002320c:	a062000f 	sb	v0,15(v1)
a0023210:	a0620010 	sb	v0,16(v1)
a0023214:	a0620011 	sb	v0,17(v1)
a0023218:	a0620012 	sb	v0,18(v1)
a002321c:	a0620013 	sb	v0,19(v1)
a0023220:	a0620014 	sb	v0,20(v1)
a0023224:	a0620015 	sb	v0,21(v1)
a0023228:	a0620016 	sb	v0,22(v1)
a002322c:	a0620017 	sb	v0,23(v1)
a0023230:	a0620018 	sb	v0,24(v1)
a0023234:	a0620019 	sb	v0,25(v1)
a0023238:	a062001a 	sb	v0,26(v1)
a002323c:	a062001b 	sb	v0,27(v1)
a0023240:	a062001c 	sb	v0,28(v1)
a0023244:	a062001d 	sb	v0,29(v1)
a0023248:	a062001e 	sb	v0,30(v1)
a002324c:	a0620020 	sb	v0,32(v1)
a0023250:	a0620021 	sb	v0,33(v1)
a0023254:	a0620022 	sb	v0,34(v1)
a0023258:	a0620023 	sb	v0,35(v1)
a002325c:	a0620024 	sb	v0,36(v1)
a0023260:	a0620025 	sb	v0,37(v1)
a0023264:	a0620026 	sb	v0,38(v1)
a0023268:	a0620027 	sb	v0,39(v1)
a002326c:	a0620028 	sb	v0,40(v1)
a0023270:	a0620029 	sb	v0,41(v1)
a0023274:	a062002a 	sb	v0,42(v1)
a0023278:	a062002b 	sb	v0,43(v1)
a002327c:	a062002c 	sb	v0,44(v1)
a0023280:	a062002d 	sb	v0,45(v1)
a0023284:	a062002e 	sb	v0,46(v1)
a0023288:	a062002f 	sb	v0,47(v1)
a002328c:	a0620030 	sb	v0,48(v1)
a0023290:	a0620031 	sb	v0,49(v1)
a0023294:	a0620032 	sb	v0,50(v1)
a0023298:	a0620033 	sb	v0,51(v1)
a002329c:	a0620034 	sb	v0,52(v1)
a00232a0:	a0620035 	sb	v0,53(v1)
a00232a4:	a0620036 	sb	v0,54(v1)
a00232a8:	a0620037 	sb	v0,55(v1)
a00232ac:	a0620038 	sb	v0,56(v1)
a00232b0:	a0620039 	sb	v0,57(v1)
a00232b4:	a062003a 	sb	v0,58(v1)
a00232b8:	a062003b 	sb	v0,59(v1)
a00232bc:	a062003c 	sb	v0,60(v1)
a00232c0:	a062003d 	sb	v0,61(v1)
a00232c4:	a062003e 	sb	v0,62(v1)
a00232c8:	a062003f 	sb	v0,63(v1)
a00232cc:	a0620040 	sb	v0,64(v1)
a00232d0:	a0620041 	sb	v0,65(v1)
a00232d4:	a0620042 	sb	v0,66(v1)
a00232d8:	a0620043 	sb	v0,67(v1)
a00232dc:	a0620044 	sb	v0,68(v1)
a00232e0:	a062004b 	sb	v0,75(v1)
a00232e4:	a0620045 	sb	v0,69(v1)
a00232e8:	a0620046 	sb	v0,70(v1)
a00232ec:	a0620047 	sb	v0,71(v1)
a00232f0:	a0620048 	sb	v0,72(v1)
a00232f4:	a0620049 	sb	v0,73(v1)
a00232f8:	08008c52 	j	a0023148 <uw_install_context_1+0x30>
a00232fc:	a062004a 	sb	v0,74(v1)

a0023300 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2>:
a0023300:	27bdfd40 	addiu	sp,sp,-704
a0023304:	afb402b8 	sw	s4,696(sp)
a0023308:	afb302b4 	sw	s3,692(sp)
a002330c:	afb202b0 	sw	s2,688(sp)
a0023310:	afb102ac 	sw	s1,684(sp)
a0023314:	afbf02bc 	sw	ra,700(sp)
a0023318:	afb002a8 	sw	s0,680(sp)
a002331c:	00809021 	move	s2,a0
a0023320:	00a08821 	move	s1,a1
a0023324:	24140007 	li	s4,7
a0023328:	24130008 	li	s3,8
a002332c:	27a50018 	addiu	a1,sp,24
a0023330:	0c008b2a 	jal	a0022ca8 <uw_frame_state_for>
a0023334:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0023338:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a002333c:	8e430010 	lw	v1,16(s2)
a0023340:	8e220138 	lw	v0,312(s1)
a0023344:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0023348:	00431026 	xor	v0,v0,v1
a002334c:	2c420001 	sltiu	v0,v0,1
a0023350:	00028080 	sll	s0,v0,0x2
a0023354:	36050002 	ori	a1,s0,0x2
a0023358:	14c00016 	bnez	a2,a00233b4 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2+0xb4>
a002335c:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a0023360:	8fa20298 	lw	v0,664(sp)
a0023364:	00000000 	nop
a0023368:	1040000b 	beqz	v0,a0023398 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2+0x98>
a002336c:	00000000 	nop
a0023370:	8e460000 	lw	a2,0(s2)
a0023374:	8e470004 	lw	a3,4(s2)
a0023378:	afb20010 	sw	s2,16(sp)
a002337c:	0040f809 	jalr	v0
a0023380:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0023384:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0023388:	10d4000a 	beq	a2,s4,a00233b4 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2+0xb4>
a002338c:	00000000 	nop
a0023390:	14d30008 	bne	a2,s3,a00233b4 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2+0xb4>
a0023394:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a0023398:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a002339c:	1600000d 	bnez	s0,a00233d4 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2+0xd4>
a00233a0:	27a50018 	addiu	a1,sp,24
a00233a4:	0c008c0d 	jal	a0023034 <uw_update_context>
a00233a8:	00000000 	nop
a00233ac:	08008ccc 	j	a0023330 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2+0x30>
a00233b0:	27a50018 	addiu	a1,sp,24
a00233b4:	8fbf02bc 	lw	ra,700(sp)
a00233b8:	8fb402b8 	lw	s4,696(sp)
a00233bc:	8fb302b4 	lw	s3,692(sp)
a00233c0:	8fb202b0 	lw	s2,688(sp)
a00233c4:	8fb102ac 	lw	s1,684(sp)
a00233c8:	8fb002a8 	lw	s0,680(sp)
a00233cc:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00233d0:	27bd02c0 	addiu	sp,sp,704
a00233d4:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a00233d8:	00000000 	nop

a00233dc <_Unwind_RaiseException>:
a00233dc:	27bdfa50 	addiu	sp,sp,-1456
a00233e0:	27a3057c 	addiu	v1,sp,1404
a00233e4:	00601021 	move	v0,v1
a00233e8:	afa70554 	sw	a3,1364(sp)
a00233ec:	afa5054c 	sw	a1,1356(sp)
a00233f0:	afa40548 	sw	a0,1352(sp)
a00233f4:	afbf057c 	sw	ra,1404(sp)
a00233f8:	afbe0578 	sw	s8,1400(sp)
a00233fc:	afb70574 	sw	s7,1396(sp)
a0023400:	afb60570 	sw	s6,1392(sp)
a0023404:	afb5056c 	sw	s5,1388(sp)
a0023408:	afb40568 	sw	s4,1384(sp)
a002340c:	afb30564 	sw	s3,1380(sp)
a0023410:	afb20560 	sw	s2,1376(sp)
a0023414:	afb1055c 	sw	s1,1372(sp)
a0023418:	afb00558 	sw	s0,1368(sp)
a002341c:	afa60550 	sw	a2,1360(sp)
a0023420:	e7bf05a8 	swc1	$f31,1448(sp)
a0023424:	e7be05ac 	swc1	$f30,1452(sp)
a0023428:	e7bd05a0 	swc1	$f29,1440(sp)
a002342c:	e7bc05a4 	swc1	$f28,1444(sp)
a0023430:	e7bb0598 	swc1	$f27,1432(sp)
a0023434:	e7ba059c 	swc1	$f26,1436(sp)
a0023438:	e7b90590 	swc1	$f25,1424(sp)
a002343c:	e7b80594 	swc1	$f24,1428(sp)
a0023440:	e7b70588 	swc1	$f23,1416(sp)
a0023444:	e7b6058c 	swc1	$f22,1420(sp)
a0023448:	e7b50580 	swc1	$f21,1408(sp)
a002344c:	e7b40584 	swc1	$f20,1412(sp)
a0023450:	8c460000 	lw	a2,0(v0)
a0023454:	27a705b0 	addiu	a3,sp,1456
a0023458:	afa405b0 	sw	a0,1456(sp)
a002345c:	00e02821 	move	a1,a3
a0023460:	0c008c20 	jal	a0023080 <uw_init_context_1>
a0023464:	27a40018 	addiu	a0,sp,24
a0023468:	27a40018 	addiu	a0,sp,24
a002346c:	27a30168 	addiu	v1,sp,360
a0023470:	00801021 	move	v0,a0
a0023474:	8c450000 	lw	a1,0(v0)
a0023478:	8c460004 	lw	a2,4(v0)
a002347c:	8c470008 	lw	a3,8(v0)
a0023480:	8c44000c 	lw	a0,12(v0)
a0023484:	ac650000 	sw	a1,0(v1)
a0023488:	ac660004 	sw	a2,4(v1)
a002348c:	ac670008 	sw	a3,8(v1)
a0023490:	ac64000c 	sw	a0,12(v1)
a0023494:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a0023498:	27a50168 	addiu	a1,sp,360
a002349c:	1445fff5 	bne	v0,a1,a0023474 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0x98>
a00234a0:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a00234a4:	27a302b8 	addiu	v1,sp,696
a00234a8:	27a20168 	addiu	v0,sp,360
a00234ac:	00602821 	move	a1,v1
a00234b0:	0c008b2a 	jal	a0022ca8 <uw_frame_state_for>
a00234b4:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a00234b8:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a00234bc:	24030005 	li	v1,5
a00234c0:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00234c4:	10c30003 	beq	a2,v1,a00234d4 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0xf8>
a00234c8:	24050001 	li	a1,1
a00234cc:	10c0001f 	beqz	a2,a002354c <_Unwind_RaiseException+0x170>
a00234d0:	24020003 	li	v0,3
a00234d4:	00001821 	move	v1,zero
a00234d8:	8fbf057c 	lw	ra,1404(sp)
a00234dc:	8fbe0578 	lw	s8,1400(sp)
a00234e0:	8fb70574 	lw	s7,1396(sp)
a00234e4:	8fb60570 	lw	s6,1392(sp)
a00234e8:	8fb5056c 	lw	s5,1388(sp)
a00234ec:	8fb40568 	lw	s4,1384(sp)
a00234f0:	8fb30564 	lw	s3,1380(sp)
a00234f4:	8fb20560 	lw	s2,1376(sp)
a00234f8:	8fb1055c 	lw	s1,1372(sp)
a00234fc:	8fb00558 	lw	s0,1368(sp)
a0023500:	8fa70554 	lw	a3,1364(sp)
a0023504:	8fa60550 	lw	a2,1360(sp)
a0023508:	8fa5054c 	lw	a1,1356(sp)
a002350c:	8fa40548 	lw	a0,1352(sp)
a0023510:	c7bf05a8 	lwc1	$f31,1448(sp)
a0023514:	c7be05ac 	lwc1	$f30,1452(sp)
a0023518:	c7bd05a0 	lwc1	$f29,1440(sp)
a002351c:	c7bc05a4 	lwc1	$f28,1444(sp)
a0023520:	c7bb0598 	lwc1	$f27,1432(sp)
a0023524:	c7ba059c 	lwc1	$f26,1436(sp)
a0023528:	c7b90590 	lwc1	$f25,1424(sp)
a002352c:	c7b80594 	lwc1	$f24,1428(sp)
a0023530:	c7b70588 	lwc1	$f23,1416(sp)
a0023534:	c7b6058c 	lwc1	$f22,1420(sp)
a0023538:	c7b50580 	lwc1	$f21,1408(sp)
a002353c:	c7b40584 	lwc1	$f20,1412(sp)
a0023540:	246305b0 	addiu	v1,v1,1456
a0023544:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023548:	03a3e821 	addu	sp,sp,v1
a002354c:	8fa20538 	lw	v0,1336(sp)
a0023550:	00000000 	nop
a0023554:	10400010 	beqz	v0,a0023598 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0x1bc>
a0023558:	27a60168 	addiu	a2,sp,360
a002355c:	8fa305b0 	lw	v1,1456(sp)
a0023560:	00000000 	nop
a0023564:	8c660000 	lw	a2,0(v1)
a0023568:	8c670004 	lw	a3,4(v1)
a002356c:	afa30010 	sw	v1,16(sp)
a0023570:	27a30168 	addiu	v1,sp,360
a0023574:	0040f809 	jalr	v0
a0023578:	afa30014 	sw	v1,20(sp)
a002357c:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0023580:	24020006 	li	v0,6
a0023584:	10c2000a 	beq	a2,v0,a00235b0 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0x1d4>
a0023588:	24030008 	li	v1,8
a002358c:	14c3ffd1 	bne	a2,v1,a00234d4 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0xf8>
a0023590:	24020003 	li	v0,3
a0023594:	27a60168 	addiu	a2,sp,360
a0023598:	27a702b8 	addiu	a3,sp,696
a002359c:	00c02021 	move	a0,a2
a00235a0:	0c008c0d 	jal	a0023034 <uw_update_context>
a00235a4:	00e02821 	move	a1,a3
a00235a8:	08008d2a 	j	a00234a8 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0xcc>
a00235ac:	27a302b8 	addiu	v1,sp,696
a00235b0:	8fa202a0 	lw	v0,672(sp)
a00235b4:	8fa505b0 	lw	a1,1456(sp)
a00235b8:	27a40168 	addiu	a0,sp,360
a00235bc:	27a60018 	addiu	a2,sp,24
a00235c0:	aca20010 	sw	v0,16(a1)
a00235c4:	00801821 	move	v1,a0
a00235c8:	aca0000c 	sw	zero,12(a1)
a00235cc:	00c01021 	move	v0,a2
a00235d0:	8c470000 	lw	a3,0(v0)
a00235d4:	8c440004 	lw	a0,4(v0)
a00235d8:	8c450008 	lw	a1,8(v0)
a00235dc:	8c46000c 	lw	a2,12(v0)
a00235e0:	ac670000 	sw	a3,0(v1)
a00235e4:	ac640004 	sw	a0,4(v1)
a00235e8:	ac650008 	sw	a1,8(v1)
a00235ec:	ac66000c 	sw	a2,12(v1)
a00235f0:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a00235f4:	27a70168 	addiu	a3,sp,360
a00235f8:	1447fff5 	bne	v0,a3,a00235d0 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0x1f4>
a00235fc:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a0023600:	8fa405b0 	lw	a0,1456(sp)
a0023604:	0c008cc0 	jal	a0023300 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2>
a0023608:	00e02821 	move	a1,a3
a002360c:	00403021 	move	a2,v0
a0023610:	24030007 	li	v1,7
a0023614:	14c3ffaf 	bne	a2,v1,a00234d4 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0xf8>
a0023618:	27a40018 	addiu	a0,sp,24
a002361c:	27a20168 	addiu	v0,sp,360
a0023620:	0c008c46 	jal	a0023118 <uw_install_context_1>
a0023624:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0023628:	8fa402a0 	lw	a0,672(sp)
a002362c:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0023630:	08008d36 	j	a00234d8 <_Unwind_RaiseException+0xfc>
a0023634:	afa4057c 	sw	a0,1404(sp)

a0023638 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2>:
a0023638:	27bdfd28 	addiu	sp,sp,-728
a002363c:	afb702cc 	sw	s7,716(sp)
a0023640:	afb602c8 	sw	s6,712(sp)
a0023644:	afb302bc 	sw	s3,700(sp)
a0023648:	afb202b8 	sw	s2,696(sp)
a002364c:	afb102b4 	sw	s1,692(sp)
a0023650:	afbf02d0 	sw	ra,720(sp)
a0023654:	afb502c4 	sw	s5,708(sp)
a0023658:	afb402c0 	sw	s4,704(sp)
a002365c:	afb002b0 	sw	s0,688(sp)
a0023660:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0023664:	8e35000c 	lw	s5,12(s1)
a0023668:	8e340010 	lw	s4,16(s1)
a002366c:	00a09021 	move	s2,a1
a0023670:	24130005 	li	s3,5
a0023674:	24170007 	li	s7,7
a0023678:	24160008 	li	s6,8
a002367c:	27a50020 	addiu	a1,sp,32
a0023680:	0c008b2a 	jal	a0022ca8 <uw_frame_state_for>
a0023684:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0023688:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a002368c:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0023690:	12000003 	beqz	s0,a00236a0 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0x68>
a0023694:	2405000a 	li	a1,10
a0023698:	16130021 	bne	s0,s3,a0023720 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0xe8>
a002369c:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a00236a0:	8e260000 	lw	a2,0(s1)
a00236a4:	8e270004 	lw	a3,4(s1)
a00236a8:	afb10010 	sw	s1,16(sp)
a00236ac:	afb20014 	sw	s2,20(sp)
a00236b0:	02a0f809 	jalr	s5
a00236b4:	afb40018 	sw	s4,24(sp)
a00236b8:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00236bc:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a00236c0:	2405000a 	li	a1,10
a00236c4:	14600016 	bnez	v1,a0023720 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0xe8>
a00236c8:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a00236cc:	12130014 	beq	s0,s3,a0023720 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0xe8>
a00236d0:	02001021 	move	v0,s0
a00236d4:	8fa202a0 	lw	v0,672(sp)
a00236d8:	00000000 	nop
a00236dc:	1040000b 	beqz	v0,a002370c <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0xd4>
a00236e0:	00000000 	nop
a00236e4:	8e260000 	lw	a2,0(s1)
a00236e8:	8e270004 	lw	a3,4(s1)
a00236ec:	afb10010 	sw	s1,16(sp)
a00236f0:	0040f809 	jalr	v0
a00236f4:	afb20014 	sw	s2,20(sp)
a00236f8:	00408021 	move	s0,v0
a00236fc:	12170008 	beq	s0,s7,a0023720 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0xe8>
a0023700:	02001021 	move	v0,s0
a0023704:	16160006 	bne	s0,s6,a0023720 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0xe8>
a0023708:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a002370c:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0023710:	0c008c0d 	jal	a0023034 <uw_update_context>
a0023714:	27a50020 	addiu	a1,sp,32
a0023718:	08008da0 	j	a0023680 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2+0x48>
a002371c:	27a50020 	addiu	a1,sp,32
a0023720:	8fbf02d0 	lw	ra,720(sp)
a0023724:	8fb702cc 	lw	s7,716(sp)
a0023728:	8fb602c8 	lw	s6,712(sp)
a002372c:	8fb502c4 	lw	s5,708(sp)
a0023730:	8fb402c0 	lw	s4,704(sp)
a0023734:	8fb302bc 	lw	s3,700(sp)
a0023738:	8fb202b8 	lw	s2,696(sp)
a002373c:	8fb102b4 	lw	s1,692(sp)
a0023740:	8fb002b0 	lw	s0,688(sp)
a0023744:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023748:	27bd02d8 	addiu	sp,sp,728

a002374c <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind>:
a002374c:	27bdfce8 	addiu	sp,sp,-792
a0023750:	27a302e4 	addiu	v1,sp,740
a0023754:	afa702bc 	sw	a3,700(sp)
a0023758:	afa602b8 	sw	a2,696(sp)
a002375c:	afa502b4 	sw	a1,692(sp)
a0023760:	afa402b0 	sw	a0,688(sp)
a0023764:	00601021 	move	v0,v1
a0023768:	afbf02e4 	sw	ra,740(sp)
a002376c:	afbe02e0 	sw	s8,736(sp)
a0023770:	afb702dc 	sw	s7,732(sp)
a0023774:	afb602d8 	sw	s6,728(sp)
a0023778:	afb502d4 	sw	s5,724(sp)
a002377c:	afb402d0 	sw	s4,720(sp)
a0023780:	afb302cc 	sw	s3,716(sp)
a0023784:	afb202c8 	sw	s2,712(sp)
a0023788:	afb102c4 	sw	s1,708(sp)
a002378c:	afb002c0 	sw	s0,704(sp)
a0023790:	e7bf0310 	swc1	$f31,784(sp)
a0023794:	e7be0314 	swc1	$f30,788(sp)
a0023798:	e7bd0308 	swc1	$f29,776(sp)
a002379c:	e7bc030c 	swc1	$f28,780(sp)
a00237a0:	e7bb0300 	swc1	$f27,768(sp)
a00237a4:	e7ba0304 	swc1	$f26,772(sp)
a00237a8:	e7b902f8 	swc1	$f25,760(sp)
a00237ac:	e7b802fc 	swc1	$f24,764(sp)
a00237b0:	e7b702f0 	swc1	$f23,752(sp)
a00237b4:	e7b602f4 	swc1	$f22,756(sp)
a00237b8:	e7b502e8 	swc1	$f21,744(sp)
a00237bc:	e7b402ec 	swc1	$f20,748(sp)
a00237c0:	8c430000 	lw	v1,0(v0)
a00237c4:	27a70318 	addiu	a3,sp,792
a00237c8:	afa40318 	sw	a0,792(sp)
a00237cc:	afa5031c 	sw	a1,796(sp)
a00237d0:	afa60320 	sw	a2,800(sp)
a00237d4:	27a40010 	addiu	a0,sp,16
a00237d8:	00603021 	move	a2,v1
a00237dc:	0c008c20 	jal	a0023080 <uw_init_context_1>
a00237e0:	00e02821 	move	a1,a3
a00237e4:	27a30160 	addiu	v1,sp,352
a00237e8:	27a20010 	addiu	v0,sp,16
a00237ec:	8c440000 	lw	a0,0(v0)
a00237f0:	8c450004 	lw	a1,4(v0)
a00237f4:	8c460008 	lw	a2,8(v0)
a00237f8:	8c47000c 	lw	a3,12(v0)
a00237fc:	ac640000 	sw	a0,0(v1)
a0023800:	ac650004 	sw	a1,4(v1)
a0023804:	ac660008 	sw	a2,8(v1)
a0023808:	ac67000c 	sw	a3,12(v1)
a002380c:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a0023810:	27a40160 	addiu	a0,sp,352
a0023814:	1444fff5 	bne	v0,a0,a00237ec <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind+0xa0>
a0023818:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a002381c:	8fa50318 	lw	a1,792(sp)
a0023820:	8fa6031c 	lw	a2,796(sp)
a0023824:	27a20160 	addiu	v0,sp,352
a0023828:	aca6000c 	sw	a2,12(a1)
a002382c:	8fa70320 	lw	a3,800(sp)
a0023830:	00000000 	nop
a0023834:	aca70010 	sw	a3,16(a1)
a0023838:	8fa40318 	lw	a0,792(sp)
a002383c:	0c008d8e 	jal	a0023638 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2>
a0023840:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0023844:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0023848:	24040007 	li	a0,7
a002384c:	10a4001e 	beq	a1,a0,a00238c8 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind+0x17c>
a0023850:	00001821 	move	v1,zero
a0023854:	8fbf02e4 	lw	ra,740(sp)
a0023858:	8fbe02e0 	lw	s8,736(sp)
a002385c:	8fb702dc 	lw	s7,732(sp)
a0023860:	8fb602d8 	lw	s6,728(sp)
a0023864:	8fb502d4 	lw	s5,724(sp)
a0023868:	8fb402d0 	lw	s4,720(sp)
a002386c:	8fb302cc 	lw	s3,716(sp)
a0023870:	8fb202c8 	lw	s2,712(sp)
a0023874:	8fb102c4 	lw	s1,708(sp)
a0023878:	8fb002c0 	lw	s0,704(sp)
a002387c:	8fa702bc 	lw	a3,700(sp)
a0023880:	8fa602b8 	lw	a2,696(sp)
a0023884:	8fa502b4 	lw	a1,692(sp)
a0023888:	8fa402b0 	lw	a0,688(sp)
a002388c:	c7bf0310 	lwc1	$f31,784(sp)
a0023890:	c7be0314 	lwc1	$f30,788(sp)
a0023894:	c7bd0308 	lwc1	$f29,776(sp)
a0023898:	c7bc030c 	lwc1	$f28,780(sp)
a002389c:	c7bb0300 	lwc1	$f27,768(sp)
a00238a0:	c7ba0304 	lwc1	$f26,772(sp)
a00238a4:	c7b902f8 	lwc1	$f25,760(sp)
a00238a8:	c7b802fc 	lwc1	$f24,764(sp)
a00238ac:	c7b702f0 	lwc1	$f23,752(sp)
a00238b0:	c7b602f4 	lwc1	$f22,756(sp)
a00238b4:	c7b502e8 	lwc1	$f21,744(sp)
a00238b8:	c7b402ec 	lwc1	$f20,748(sp)
a00238bc:	24630318 	addiu	v1,v1,792
a00238c0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00238c4:	03a3e821 	addu	sp,sp,v1
a00238c8:	27a30160 	addiu	v1,sp,352
a00238cc:	00602821 	move	a1,v1
a00238d0:	0c008c46 	jal	a0023118 <uw_install_context_1>
a00238d4:	27a40010 	addiu	a0,sp,16
a00238d8:	8fa40298 	lw	a0,664(sp)
a00238dc:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00238e0:	08008e15 	j	a0023854 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind+0x108>
a00238e4:	afa402e4 	sw	a0,740(sp)

a00238e8 <_Unwind_Resume>:
a00238e8:	27bdfce8 	addiu	sp,sp,-792
a00238ec:	27a302e4 	addiu	v1,sp,740
a00238f0:	00601021 	move	v0,v1
a00238f4:	afa702bc 	sw	a3,700(sp)
a00238f8:	afa502b4 	sw	a1,692(sp)
a00238fc:	afa402b0 	sw	a0,688(sp)
a0023900:	afbf02e4 	sw	ra,740(sp)
a0023904:	afbe02e0 	sw	s8,736(sp)
a0023908:	afb702dc 	sw	s7,732(sp)
a002390c:	afb602d8 	sw	s6,728(sp)
a0023910:	afb502d4 	sw	s5,724(sp)
a0023914:	afb402d0 	sw	s4,720(sp)
a0023918:	afb302cc 	sw	s3,716(sp)
a002391c:	afb202c8 	sw	s2,712(sp)
a0023920:	afb102c4 	sw	s1,708(sp)
a0023924:	afb002c0 	sw	s0,704(sp)
a0023928:	afa602b8 	sw	a2,696(sp)
a002392c:	e7bf0310 	swc1	$f31,784(sp)
a0023930:	e7be0314 	swc1	$f30,788(sp)
a0023934:	e7bd0308 	swc1	$f29,776(sp)
a0023938:	e7bc030c 	swc1	$f28,780(sp)
a002393c:	e7bb0300 	swc1	$f27,768(sp)
a0023940:	e7ba0304 	swc1	$f26,772(sp)
a0023944:	e7b902f8 	swc1	$f25,760(sp)
a0023948:	e7b802fc 	swc1	$f24,764(sp)
a002394c:	e7b702f0 	swc1	$f23,752(sp)
a0023950:	e7b602f4 	swc1	$f22,756(sp)
a0023954:	e7b502e8 	swc1	$f21,744(sp)
a0023958:	e7b402ec 	swc1	$f20,748(sp)
a002395c:	8c460000 	lw	a2,0(v0)
a0023960:	27a70318 	addiu	a3,sp,792
a0023964:	afa40318 	sw	a0,792(sp)
a0023968:	00e02821 	move	a1,a3
a002396c:	0c008c20 	jal	a0023080 <uw_init_context_1>
a0023970:	27a40010 	addiu	a0,sp,16
a0023974:	27a30160 	addiu	v1,sp,352
a0023978:	27a20010 	addiu	v0,sp,16
a002397c:	8c440000 	lw	a0,0(v0)
a0023980:	8c450004 	lw	a1,4(v0)
a0023984:	8c460008 	lw	a2,8(v0)
a0023988:	8c47000c 	lw	a3,12(v0)
a002398c:	ac640000 	sw	a0,0(v1)
a0023990:	ac650004 	sw	a1,4(v1)
a0023994:	ac660008 	sw	a2,8(v1)
a0023998:	ac67000c 	sw	a3,12(v1)
a002399c:	24420010 	addiu	v0,v0,16
a00239a0:	27a40160 	addiu	a0,sp,352
a00239a4:	1444fff5 	bne	v0,a0,a002397c <_Unwind_Resume+0x94>
a00239a8:	24630010 	addiu	v1,v1,16
a00239ac:	8fa50318 	lw	a1,792(sp)
a00239b0:	00000000 	nop
a00239b4:	8ca2000c 	lw	v0,12(a1)
a00239b8:	00000000 	nop
a00239bc:	1040002b 	beqz	v0,a0023a6c <_Unwind_Resume+0x184>
a00239c0:	27a70160 	addiu	a3,sp,352
a00239c4:	8fa40318 	lw	a0,792(sp)
a00239c8:	0c008d8e 	jal	a0023638 <_Unwind_ForcedUnwind_Phase2>
a00239cc:	00e02821 	move	a1,a3
a00239d0:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00239d4:	24020007 	li	v0,7
a00239d8:	1462002a 	bne	v1,v0,a0023a84 <_Unwind_Resume+0x19c>
a00239dc:	27a20160 	addiu	v0,sp,352
a00239e0:	27a40010 	addiu	a0,sp,16
a00239e4:	0c008c46 	jal	a0023118 <uw_install_context_1>
a00239e8:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a00239ec:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00239f0:	8fbf02e4 	lw	ra,740(sp)
a00239f4:	8fa20298 	lw	v0,664(sp)
a00239f8:	8fbe02e0 	lw	s8,736(sp)
a00239fc:	8fb702dc 	lw	s7,732(sp)
a0023a00:	8fb602d8 	lw	s6,728(sp)
a0023a04:	8fb502d4 	lw	s5,724(sp)
a0023a08:	8fb402d0 	lw	s4,720(sp)
a0023a0c:	8fb302cc 	lw	s3,716(sp)
a0023a10:	8fb202c8 	lw	s2,712(sp)
a0023a14:	8fb102c4 	lw	s1,708(sp)
a0023a18:	8fb002c0 	lw	s0,704(sp)
a0023a1c:	8fa702bc 	lw	a3,700(sp)
a0023a20:	8fa602b8 	lw	a2,696(sp)
a0023a24:	8fa502b4 	lw	a1,692(sp)
a0023a28:	8fa402b0 	lw	a0,688(sp)
a0023a2c:	c7bf0310 	lwc1	$f31,784(sp)
a0023a30:	c7be0314 	lwc1	$f30,788(sp)
a0023a34:	c7bd0308 	lwc1	$f29,776(sp)
a0023a38:	c7bc030c 	lwc1	$f28,780(sp)
a0023a3c:	c7bb0300 	lwc1	$f27,768(sp)
a0023a40:	c7ba0304 	lwc1	$f26,772(sp)
a0023a44:	c7b902f8 	lwc1	$f25,760(sp)
a0023a48:	c7b802fc 	lwc1	$f24,764(sp)
a0023a4c:	c7b702f0 	lwc1	$f23,752(sp)
a0023a50:	c7b602f4 	lwc1	$f22,756(sp)
a0023a54:	c7b502e8 	lwc1	$f21,744(sp)
a0023a58:	c7b402ec 	lwc1	$f20,748(sp)
a0023a5c:	24630318 	addiu	v1,v1,792
a0023a60:	afa202e4 	sw	v0,740(sp)
a0023a64:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023a68:	03a3e821 	addu	sp,sp,v1
a0023a6c:	27a60160 	addiu	a2,sp,352
a0023a70:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0023a74:	0c008cc0 	jal	a0023300 <_Unwind_RaiseException_Phase2>
a0023a78:	00c02821 	move	a1,a2
a0023a7c:	08008e75 	j	a00239d4 <_Unwind_Resume+0xec>
a0023a80:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0023a84:	0c008ebe 	jal	a0023af8 <abort>
a0023a88:	00000000 	nop

a0023a8c <_Unwind_DeleteException>:
a0023a8c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0023a90:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0023a94:	8c820008 	lw	v0,8(a0)
a0023a98:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0023a9c:	0040f809 	jalr	v0
a0023aa0:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0023aa4:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0023aa8:	00000000 	nop
a0023aac:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023ab0:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0023ab4 <_Unwind_GetGR>:
a0023ab4:	00052880 	sll	a1,a1,0x2
a0023ab8:	00852021 	addu	a0,a0,a1
a0023abc:	8c830000 	lw	v1,0(a0)
a0023ac0:	00000000 	nop
a0023ac4:	8c620000 	lw	v0,0(v1)
a0023ac8:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023acc:	00000000 	nop

a0023ad0 <_Unwind_SetGR>:
a0023ad0:	00052880 	sll	a1,a1,0x2
a0023ad4:	00852021 	addu	a0,a0,a1
a0023ad8:	8c820000 	lw	v0,0(a0)
a0023adc:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023ae0:	ac460000 	sw	a2,0(v0)

a0023ae4 <_Unwind_GetIP>:
a0023ae4:	8c820138 	lw	v0,312(a0)
a0023ae8:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023aec:	00000000 	nop

a0023af0 <_Unwind_SetIP>:
a0023af0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023af4:	ac850138 	sw	a1,312(a0)

a0023af8 <abort>:
a0023af8:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0023afc:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0023b00:	0c009263 	jal	a002498c <raise>
a0023b04:	24040006 	li	a0,6
a0023b08:	0c008049 	jal	a0020124 <_exit>
a0023b0c:	24040001 	li	a0,1

a0023b10 <atexit>:
a0023b10:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0023b14:	8f828004 	lw	v0,-32764(gp)
a0023b18:	00000000 	nop
a0023b1c:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0023b20:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a0023b24:	8c450148 	lw	a1,328(v0)
a0023b28:	00000000 	nop
a0023b2c:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a0023b30:	10a0001e 	beqz	a1,a0023bac <atexit+0x9c>
a0023b34:	24040088 	li	a0,136
a0023b38:	8ca60004 	lw	a2,4(a1)
a0023b3c:	00000000 	nop
a0023b40:	28c20020 	slti	v0,a2,32
a0023b44:	14400010 	bnez	v0,a0023b88 <atexit+0x78>
a0023b48:	00061880 	sll	v1,a2,0x2
a0023b4c:	0c008f15 	jal	a0023c54 <malloc>
a0023b50:	00000000 	nop
a0023b54:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0023b58:	10a00010 	beqz	a1,a0023b9c <atexit+0x8c>
a0023b5c:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0023b60:	8f838004 	lw	v1,-32764(gp)
a0023b64:	00000000 	nop
a0023b68:	aca00004 	sw	zero,4(a1)
a0023b6c:	8c620148 	lw	v0,328(v1)
a0023b70:	00000000 	nop
a0023b74:	aca20000 	sw	v0,0(a1)
a0023b78:	ac650148 	sw	a1,328(v1)
a0023b7c:	8ca60004 	lw	a2,4(a1)
a0023b80:	00000000 	nop
a0023b84:	00061880 	sll	v1,a2,0x2
a0023b88:	24c40001 	addiu	a0,a2,1
a0023b8c:	00651821 	addu	v1,v1,a1
a0023b90:	ac700008 	sw	s0,8(v1)
a0023b94:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0023b98:	aca40004 	sw	a0,4(a1)
a0023b9c:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a0023ba0:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0023ba4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023ba8:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0023bac:	2445014c 	addiu	a1,v0,332
a0023bb0:	08008ece 	j	a0023b38 <atexit+0x28>
a0023bb4:	ac450148 	sw	a1,328(v0)

a0023bb8 <exit>:
a0023bb8:	27bdffd8 	addiu	sp,sp,-40
a0023bbc:	8f828004 	lw	v0,-32764(gp)
a0023bc0:	00000000 	nop
a0023bc4:	afb3001c 	sw	s3,28(sp)
a0023bc8:	afbf0020 	sw	ra,32(sp)
a0023bcc:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a0023bd0:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0023bd4:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0023bd8:	8c520148 	lw	s2,328(v0)
a0023bdc:	00000000 	nop
a0023be0:	12400014 	beqz	s2,a0023c34 <exit+0x7c>
a0023be4:	00809821 	move	s3,a0
a0023be8:	8e500004 	lw	s0,4(s2)
a0023bec:	00000000 	nop
a0023bf0:	2610ffff 	addiu	s0,s0,-1
a0023bf4:	06000009 	bltz	s0,a0023c1c <exit+0x64>
a0023bf8:	00101080 	sll	v0,s0,0x2
a0023bfc:	00521021 	addu	v0,v0,s2
a0023c00:	24510008 	addiu	s1,v0,8
a0023c04:	8e220000 	lw	v0,0(s1)
a0023c08:	00000000 	nop
a0023c0c:	0040f809 	jalr	v0
a0023c10:	2610ffff 	addiu	s0,s0,-1
a0023c14:	0601fffb 	bgez	s0,a0023c04 <exit+0x4c>
a0023c18:	2631fffc 	addiu	s1,s1,-4
a0023c1c:	8e520000 	lw	s2,0(s2)
a0023c20:	00000000 	nop
a0023c24:	1640fff0 	bnez	s2,a0023be8 <exit+0x30>
a0023c28:	00000000 	nop
a0023c2c:	8f828004 	lw	v0,-32764(gp)
a0023c30:	00000000 	nop
a0023c34:	8c43003c 	lw	v1,60(v0)
a0023c38:	00000000 	nop
a0023c3c:	10600003 	beqz	v1,a0023c4c <exit+0x94>
a0023c40:	00000000 	nop
a0023c44:	0060f809 	jalr	v1
a0023c48:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0023c4c:	0c008049 	jal	a0020124 <_exit>
a0023c50:	02602021 	move	a0,s3

a0023c54 <malloc>:
a0023c54:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0023c58:	8f848004 	lw	a0,-32764(gp)
a0023c5c:	00000000 	nop
a0023c60:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0023c64:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0023c68:	0c008fb7 	jal	a0023edc <_malloc_r>
a0023c6c:	00000000 	nop
a0023c70:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0023c74:	00000000 	nop
a0023c78:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023c7c:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0023c80 <free>:
a0023c80:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0023c84:	8f848004 	lw	a0,-32764(gp)
a0023c88:	00000000 	nop
a0023c8c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0023c90:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0023c94:	0c0092d6 	jal	a0024b58 <_free_r>
a0023c98:	00000000 	nop
a0023c9c:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0023ca0:	00000000 	nop
a0023ca4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023ca8:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0023cac <malloc_extend_top>:
a0023cac:	27bdffc8 	addiu	sp,sp,-56
a0023cb0:	afbe0030 	sw	s8,48(sp)
a0023cb4:	3c1ea002 	lui	s8,0xa002
a0023cb8:	afb60028 	sw	s6,40(sp)
a0023cbc:	27d65800 	addiu	s6,s8,22528
a0023cc0:	afb40020 	sw	s4,32(sp)
a0023cc4:	8ed40008 	lw	s4,8(s6)
a0023cc8:	00000000 	nop
a0023ccc:	afb50024 	sw	s5,36(sp)
a0023cd0:	afb3001c 	sw	s3,28(sp)
a0023cd4:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a0023cd8:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0023cdc:	afbf0034 	sw	ra,52(sp)
a0023ce0:	afb7002c 	sw	s7,44(sp)
a0023ce4:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0023ce8:	8e860004 	lw	a2,4(s4)
a0023cec:	2402fffc 	li	v0,-4
a0023cf0:	8f83800c 	lw	v1,-32756(gp)
a0023cf4:	00000000 	nop
a0023cf8:	00c29024 	and	s2,a2,v0
a0023cfc:	8f828010 	lw	v0,-32752(gp)
a0023d00:	00000000 	nop
a0023d04:	00a31821 	addu	v1,a1,v1
a0023d08:	2415ffff 	li	s5,-1
a0023d0c:	afa40038 	sw	a0,56(sp)
a0023d10:	02928021 	addu	s0,s4,s2
a0023d14:	10550004 	beq	v0,s5,a0023d28 <malloc_extend_top+0x7c>
a0023d18:	24730010 	addiu	s3,v1,16
a0023d1c:	2463100f 	addiu	v1,v1,4111
a0023d20:	2402f000 	li	v0,-4096
a0023d24:	00629824 	and	s3,v1,v0
a0023d28:	0c0091b0 	jal	a00246c0 <_sbrk_r>
a0023d2c:	02602821 	move	a1,s3
a0023d30:	00408821 	move	s1,v0
a0023d34:	12350005 	beq	s1,s5,a0023d4c <malloc_extend_top+0xa0>
a0023d38:	0230102b 	sltu	v0,s1,s0
a0023d3c:	1040000f 	beqz	v0,a0023d7c <malloc_extend_top+0xd0>
a0023d40:	3c17a002 	lui	s7,0xa002
a0023d44:	1296000d 	beq	s4,s6,a0023d7c <malloc_extend_top+0xd0>
a0023d48:	00000000 	nop
a0023d4c:	8fbf0034 	lw	ra,52(sp)
a0023d50:	8fbe0030 	lw	s8,48(sp)
a0023d54:	8fb7002c 	lw	s7,44(sp)
a0023d58:	8fb60028 	lw	s6,40(sp)
a0023d5c:	8fb50024 	lw	s5,36(sp)
a0023d60:	8fb40020 	lw	s4,32(sp)
a0023d64:	8fb3001c 	lw	s3,28(sp)
a0023d68:	8fb20018 	lw	s2,24(sp)
a0023d6c:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0023d70:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0023d74:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023d78:	27bd0038 	addiu	sp,sp,56
a0023d7c:	8ee25c08 	lw	v0,23560(s7)
a0023d80:	00000000 	nop
a0023d84:	00531821 	addu	v1,v0,s3
a0023d88:	1230004f 	beq	s1,s0,a0023ec8 <malloc_extend_top+0x21c>
a0023d8c:	aee35c08 	sw	v1,23560(s7)
a0023d90:	8f828010 	lw	v0,-32752(gp)
a0023d94:	00000000 	nop
a0023d98:	10550048 	beq	v0,s5,a0023ebc <malloc_extend_top+0x210>
a0023d9c:	00000000 	nop
a0023da0:	02301023 	subu	v0,s1,s0
a0023da4:	00621021 	addu	v0,v1,v0
a0023da8:	aee25c08 	sw	v0,23560(s7)
a0023dac:	26220008 	addiu	v0,s1,8
a0023db0:	30450007 	andi	a1,v0,0x7
a0023db4:	10a0003f 	beqz	a1,a0023eb4 <malloc_extend_top+0x208>
a0023db8:	24020008 	li	v0,8
a0023dbc:	00458023 	subu	s0,v0,a1
a0023dc0:	02308821 	addu	s1,s1,s0
a0023dc4:	02331021 	addu	v0,s1,s3
a0023dc8:	30420fff 	andi	v0,v0,0xfff
a0023dcc:	24031000 	li	v1,4096
a0023dd0:	00621823 	subu	v1,v1,v0
a0023dd4:	02038021 	addu	s0,s0,v1
a0023dd8:	8fa40038 	lw	a0,56(sp)
a0023ddc:	0c0091b0 	jal	a00246c0 <_sbrk_r>
a0023de0:	02002821 	move	a1,s0
a0023de4:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0023de8:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0023dec:	1062ffd7 	beq	v1,v0,a0023d4c <malloc_extend_top+0xa0>
a0023df0:	00711023 	subu	v0,v1,s1
a0023df4:	8ee35c08 	lw	v1,23560(s7)
a0023df8:	00000000 	nop
a0023dfc:	00501021 	addu	v0,v0,s0
a0023e00:	00701821 	addu	v1,v1,s0
a0023e04:	27c45800 	addiu	a0,s8,22528
a0023e08:	34420001 	ori	v0,v0,0x1
a0023e0c:	aee35c08 	sw	v1,23560(s7)
a0023e10:	ac910008 	sw	s1,8(a0)
a0023e14:	12840018 	beq	s4,a0,a0023e78 <malloc_extend_top+0x1cc>
a0023e18:	ae220004 	sw	v0,4(s1)
a0023e1c:	2e420010 	sltiu	v0,s2,16
a0023e20:	10400005 	beqz	v0,a0023e38 <malloc_extend_top+0x18c>
a0023e24:	2402fff8 	li	v0,-8
a0023e28:	8c830008 	lw	v1,8(a0)
a0023e2c:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0023e30:	08008f53 	j	a0023d4c <malloc_extend_top+0xa0>
a0023e34:	ac620004 	sw	v0,4(v1)
a0023e38:	8e830004 	lw	v1,4(s4)
a0023e3c:	00000000 	nop
a0023e40:	2644fff4 	addiu	a0,s2,-12
a0023e44:	00829024 	and	s2,a0,v0
a0023e48:	30630001 	andi	v1,v1,0x1
a0023e4c:	02922021 	addu	a0,s4,s2
a0023e50:	24020005 	li	v0,5
a0023e54:	00721825 	or	v1,v1,s2
a0023e58:	2e450010 	sltiu	a1,s2,16
a0023e5c:	ae830004 	sw	v1,4(s4)
a0023e60:	ac820008 	sw	v0,8(a0)
a0023e64:	14a00004 	bnez	a1,a0023e78 <malloc_extend_top+0x1cc>
a0023e68:	ac820004 	sw	v0,4(a0)
a0023e6c:	8fa40038 	lw	a0,56(sp)
a0023e70:	0c0092d6 	jal	a0024b58 <_free_r>
a0023e74:	26850008 	addiu	a1,s4,8
a0023e78:	8ee35c08 	lw	v1,23560(s7)
a0023e7c:	8f828014 	lw	v0,-32748(gp)
a0023e80:	00000000 	nop
a0023e84:	0043102b 	sltu	v0,v0,v1
a0023e88:	10400002 	beqz	v0,a0023e94 <malloc_extend_top+0x1e8>
a0023e8c:	00000000 	nop
a0023e90:	af838014 	sw	v1,-32748(gp)
a0023e94:	8f828018 	lw	v0,-32744(gp)
a0023e98:	00000000 	nop
a0023e9c:	0043102b 	sltu	v0,v0,v1
a0023ea0:	1040ffaa 	beqz	v0,a0023d4c <malloc_extend_top+0xa0>
a0023ea4:	00000000 	nop
a0023ea8:	af838018 	sw	v1,-32744(gp)
a0023eac:	08008f53 	j	a0023d4c <malloc_extend_top+0xa0>
a0023eb0:	00000000 	nop
a0023eb4:	08008f71 	j	a0023dc4 <malloc_extend_top+0x118>
a0023eb8:	00008021 	move	s0,zero
a0023ebc:	af918010 	sw	s1,-32752(gp)
a0023ec0:	08008f6c 	j	a0023db0 <malloc_extend_top+0x104>
a0023ec4:	26220008 	addiu	v0,s1,8
a0023ec8:	02721021 	addu	v0,s3,s2
a0023ecc:	8ec30008 	lw	v1,8(s6)
a0023ed0:	34420001 	ori	v0,v0,0x1
a0023ed4:	08008f9e 	j	a0023e78 <malloc_extend_top+0x1cc>
a0023ed8:	ac620004 	sw	v0,4(v1)

a0023edc <_malloc_r>:
a0023edc:	24a5000b 	addiu	a1,a1,11
a0023ee0:	27bdffd8 	addiu	sp,sp,-40
a0023ee4:	28a20017 	slti	v0,a1,23
a0023ee8:	afb3001c 	sw	s3,28(sp)
a0023eec:	afbf0024 	sw	ra,36(sp)
a0023ef0:	afb40020 	sw	s4,32(sp)
a0023ef4:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a0023ef8:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0023efc:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0023f00:	14400185 	bnez	v0,a0024518 <_malloc_r+0x63c>
a0023f04:	00809821 	move	s3,a0
a0023f08:	2402fff8 	li	v0,-8
a0023f0c:	00a28824 	and	s1,a1,v0
a0023f10:	0c0091ac 	jal	a00246b0 <__malloc_lock>
a0023f14:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a0023f18:	2e2201f8 	sltiu	v0,s1,504
a0023f1c:	10400138 	beqz	v0,a0024400 <_malloc_r+0x524>
a0023f20:	00111a42 	srl	v1,s1,0x9
a0023f24:	3c0ea002 	lui	t6,0xa002
a0023f28:	25c25808 	addiu	v0,t6,22536
a0023f2c:	2442fff8 	addiu	v0,v0,-8
a0023f30:	02221821 	addu	v1,s1,v0
a0023f34:	8c70000c 	lw	s0,12(v1)
a0023f38:	00000000 	nop
a0023f3c:	1203001a 	beq	s0,v1,a0023fa8 <_malloc_r+0xcc>
a0023f40:	001158c2 	srl	t3,s1,0x3
a0023f44:	8e030004 	lw	v1,4(s0)
a0023f48:	00000000 	nop
a0023f4c:	8e0a000c 	lw	t2,12(s0)
a0023f50:	8e080008 	lw	t0,8(s0)
a0023f54:	00000000 	nop
a0023f58:	2402fffc 	li	v0,-4
a0023f5c:	00623024 	and	a2,v1,v0
a0023f60:	ad0a000c 	sw	t2,12(t0)
a0023f64:	02061821 	addu	v1,s0,a2
a0023f68:	ad480008 	sw	t0,8(t2)
a0023f6c:	8c620004 	lw	v0,4(v1)
a0023f70:	00000000 	nop
a0023f74:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a0023f78:	34420001 	ori	v0,v0,0x1
a0023f7c:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a0023f80:	ac620004 	sw	v0,4(v1)
a0023f84:	26020008 	addiu	v0,s0,8
a0023f88:	8fbf0024 	lw	ra,36(sp)
a0023f8c:	8fb40020 	lw	s4,32(sp)
a0023f90:	8fb3001c 	lw	s3,28(sp)
a0023f94:	8fb20018 	lw	s2,24(sp)
a0023f98:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0023f9c:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0023fa0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0023fa4:	27bd0028 	addiu	sp,sp,40
a0023fa8:	26030008 	addiu	v1,s0,8
a0023fac:	8c70000c 	lw	s0,12(v1)
a0023fb0:	00000000 	nop
a0023fb4:	1603ffe3 	bne	s0,v1,a0023f44 <_malloc_r+0x68>
a0023fb8:	256b0002 	addiu	t3,t3,2
a0023fbc:	25c85808 	addiu	t0,t6,22536
a0023fc0:	8d100008 	lw	s0,8(t0)
a0023fc4:	00000000 	nop
a0023fc8:	1208002d 	beq	s0,t0,a0024080 <_malloc_r+0x1a4>
a0023fcc:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0023fd0:	8e020004 	lw	v0,4(s0)
a0023fd4:	00000000 	nop
a0023fd8:	00433024 	and	a2,v0,v1
a0023fdc:	00d13823 	subu	a3,a2,s1
a0023fe0:	28e20010 	slti	v0,a3,16
a0023fe4:	1440000d 	bnez	v0,a002401c <_malloc_r+0x140>
a0023fe8:	02114821 	addu	t1,s0,s1
a0023fec:	36220001 	ori	v0,s1,0x1
a0023ff0:	01272821 	addu	a1,t1,a3
a0023ff4:	34e30001 	ori	v1,a3,0x1
a0023ff8:	ae020004 	sw	v0,4(s0)
a0023ffc:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a0024000:	ad09000c 	sw	t1,12(t0)
a0024004:	ad090008 	sw	t1,8(t0)
a0024008:	ad280008 	sw	t0,8(t1)
a002400c:	ad230004 	sw	v1,4(t1)
a0024010:	ad28000c 	sw	t0,12(t1)
a0024014:	08009127 	j	a002449c <_malloc_r+0x5c0>
a0024018:	aca70000 	sw	a3,0(a1)
a002401c:	ad08000c 	sw	t0,12(t0)
a0024020:	04e00003 	bltz	a3,a0024030 <_malloc_r+0x154>
a0024024:	ad080008 	sw	t0,8(t0)
a0024028:	08009122 	j	a0024488 <_malloc_r+0x5ac>
a002402c:	02061021 	addu	v0,s0,a2
a0024030:	2cc20200 	sltiu	v0,a2,512
a0024034:	104000b4 	beqz	v0,a0024308 <_malloc_r+0x42c>
a0024038:	00061a42 	srl	v1,a2,0x9
a002403c:	000628c2 	srl	a1,a2,0x3
a0024040:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0024044:	04a000ae 	bltz	a1,a0024300 <_malloc_r+0x424>
a0024048:	2506fff8 	addiu	a2,t0,-8
a002404c:	8cc30004 	lw	v1,4(a2)
a0024050:	00042083 	sra	a0,a0,0x2
a0024054:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0024058:	00821004 	sllv	v0,v0,a0
a002405c:	00621825 	or	v1,v1,v0
a0024060:	000520c0 	sll	a0,a1,0x3
a0024064:	acc30004 	sw	v1,4(a2)
a0024068:	00865021 	addu	t2,a0,a2
a002406c:	8d480008 	lw	t0,8(t2)
a0024070:	ae0a000c 	sw	t2,12(s0)
a0024074:	ae080008 	sw	t0,8(s0)
a0024078:	ad500008 	sw	s0,8(t2)
a002407c:	ad10000c 	sw	s0,12(t0)
a0024080:	0560009d 	bltz	t3,a00242f8 <_malloc_r+0x41c>
a0024084:	01602021 	move	a0,t3
a0024088:	3c14a002 	lui	s4,0xa002
a002408c:	26835800 	addiu	v1,s4,22528
a0024090:	00042083 	sra	a0,a0,0x2
a0024094:	8c650004 	lw	a1,4(v1)
a0024098:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a002409c:	00822004 	sllv	a0,v0,a0
a00240a0:	00a4182b 	sltu	v1,a1,a0
a00240a4:	14600049 	bnez	v1,a00241cc <_malloc_r+0x2f0>
a00240a8:	26905800 	addiu	s0,s4,22528
a00240ac:	00851024 	and	v0,a0,a1
a00240b0:	10400085 	beqz	v0,a00242c8 <_malloc_r+0x3ec>
a00240b4:	2402fffc 	li	v0,-4
a00240b8:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a00240bc:	244a5800 	addiu	t2,v0,22528
a00240c0:	00406021 	move	t4,v0
a00240c4:	01406821 	move	t5,t2
a00240c8:	000b10c0 	sll	v0,t3,0x3
a00240cc:	004a1821 	addu	v1,v0,t2
a00240d0:	01604021 	move	t0,t3
a00240d4:	00602821 	move	a1,v1
a00240d8:	8cb0000c 	lw	s0,12(a1)
a00240dc:	00000000 	nop
a00240e0:	1205001a 	beq	s0,a1,a002414c <_malloc_r+0x270>
a00240e4:	00000000 	nop
a00240e8:	2409fffc 	li	t1,-4
a00240ec:	8e020004 	lw	v0,4(s0)
a00240f0:	00000000 	nop
a00240f4:	00493024 	and	a2,v0,t1
a00240f8:	00d13823 	subu	a3,a2,s1
a00240fc:	28e20010 	slti	v0,a3,16
a0024100:	1040005e 	beqz	v0,a002427c <_malloc_r+0x3a0>
a0024104:	00000000 	nop
a0024108:	04e0000c 	bltz	a3,a002413c <_malloc_r+0x260>
a002410c:	02061021 	addu	v0,s0,a2
a0024110:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a0024114:	00000000 	nop
a0024118:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a002411c:	34630001 	ori	v1,v1,0x1
a0024120:	ac430004 	sw	v1,4(v0)
a0024124:	8e0a000c 	lw	t2,12(s0)
a0024128:	8e080008 	lw	t0,8(s0)
a002412c:	00000000 	nop
a0024130:	ad0a000c 	sw	t2,12(t0)
a0024134:	08009127 	j	a002449c <_malloc_r+0x5c0>
a0024138:	ad480008 	sw	t0,8(t2)
a002413c:	8e10000c 	lw	s0,12(s0)
a0024140:	00000000 	nop
a0024144:	1605ffe9 	bne	s0,a1,a00240ec <_malloc_r+0x210>
a0024148:	00000000 	nop
a002414c:	256b0001 	addiu	t3,t3,1
a0024150:	31620003 	andi	v0,t3,0x3
a0024154:	1440ffe0 	bnez	v0,a00240d8 <_malloc_r+0x1fc>
a0024158:	24a50008 	addiu	a1,a1,8
a002415c:	25865800 	addiu	a2,t4,22528
a0024160:	00042827 	nor	a1,zero,a0
a0024164:	31020003 	andi	v0,t0,0x3
a0024168:	2463fff8 	addiu	v1,v1,-8
a002416c:	1040003e 	beqz	v0,a0024268 <_malloc_r+0x38c>
a0024170:	2508ffff 	addiu	t0,t0,-1
a0024174:	8c620008 	lw	v0,8(v1)
a0024178:	00000000 	nop
a002417c:	1043fffa 	beq	v0,v1,a0024168 <_malloc_r+0x28c>
a0024180:	31020003 	andi	v0,t0,0x3
a0024184:	8d430004 	lw	v1,4(t2)
a0024188:	00042040 	sll	a0,a0,0x1
a002418c:	0064102b 	sltu	v0,v1,a0
a0024190:	1440000d 	bnez	v0,a00241c8 <_malloc_r+0x2ec>
a0024194:	00000000 	nop
a0024198:	1080000b 	beqz	a0,a00241c8 <_malloc_r+0x2ec>
a002419c:	00831024 	and	v0,a0,v1
a00241a0:	1440ffca 	bnez	v0,a00240cc <_malloc_r+0x1f0>
a00241a4:	000b10c0 	sll	v0,t3,0x3
a00241a8:	8da30004 	lw	v1,4(t5)
a00241ac:	00000000 	nop
a00241b0:	00042040 	sll	a0,a0,0x1
a00241b4:	00831024 	and	v0,a0,v1
a00241b8:	1040fffd 	beqz	v0,a00241b0 <_malloc_r+0x2d4>
a00241bc:	256b0004 	addiu	t3,t3,4
a00241c0:	08009033 	j	a00240cc <_malloc_r+0x1f0>
a00241c4:	000b10c0 	sll	v0,t3,0x3
a00241c8:	26905800 	addiu	s0,s4,22528
a00241cc:	8e020008 	lw	v0,8(s0)
a00241d0:	2412fffc 	li	s2,-4
a00241d4:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a00241d8:	00000000 	nop
a00241dc:	00721824 	and	v1,v1,s2
a00241e0:	0071102b 	sltu	v0,v1,s1
a00241e4:	14400004 	bnez	v0,a00241f8 <_malloc_r+0x31c>
a00241e8:	00713823 	subu	a3,v1,s1
a00241ec:	28e20010 	slti	v0,a3,16
a00241f0:	10400013 	beqz	v0,a0024240 <_malloc_r+0x364>
a00241f4:	26845800 	addiu	a0,s4,22528
a00241f8:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a00241fc:	0c008f2b 	jal	a0023cac <malloc_extend_top>
a0024200:	02202821 	move	a1,s1
a0024204:	8e020008 	lw	v0,8(s0)
a0024208:	00000000 	nop
a002420c:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a0024210:	00000000 	nop
a0024214:	00721824 	and	v1,v1,s2
a0024218:	0071102b 	sltu	v0,v1,s1
a002421c:	14400004 	bnez	v0,a0024230 <_malloc_r+0x354>
a0024220:	00713823 	subu	a3,v1,s1
a0024224:	28e20010 	slti	v0,a3,16
a0024228:	10400005 	beqz	v0,a0024240 <_malloc_r+0x364>
a002422c:	26845800 	addiu	a0,s4,22528
a0024230:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a0024234:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a0024238:	08008fe2 	j	a0023f88 <_malloc_r+0xac>
a002423c:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0024240:	8c900008 	lw	s0,8(a0)
a0024244:	00000000 	nop
a0024248:	36220001 	ori	v0,s1,0x1
a002424c:	02111821 	addu	v1,s0,s1
a0024250:	34e50001 	ori	a1,a3,0x1
a0024254:	ae020004 	sw	v0,4(s0)
a0024258:	ac830008 	sw	v1,8(a0)
a002425c:	ac650004 	sw	a1,4(v1)
a0024260:	08009127 	j	a002449c <_malloc_r+0x5c0>
a0024264:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a0024268:	8cc20004 	lw	v0,4(a2)
a002426c:	00000000 	nop
a0024270:	00451024 	and	v0,v0,a1
a0024274:	08009061 	j	a0024184 <_malloc_r+0x2a8>
a0024278:	acc20004 	sw	v0,4(a2)
a002427c:	8e0a000c 	lw	t2,12(s0)
a0024280:	8e080008 	lw	t0,8(s0)
a0024284:	00000000 	nop
a0024288:	02114821 	addu	t1,s0,s1
a002428c:	25c35808 	addiu	v1,t6,22536
a0024290:	36220001 	ori	v0,s1,0x1
a0024294:	01273021 	addu	a2,t1,a3
a0024298:	34e50001 	ori	a1,a3,0x1
a002429c:	ae020004 	sw	v0,4(s0)
a00242a0:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a00242a4:	ad0a000c 	sw	t2,12(t0)
a00242a8:	ad480008 	sw	t0,8(t2)
a00242ac:	ac69000c 	sw	t1,12(v1)
a00242b0:	ac690008 	sw	t1,8(v1)
a00242b4:	ad230008 	sw	v1,8(t1)
a00242b8:	ad250004 	sw	a1,4(t1)
a00242bc:	ad23000c 	sw	v1,12(t1)
a00242c0:	08009127 	j	a002449c <_malloc_r+0x5c0>
a00242c4:	acc70000 	sw	a3,0(a2)
a00242c8:	00042040 	sll	a0,a0,0x1
a00242cc:	01621024 	and	v0,t3,v0
a00242d0:	00851824 	and	v1,a0,a1
a00242d4:	1460ff78 	bnez	v1,a00240b8 <_malloc_r+0x1dc>
a00242d8:	244b0004 	addiu	t3,v0,4
a00242dc:	00a01821 	move	v1,a1
a00242e0:	00042040 	sll	a0,a0,0x1
a00242e4:	00831024 	and	v0,a0,v1
a00242e8:	1440ff73 	bnez	v0,a00240b8 <_malloc_r+0x1dc>
a00242ec:	256b0004 	addiu	t3,t3,4
a00242f0:	080090b9 	j	a00242e4 <_malloc_r+0x408>
a00242f4:	00042040 	sll	a0,a0,0x1
a00242f8:	08009022 	j	a0024088 <_malloc_r+0x1ac>
a00242fc:	25640003 	addiu	a0,t3,3
a0024300:	08009013 	j	a002404c <_malloc_r+0x170>
a0024304:	24a40003 	addiu	a0,a1,3
a0024308:	10600006 	beqz	v1,a0024324 <_malloc_r+0x448>
a002430c:	000628c2 	srl	a1,a2,0x3
a0024310:	2c620005 	sltiu	v0,v1,5
a0024314:	10400027 	beqz	v0,a00243b4 <_malloc_r+0x4d8>
a0024318:	2c620015 	sltiu	v0,v1,21
a002431c:	00061182 	srl	v0,a2,0x6
a0024320:	24450038 	addiu	a1,v0,56
a0024324:	25c25808 	addiu	v0,t6,22536
a0024328:	2447fff8 	addiu	a3,v0,-8
a002432c:	000518c0 	sll	v1,a1,0x3
a0024330:	00675021 	addu	t2,v1,a3
a0024334:	8d480008 	lw	t0,8(t2)
a0024338:	00000000 	nop
a002433c:	110a0011 	beq	t0,t2,a0024384 <_malloc_r+0x4a8>
a0024340:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0024344:	8d020004 	lw	v0,4(t0)
a0024348:	080090db 	j	a002436c <_malloc_r+0x490>
a002434c:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0024350:	8d080008 	lw	t0,8(t0)
a0024354:	00000000 	nop
a0024358:	110a0007 	beq	t0,t2,a0024378 <_malloc_r+0x49c>
a002435c:	00000000 	nop
a0024360:	8d020004 	lw	v0,4(t0)
a0024364:	00000000 	nop
a0024368:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a002436c:	00c2102b 	sltu	v0,a2,v0
a0024370:	1440fff7 	bnez	v0,a0024350 <_malloc_r+0x474>
a0024374:	00000000 	nop
a0024378:	8d0a000c 	lw	t2,12(t0)
a002437c:	0800901d 	j	a0024074 <_malloc_r+0x198>
a0024380:	ae0a000c 	sw	t2,12(s0)
a0024384:	00a01021 	move	v0,a1
a0024388:	04400008 	bltz	v0,a00243ac <_malloc_r+0x4d0>
a002438c:	00000000 	nop
a0024390:	00022083 	sra	a0,v0,0x2
a0024394:	8ce30004 	lw	v1,4(a3)
a0024398:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a002439c:	00821004 	sllv	v0,v0,a0
a00243a0:	00621825 	or	v1,v1,v0
a00243a4:	0800901c 	j	a0024070 <_malloc_r+0x194>
a00243a8:	ace30004 	sw	v1,4(a3)
a00243ac:	080090e4 	j	a0024390 <_malloc_r+0x4b4>
a00243b0:	24420003 	addiu	v0,v0,3
a00243b4:	1440ffdb 	bnez	v0,a0024324 <_malloc_r+0x448>
a00243b8:	2465005b 	addiu	a1,v1,91
a00243bc:	2c620055 	sltiu	v0,v1,85
a00243c0:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a00243d4 <_malloc_r+0x4f8>
a00243c4:	2c620155 	sltiu	v0,v1,341
a00243c8:	00061302 	srl	v0,a2,0xc
a00243cc:	080090c9 	j	a0024324 <_malloc_r+0x448>
a00243d0:	2445006e 	addiu	a1,v0,110
a00243d4:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a00243e8 <_malloc_r+0x50c>
a00243d8:	2c620555 	sltiu	v0,v1,1365
a00243dc:	000613c2 	srl	v0,a2,0xf
a00243e0:	080090c9 	j	a0024324 <_malloc_r+0x448>
a00243e4:	24450077 	addiu	a1,v0,119
a00243e8:	10400003 	beqz	v0,a00243f8 <_malloc_r+0x51c>
a00243ec:	00061482 	srl	v0,a2,0x12
a00243f0:	080090c9 	j	a0024324 <_malloc_r+0x448>
a00243f4:	2445007c 	addiu	a1,v0,124
a00243f8:	080090c9 	j	a0024324 <_malloc_r+0x448>
a00243fc:	2405007e 	li	a1,126
a0024400:	10600006 	beqz	v1,a002441c <_malloc_r+0x540>
a0024404:	001158c2 	srl	t3,s1,0x3
a0024408:	2c620005 	sltiu	v0,v1,5
a002440c:	1040002f 	beqz	v0,a00244cc <_malloc_r+0x5f0>
a0024410:	2c620015 	sltiu	v0,v1,21
a0024414:	00111182 	srl	v0,s1,0x6
a0024418:	244b0038 	addiu	t3,v0,56
a002441c:	3c0ea002 	lui	t6,0xa002
a0024420:	25c25808 	addiu	v0,t6,22536
a0024424:	2442fff8 	addiu	v0,v0,-8
a0024428:	000b18c0 	sll	v1,t3,0x3
a002442c:	00622821 	addu	a1,v1,v0
a0024430:	8cb0000c 	lw	s0,12(a1)
a0024434:	00000000 	nop
a0024438:	12050009 	beq	s0,a1,a0024460 <_malloc_r+0x584>
a002443c:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0024440:	8e020004 	lw	v0,4(s0)
a0024444:	00000000 	nop
a0024448:	00433024 	and	a2,v0,v1
a002444c:	00d13823 	subu	a3,a2,s1
a0024450:	28e20010 	slti	v0,a3,16
a0024454:	14400004 	bnez	v0,a0024468 <_malloc_r+0x58c>
a0024458:	00000000 	nop
a002445c:	256bffff 	addiu	t3,t3,-1
a0024460:	08008fef 	j	a0023fbc <_malloc_r+0xe0>
a0024464:	256b0001 	addiu	t3,t3,1
a0024468:	04e00010 	bltz	a3,a00244ac <_malloc_r+0x5d0>
a002446c:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0024470:	8e0a000c 	lw	t2,12(s0)
a0024474:	8e080008 	lw	t0,8(s0)
a0024478:	00000000 	nop
a002447c:	02061021 	addu	v0,s0,a2
a0024480:	ad0a000c 	sw	t2,12(t0)
a0024484:	ad480008 	sw	t0,8(t2)
a0024488:	8c430004 	lw	v1,4(v0)
a002448c:	00000000 	nop
a0024490:	02602021 	move	a0,s3
a0024494:	34630001 	ori	v1,v1,0x1
a0024498:	ac430004 	sw	v1,4(v0)
a002449c:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a00244a0:	00000000 	nop
a00244a4:	08008fe2 	j	a0023f88 <_malloc_r+0xac>
a00244a8:	26020008 	addiu	v0,s0,8
a00244ac:	8e10000c 	lw	s0,12(s0)
a00244b0:	00000000 	nop
a00244b4:	1205ffea 	beq	s0,a1,a0024460 <_malloc_r+0x584>
a00244b8:	00000000 	nop
a00244bc:	8e020004 	lw	v0,4(s0)
a00244c0:	00000000 	nop
a00244c4:	08009113 	j	a002444c <_malloc_r+0x570>
a00244c8:	00433024 	and	a2,v0,v1
a00244cc:	1440ffd3 	bnez	v0,a002441c <_malloc_r+0x540>
a00244d0:	246b005b 	addiu	t3,v1,91
a00244d4:	2c620055 	sltiu	v0,v1,85
a00244d8:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a00244ec <_malloc_r+0x610>
a00244dc:	2c620155 	sltiu	v0,v1,341
a00244e0:	00111302 	srl	v0,s1,0xc
a00244e4:	08009107 	j	a002441c <_malloc_r+0x540>
a00244e8:	244b006e 	addiu	t3,v0,110
a00244ec:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a0024500 <_malloc_r+0x624>
a00244f0:	2c620555 	sltiu	v0,v1,1365
a00244f4:	001113c2 	srl	v0,s1,0xf
a00244f8:	08009107 	j	a002441c <_malloc_r+0x540>
a00244fc:	244b0077 	addiu	t3,v0,119
a0024500:	10400003 	beqz	v0,a0024510 <_malloc_r+0x634>
a0024504:	00111482 	srl	v0,s1,0x12
a0024508:	08009107 	j	a002441c <_malloc_r+0x540>
a002450c:	244b007c 	addiu	t3,v0,124
a0024510:	08009107 	j	a002441c <_malloc_r+0x540>
a0024514:	240b007e 	li	t3,126
a0024518:	08008fc4 	j	a0023f10 <_malloc_r+0x34>
a002451c:	24110010 	li	s1,16

a0024520 <memcpy>:
a0024520:	2cc20010 	sltiu	v0,a2,16
a0024524:	14400005 	bnez	v0,a002453c <memcpy+0x1c>
a0024528:	00801821 	move	v1,a0
a002452c:	00a41025 	or	v0,a1,a0
a0024530:	30420003 	andi	v0,v0,0x3
a0024534:	1040000e 	beqz	v0,a0024570 <memcpy+0x50>
a0024538:	00803821 	move	a3,a0
a002453c:	24c6ffff 	addiu	a2,a2,-1
a0024540:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0024544:	10c20008 	beq	a2,v0,a0024568 <memcpy+0x48>
a0024548:	00000000 	nop
a002454c:	2407ffff 	li	a3,-1
a0024550:	90a20000 	lbu	v0,0(a1)
a0024554:	24c6ffff 	addiu	a2,a2,-1
a0024558:	a0620000 	sb	v0,0(v1)
a002455c:	24a50001 	addiu	a1,a1,1
a0024560:	14c7fffb 	bne	a2,a3,a0024550 <memcpy+0x30>
a0024564:	24630001 	addiu	v1,v1,1
a0024568:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a002456c:	00801021 	move	v0,a0
a0024570:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a0024574:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a0024578:	ace20000 	sw	v0,0(a3)
a002457c:	8ca30000 	lw	v1,0(a1)
a0024580:	00000000 	nop
a0024584:	24e70004 	addiu	a3,a3,4
a0024588:	ace30000 	sw	v1,0(a3)
a002458c:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a0024590:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a0024594:	00000000 	nop
a0024598:	24e70004 	addiu	a3,a3,4
a002459c:	ace20000 	sw	v0,0(a3)
a00245a0:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a00245a4:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a00245a8:	00000000 	nop
a00245ac:	24c6fff0 	addiu	a2,a2,-16
a00245b0:	24e70004 	addiu	a3,a3,4
a00245b4:	2cc30010 	sltiu	v1,a2,16
a00245b8:	ace20000 	sw	v0,0(a3)
a00245bc:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a00245c0:	1060ffeb 	beqz	v1,a0024570 <memcpy+0x50>
a00245c4:	24e70004 	addiu	a3,a3,4
a00245c8:	2cc20004 	sltiu	v0,a2,4
a00245cc:	1440ffdb 	bnez	v0,a002453c <memcpy+0x1c>
a00245d0:	00e01821 	move	v1,a3
a00245d4:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a00245d8:	00000000 	nop
a00245dc:	24c6fffc 	addiu	a2,a2,-4
a00245e0:	2cc30004 	sltiu	v1,a2,4
a00245e4:	ace20000 	sw	v0,0(a3)
a00245e8:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a00245ec:	1060fff9 	beqz	v1,a00245d4 <memcpy+0xb4>
a00245f0:	24e70004 	addiu	a3,a3,4
a00245f4:	0800914f 	j	a002453c <memcpy+0x1c>
a00245f8:	00e01821 	move	v1,a3

a00245fc <memset>:
a00245fc:	2cc80004 	sltiu	t0,a2,4
a0024600:	15000004 	bnez	t0,a0024614 <memset+0x18>
a0024604:	00801821 	move	v1,a0
a0024608:	30820003 	andi	v0,a0,0x3
a002460c:	1040000b 	beqz	v0,a002463c <memset+0x40>
a0024610:	00000000 	nop
a0024614:	24c6ffff 	addiu	a2,a2,-1
a0024618:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a002461c:	10c20005 	beq	a2,v0,a0024634 <memset+0x38>
a0024620:	00000000 	nop
a0024624:	24c6ffff 	addiu	a2,a2,-1
a0024628:	a0650000 	sb	a1,0(v1)
a002462c:	14c2fffd 	bne	a2,v0,a0024624 <memset+0x28>
a0024630:	24630001 	addiu	v1,v1,1
a0024634:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024638:	00801021 	move	v0,a0
a002463c:	30a500ff 	andi	a1,a1,0xff
a0024640:	00051200 	sll	v0,a1,0x8
a0024644:	00453825 	or	a3,v0,a1
a0024648:	00071c00 	sll	v1,a3,0x10
a002464c:	2cc20010 	sltiu	v0,a2,16
a0024650:	00e33825 	or	a3,a3,v1
a0024654:	1440000d 	bnez	v0,a002468c <memset+0x90>
a0024658:	00801821 	move	v1,a0
a002465c:	ac670000 	sw	a3,0(v1)
a0024660:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a0024664:	ac670000 	sw	a3,0(v1)
a0024668:	24c6fff0 	addiu	a2,a2,-16
a002466c:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a0024670:	ac670000 	sw	a3,0(v1)
a0024674:	2cc20010 	sltiu	v0,a2,16
a0024678:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a002467c:	ac670000 	sw	a3,0(v1)
a0024680:	1040fff6 	beqz	v0,a002465c <memset+0x60>
a0024684:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a0024688:	2cc80004 	sltiu	t0,a2,4
a002468c:	1500ffe1 	bnez	t0,a0024614 <memset+0x18>
a0024690:	00000000 	nop
a0024694:	24c6fffc 	addiu	a2,a2,-4
a0024698:	2cc20004 	sltiu	v0,a2,4
a002469c:	ac670000 	sw	a3,0(v1)
a00246a0:	1040fffc 	beqz	v0,a0024694 <memset+0x98>
a00246a4:	24630004 	addiu	v1,v1,4
a00246a8:	08009186 	j	a0024618 <memset+0x1c>
a00246ac:	24c6ffff 	addiu	a2,a2,-1

a00246b0 <__malloc_lock>:
a00246b0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00246b4:	00000000 	nop

a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>:
a00246b8:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00246bc:	00000000 	nop

a00246c0 <_sbrk_r>:
a00246c0:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00246c4:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a00246c8:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a00246cc:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a00246d0:	af808028 	sw	zero,-32728(gp)
a00246d4:	0c009411 	jal	a0025044 <sbrk>
a00246d8:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a00246dc:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a00246e0:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a00246e4:	10830005 	beq	a0,v1,a00246fc <_sbrk_r+0x3c>
a00246e8:	00000000 	nop
a00246ec:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a00246f0:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a00246f4:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00246f8:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a00246fc:	8f838028 	lw	v1,-32728(gp)
a0024700:	00000000 	nop
a0024704:	1060fff9 	beqz	v1,a00246ec <_sbrk_r+0x2c>
a0024708:	00000000 	nop
a002470c:	080091bb 	j	a00246ec <_sbrk_r+0x2c>
a0024710:	ae030000 	sw	v1,0(s0)

a0024714 <_init_signal_r>:
a0024714:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0024718:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a002471c:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a0024720:	8e0201d4 	lw	v0,468(s0)
a0024724:	00000000 	nop
a0024728:	10400006 	beqz	v0,a0024744 <_init_signal_r+0x30>
a002472c:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a0024730:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0024734:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a0024738:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a002473c:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024740:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0024744:	0c008fb7 	jal	a0023edc <_malloc_r>
a0024748:	24050080 	li	a1,128
a002474c:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0024750:	ae0301d4 	sw	v1,468(s0)
a0024754:	1060fff7 	beqz	v1,a0024734 <_init_signal_r+0x20>
a0024758:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a002475c:	00601021 	move	v0,v1
a0024760:	2403001f 	li	v1,31
a0024764:	2463ffff 	addiu	v1,v1,-1
a0024768:	ac400000 	sw	zero,0(v0)
a002476c:	0461fffd 	bgez	v1,a0024764 <_init_signal_r+0x50>
a0024770:	24420004 	addiu	v0,v0,4
a0024774:	080091cd 	j	a0024734 <_init_signal_r+0x20>
a0024778:	00001021 	move	v0,zero

a002477c <_signal_r>:
a002477c:	27bdffe0 	addiu	sp,sp,-32
a0024780:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0024784:	00a08821 	move	s1,a1
a0024788:	2e230020 	sltiu	v1,s1,32
a002478c:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a0024790:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0024794:	afbf001c 	sw	ra,28(sp)
a0024798:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a002479c:	00c09021 	move	s2,a2
a00247a0:	14600009 	bnez	v1,a00247c8 <_signal_r+0x4c>
a00247a4:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a00247a8:	24030016 	li	v1,22
a00247ac:	ae030000 	sw	v1,0(s0)
a00247b0:	8fbf001c 	lw	ra,28(sp)
a00247b4:	8fb20018 	lw	s2,24(sp)
a00247b8:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a00247bc:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a00247c0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00247c4:	27bd0020 	addiu	sp,sp,32
a00247c8:	8e0501d4 	lw	a1,468(s0)
a00247cc:	00000000 	nop
a00247d0:	10a00006 	beqz	a1,a00247ec <_signal_r+0x70>
a00247d4:	00111880 	sll	v1,s1,0x2
a00247d8:	00651821 	addu	v1,v1,a1
a00247dc:	8c620000 	lw	v0,0(v1)
a00247e0:	00000000 	nop
a00247e4:	080091ec 	j	a00247b0 <_signal_r+0x34>
a00247e8:	ac720000 	sw	s2,0(v1)
a00247ec:	0c0091c5 	jal	a0024714 <_init_signal_r>
a00247f0:	00000000 	nop
a00247f4:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00247f8:	1460ffed 	bnez	v1,a00247b0 <_signal_r+0x34>
a00247fc:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0024800:	8e0501d4 	lw	a1,468(s0)
a0024804:	080091f6 	j	a00247d8 <_signal_r+0x5c>
a0024808:	00111880 	sll	v1,s1,0x2

a002480c <_raise_r>:
a002480c:	27bdffe0 	addiu	sp,sp,-32
a0024810:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0024814:	00a08821 	move	s1,a1
a0024818:	2e220020 	sltiu	v0,s1,32
a002481c:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0024820:	afbf0018 	sw	ra,24(sp)
a0024824:	14400009 	bnez	v0,a002484c <_raise_r+0x40>
a0024828:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a002482c:	24030016 	li	v1,22
a0024830:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0024834:	ae030000 	sw	v1,0(s0)
a0024838:	8fbf0018 	lw	ra,24(sp)
a002483c:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0024840:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0024844:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024848:	27bd0020 	addiu	sp,sp,32
a002484c:	8e0301d4 	lw	v1,468(s0)
a0024850:	00000000 	nop
a0024854:	1060001b 	beqz	v1,a00248c4 <_raise_r+0xb8>
a0024858:	00000000 	nop
a002485c:	00111080 	sll	v0,s1,0x2
a0024860:	00432021 	addu	a0,v0,v1
a0024864:	8c850000 	lw	a1,0(a0)
a0024868:	00000000 	nop
a002486c:	10a0000d 	beqz	a1,a00248a4 <_raise_r+0x98>
a0024870:	24030001 	li	v1,1
a0024874:	10a3fff0 	beq	a1,v1,a0024838 <_raise_r+0x2c>
a0024878:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a002487c:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0024880:	10a20006 	beq	a1,v0,a002489c <_raise_r+0x90>
a0024884:	24030016 	li	v1,22
a0024888:	ac800000 	sw	zero,0(a0)
a002488c:	00a0f809 	jalr	a1
a0024890:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0024894:	0800920e 	j	a0024838 <_raise_r+0x2c>
a0024898:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a002489c:	0800920d 	j	a0024834 <_raise_r+0x28>
a00248a0:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a00248a4:	0c0092a6 	jal	a0024a98 <_getpid_r>
a00248a8:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a00248ac:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a00248b0:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a00248b4:	0c00928f 	jal	a0024a3c <_kill_r>
a00248b8:	02203021 	move	a2,s1
a00248bc:	0800920e 	j	a0024838 <_raise_r+0x2c>
a00248c0:	00000000 	nop
a00248c4:	0c0091c5 	jal	a0024714 <_init_signal_r>
a00248c8:	00000000 	nop
a00248cc:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a00248d0:	1460ffd9 	bnez	v1,a0024838 <_raise_r+0x2c>
a00248d4:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a00248d8:	8e0301d4 	lw	v1,468(s0)
a00248dc:	08009218 	j	a0024860 <_raise_r+0x54>
a00248e0:	00111080 	sll	v0,s1,0x2

a00248e4 <__sigtramp_r>:
a00248e4:	27bdffe0 	addiu	sp,sp,-32
a00248e8:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a00248ec:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a00248f0:	2e030020 	sltiu	v1,s0,32
a00248f4:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a00248f8:	afbf0018 	sw	ra,24(sp)
a00248fc:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0024900:	10600015 	beqz	v1,a0024958 <__sigtramp_r+0x74>
a0024904:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0024908:	8e2301d4 	lw	v1,468(s1)
a002490c:	00000000 	nop
a0024910:	10600016 	beqz	v1,a002496c <__sigtramp_r+0x88>
a0024914:	00000000 	nop
a0024918:	00101080 	sll	v0,s0,0x2
a002491c:	00433021 	addu	a2,v0,v1
a0024920:	8cc50000 	lw	a1,0(a2)
a0024924:	00000000 	nop
a0024928:	10a0000b 	beqz	a1,a0024958 <__sigtramp_r+0x74>
a002492c:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0024930:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a0024934:	10a30008 	beq	a1,v1,a0024958 <__sigtramp_r+0x74>
a0024938:	24020002 	li	v0,2
a002493c:	24030001 	li	v1,1
a0024940:	02002021 	move	a0,s0
a0024944:	10a30004 	beq	a1,v1,a0024958 <__sigtramp_r+0x74>
a0024948:	24020003 	li	v0,3
a002494c:	00a0f809 	jalr	a1
a0024950:	acc00000 	sw	zero,0(a2)
a0024954:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0024958:	8fbf0018 	lw	ra,24(sp)
a002495c:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0024960:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0024964:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024968:	27bd0020 	addiu	sp,sp,32
a002496c:	0c0091c5 	jal	a0024714 <_init_signal_r>
a0024970:	00000000 	nop
a0024974:	00401821 	move	v1,v0
a0024978:	1460fff7 	bnez	v1,a0024958 <__sigtramp_r+0x74>
a002497c:	2402ffff 	li	v0,-1
a0024980:	8e2301d4 	lw	v1,468(s1)
a0024984:	08009247 	j	a002491c <__sigtramp_r+0x38>
a0024988:	00101080 	sll	v0,s0,0x2

a002498c <raise>:
a002498c:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0024990:	8f848004 	lw	a0,-32764(gp)
a0024994:	00000000 	nop
a0024998:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a002499c:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00249a0:	0c009203 	jal	a002480c <_raise_r>
a00249a4:	00000000 	nop
a00249a8:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00249ac:	00000000 	nop
a00249b0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00249b4:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a00249b8 <signal>:
a00249b8:	00801021 	move	v0,a0
a00249bc:	8f848004 	lw	a0,-32764(gp)
a00249c0:	00000000 	nop
a00249c4:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00249c8:	00a03021 	move	a2,a1
a00249cc:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00249d0:	0c0091df 	jal	a002477c <_signal_r>
a00249d4:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a00249d8:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00249dc:	00000000 	nop
a00249e0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00249e4:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a00249e8 <_init_signal>:
a00249e8:	8f848004 	lw	a0,-32764(gp)
a00249ec:	00000000 	nop
a00249f0:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00249f4:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00249f8:	0c0091c5 	jal	a0024714 <_init_signal_r>
a00249fc:	00000000 	nop
a0024a00:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0024a04:	00000000 	nop
a0024a08:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024a0c:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0024a10 <__sigtramp>:
a0024a10:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0024a14:	8f848004 	lw	a0,-32764(gp)
a0024a18:	00000000 	nop
a0024a1c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0024a20:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0024a24:	0c009239 	jal	a00248e4 <__sigtramp_r>
a0024a28:	00000000 	nop
a0024a2c:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0024a30:	00000000 	nop
a0024a34:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024a38:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0024a3c <_kill_r>:
a0024a3c:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0024a40:	00a01021 	move	v0,a1
a0024a44:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0024a48:	00c02821 	move	a1,a2
a0024a4c:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a0024a50:	afbf0014 	sw	ra,20(sp)
a0024a54:	af808028 	sw	zero,-32728(gp)
a0024a58:	0c00943a 	jal	a00250e8 <kill>
a0024a5c:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0024a60:	00402021 	move	a0,v0
a0024a64:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a0024a68:	10830005 	beq	a0,v1,a0024a80 <_kill_r+0x44>
a0024a6c:	00000000 	nop
a0024a70:	8fbf0014 	lw	ra,20(sp)
a0024a74:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0024a78:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024a7c:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0024a80:	8f838028 	lw	v1,-32728(gp)
a0024a84:	00000000 	nop
a0024a88:	1060fff9 	beqz	v1,a0024a70 <_kill_r+0x34>
a0024a8c:	00000000 	nop
a0024a90:	0800929c 	j	a0024a70 <_kill_r+0x34>
a0024a94:	ae030000 	sw	v1,0(s0)

a0024a98 <_getpid_r>:
a0024a98:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a0024a9c:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a0024aa0:	0c009438 	jal	a00250e0 <getpid>
a0024aa4:	00000000 	nop
a0024aa8:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a0024aac:	00000000 	nop
a0024ab0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024ab4:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24

a0024ab8 <strlen>:
a0024ab8:	30820003 	andi	v0,a0,0x3
a0024abc:	1040000a 	beqz	v0,a0024ae8 <strlen+0x30>
a0024ac0:	00803821 	move	a3,a0
a0024ac4:	080092b4 	j	a0024ad0 <strlen+0x18>
a0024ac8:	00000000 	nop
a0024acc:	24840001 	addiu	a0,a0,1
a0024ad0:	80820000 	lb	v0,0(a0)
a0024ad4:	00000000 	nop
a0024ad8:	1440fffc 	bnez	v0,a0024acc <strlen+0x14>
a0024adc:	00871023 	subu	v0,a0,a3
a0024ae0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024ae4:	00000000 	nop
a0024ae8:	00802821 	move	a1,a0
a0024aec:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a0024af0:	3c03fefe 	lui	v1,0xfefe
a0024af4:	3463feff 	ori	v1,v1,0xfeff
a0024af8:	00431821 	addu	v1,v0,v1
a0024afc:	3c048080 	lui	a0,0x8080
a0024b00:	00021027 	nor	v0,zero,v0
a0024b04:	00621824 	and	v1,v1,v0
a0024b08:	34848080 	ori	a0,a0,0x8080
a0024b0c:	00641824 	and	v1,v1,a0
a0024b10:	10600003 	beqz	v1,a0024b20 <strlen+0x68>
a0024b14:	3c06fefe 	lui	a2,0xfefe
a0024b18:	080092b4 	j	a0024ad0 <strlen+0x18>
a0024b1c:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0024b20:	3c048080 	lui	a0,0x8080
a0024b24:	34c6feff 	ori	a2,a2,0xfeff
a0024b28:	34848080 	ori	a0,a0,0x8080
a0024b2c:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4
a0024b30:	8ca20000 	lw	v0,0(a1)
a0024b34:	00000000 	nop
a0024b38:	00021827 	nor	v1,zero,v0
a0024b3c:	00461021 	addu	v0,v0,a2
a0024b40:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0024b44:	00441024 	and	v0,v0,a0
a0024b48:	1440fff3 	bnez	v0,a0024b18 <strlen+0x60>
a0024b4c:	00000000 	nop
a0024b50:	080092cc 	j	a0024b30 <strlen+0x78>
a0024b54:	24a50004 	addiu	a1,a1,4

a0024b58 <_free_r>:
a0024b58:	27bdffe0 	addiu	sp,sp,-32
a0024b5c:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0024b60:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a0024b64:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0024b68:	afbf0018 	sw	ra,24(sp)
a0024b6c:	12000023 	beqz	s0,a0024bfc <_free_r+0xa4>
a0024b70:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0024b74:	0c0091ac 	jal	a00246b0 <__malloc_lock>
a0024b78:	00000000 	nop
a0024b7c:	2609fff8 	addiu	t1,s0,-8
a0024b80:	8d250004 	lw	a1,4(t1)
a0024b84:	00000000 	nop
a0024b88:	2402fffe 	li	v0,-2
a0024b8c:	00a24024 	and	t0,a1,v0
a0024b90:	3c0da002 	lui	t5,0xa002
a0024b94:	01285021 	addu	t2,t1,t0
a0024b98:	25ac5800 	addiu	t4,t5,22528
a0024b9c:	8d430004 	lw	v1,4(t2)
a0024ba0:	00000000 	nop
a0024ba4:	8d840008 	lw	a0,8(t4)
a0024ba8:	00000000 	nop
a0024bac:	2402fffc 	li	v0,-4
a0024bb0:	11440091 	beq	t2,a0,a0024df8 <_free_r+0x2a0>
a0024bb4:	00625824 	and	t3,v1,v0
a0024bb8:	30a20001 	andi	v0,a1,0x1
a0024bbc:	ad4b0004 	sw	t3,4(t2)
a0024bc0:	1040007e 	beqz	v0,a0024dbc <_free_r+0x264>
a0024bc4:	00002021 	move	a0,zero
a0024bc8:	014b1821 	addu	v1,t2,t3
a0024bcc:	8c620004 	lw	v0,4(v1)
a0024bd0:	00000000 	nop
a0024bd4:	30420001 	andi	v0,v0,0x1
a0024bd8:	10400064 	beqz	v0,a0024d6c <_free_r+0x214>
a0024bdc:	00000000 	nop
a0024be0:	35020001 	ori	v0,t0,0x1
a0024be4:	01281821 	addu	v1,t1,t0
a0024be8:	ad220004 	sw	v0,4(t1)
a0024bec:	10800008 	beqz	a0,a0024c10 <_free_r+0xb8>
a0024bf0:	ac680000 	sw	t0,0(v1)
a0024bf4:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a0024bf8:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0024bfc:	8fbf0018 	lw	ra,24(sp)
a0024c00:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0024c04:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0024c08:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024c0c:	27bd0020 	addiu	sp,sp,32
a0024c10:	2d020200 	sltiu	v0,t0,512
a0024c14:	10400012 	beqz	v0,a0024c60 <_free_r+0x108>
a0024c18:	00081a42 	srl	v1,t0,0x9
a0024c1c:	000828c2 	srl	a1,t0,0x3
a0024c20:	25a65800 	addiu	a2,t5,22528
a0024c24:	04a0000c 	bltz	a1,a0024c58 <_free_r+0x100>
a0024c28:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1
a0024c2c:	8cc30004 	lw	v1,4(a2)
a0024c30:	00042083 	sra	a0,a0,0x2
a0024c34:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0024c38:	00821004 	sllv	v0,v0,a0
a0024c3c:	00621825 	or	v1,v1,v0
a0024c40:	000520c0 	sll	a0,a1,0x3
a0024c44:	acc30004 	sw	v1,4(a2)
a0024c48:	00863821 	addu	a3,a0,a2
a0024c4c:	8ce60008 	lw	a2,8(a3)
a0024c50:	08009338 	j	a0024ce0 <_free_r+0x188>
a0024c54:	ad27000c 	sw	a3,12(t1)
a0024c58:	0800930b 	j	a0024c2c <_free_r+0xd4>
a0024c5c:	24a40003 	addiu	a0,a1,3
a0024c60:	10600006 	beqz	v1,a0024c7c <_free_r+0x124>
a0024c64:	000828c2 	srl	a1,t0,0x3
a0024c68:	2c620005 	sltiu	v0,v1,5
a0024c6c:	1040002c 	beqz	v0,a0024d20 <_free_r+0x1c8>
a0024c70:	2c620015 	sltiu	v0,v1,21
a0024c74:	00081182 	srl	v0,t0,0x6
a0024c78:	24450038 	addiu	a1,v0,56
a0024c7c:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0024c80:	24425808 	addiu	v0,v0,22536
a0024c84:	244afff8 	addiu	t2,v0,-8
a0024c88:	000518c0 	sll	v1,a1,0x3
a0024c8c:	006a3821 	addu	a3,v1,t2
a0024c90:	8ce60008 	lw	a2,8(a3)
a0024c94:	00000000 	nop
a0024c98:	10c70015 	beq	a2,a3,a0024cf0 <_free_r+0x198>
a0024c9c:	2403fffc 	li	v1,-4
a0024ca0:	8cc20004 	lw	v0,4(a2)
a0024ca4:	08009332 	j	a0024cc8 <_free_r+0x170>
a0024ca8:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0024cac:	8cc60008 	lw	a2,8(a2)
a0024cb0:	00000000 	nop
a0024cb4:	10c70007 	beq	a2,a3,a0024cd4 <_free_r+0x17c>
a0024cb8:	00000000 	nop
a0024cbc:	8cc20004 	lw	v0,4(a2)
a0024cc0:	00000000 	nop
a0024cc4:	00431024 	and	v0,v0,v1
a0024cc8:	0102102b 	sltu	v0,t0,v0
a0024ccc:	1440fff7 	bnez	v0,a0024cac <_free_r+0x154>
a0024cd0:	00000000 	nop
a0024cd4:	8cc7000c 	lw	a3,12(a2)
a0024cd8:	00000000 	nop
a0024cdc:	ad27000c 	sw	a3,12(t1)
a0024ce0:	ad260008 	sw	a2,8(t1)
a0024ce4:	ace90008 	sw	t1,8(a3)
a0024ce8:	080092fd 	j	a0024bf4 <_free_r+0x9c>
a0024cec:	acc9000c 	sw	t1,12(a2)
a0024cf0:	00a01021 	move	v0,a1
a0024cf4:	04400008 	bltz	v0,a0024d18 <_free_r+0x1c0>
a0024cf8:	00000000 	nop
a0024cfc:	00022083 	sra	a0,v0,0x2
a0024d00:	8d430004 	lw	v1,4(t2)
a0024d04:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0024d08:	00821004 	sllv	v0,v0,a0
a0024d0c:	00621825 	or	v1,v1,v0
a0024d10:	08009337 	j	a0024cdc <_free_r+0x184>
a0024d14:	ad430004 	sw	v1,4(t2)
a0024d18:	0800933f 	j	a0024cfc <_free_r+0x1a4>
a0024d1c:	24420003 	addiu	v0,v0,3
a0024d20:	1440ffd6 	bnez	v0,a0024c7c <_free_r+0x124>
a0024d24:	2465005b 	addiu	a1,v1,91
a0024d28:	2c620055 	sltiu	v0,v1,85
a0024d2c:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a0024d40 <_free_r+0x1e8>
a0024d30:	2c620155 	sltiu	v0,v1,341
a0024d34:	00081302 	srl	v0,t0,0xc
a0024d38:	0800931f 	j	a0024c7c <_free_r+0x124>
a0024d3c:	2445006e 	addiu	a1,v0,110
a0024d40:	10400004 	beqz	v0,a0024d54 <_free_r+0x1fc>
a0024d44:	2c620555 	sltiu	v0,v1,1365
a0024d48:	000813c2 	srl	v0,t0,0xf
a0024d4c:	0800931f 	j	a0024c7c <_free_r+0x124>
a0024d50:	24450077 	addiu	a1,v0,119
a0024d54:	10400003 	beqz	v0,a0024d64 <_free_r+0x20c>
a0024d58:	00081482 	srl	v0,t0,0x12
a0024d5c:	0800931f 	j	a0024c7c <_free_r+0x124>
a0024d60:	2445007c 	addiu	a1,v0,124
a0024d64:	0800931f 	j	a0024c7c <_free_r+0x124>
a0024d68:	2405007e 	li	a1,126
a0024d6c:	10800008 	beqz	a0,a0024d90 <_free_r+0x238>
a0024d70:	010b4021 	addu	t0,t0,t3
a0024d74:	8d430008 	lw	v1,8(t2)
a0024d78:	00000000 	nop
a0024d7c:	8d47000c 	lw	a3,12(t2)
a0024d80:	00603021 	move	a2,v1
a0024d84:	acc7000c 	sw	a3,12(a2)
a0024d88:	080092f8 	j	a0024be0 <_free_r+0x88>
a0024d8c:	ace60008 	sw	a2,8(a3)
a0024d90:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0024d94:	8d430008 	lw	v1,8(t2)
a0024d98:	24425808 	addiu	v0,v0,22536
a0024d9c:	1462fff7 	bne	v1,v0,a0024d7c <_free_r+0x224>
a0024da0:	00000000 	nop
a0024da4:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0024da8:	ac69000c 	sw	t1,12(v1)
a0024dac:	ac690008 	sw	t1,8(v1)
a0024db0:	ad230008 	sw	v1,8(t1)
a0024db4:	080092f8 	j	a0024be0 <_free_r+0x88>
a0024db8:	ad23000c 	sw	v1,12(t1)
a0024dbc:	8e05fff8 	lw	a1,-8(s0)
a0024dc0:	00000000 	nop
a0024dc4:	25820008 	addiu	v0,t4,8
a0024dc8:	01254823 	subu	t1,t1,a1
a0024dcc:	8d230008 	lw	v1,8(t1)
a0024dd0:	00000000 	nop
a0024dd4:	10620006 	beq	v1,v0,a0024df0 <_free_r+0x298>
a0024dd8:	01054021 	addu	t0,t0,a1
a0024ddc:	8d27000c 	lw	a3,12(t1)
a0024de0:	00603021 	move	a2,v1
a0024de4:	acc7000c 	sw	a3,12(a2)
a0024de8:	080092f2 	j	a0024bc8 <_free_r+0x70>
a0024dec:	ace60008 	sw	a2,8(a3)
a0024df0:	080092f2 	j	a0024bc8 <_free_r+0x70>
a0024df4:	24040001 	li	a0,1
a0024df8:	30a20001 	andi	v0,a1,0x1
a0024dfc:	1040000f 	beqz	v0,a0024e3c <_free_r+0x2e4>
a0024e00:	010b4021 	addu	t0,t0,t3
a0024e04:	8f828008 	lw	v0,-32760(gp)
a0024e08:	00000000 	nop
a0024e0c:	35030001 	ori	v1,t0,0x1
a0024e10:	0102102b 	sltu	v0,t0,v0
a0024e14:	ad230004 	sw	v1,4(t1)
a0024e18:	14400004 	bnez	v0,a0024e2c <_free_r+0x2d4>
a0024e1c:	ad890008 	sw	t1,8(t4)
a0024e20:	8f85800c 	lw	a1,-32756(gp)
a0024e24:	0c009399 	jal	a0024e64 <_malloc_trim_r>
a0024e28:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0024e2c:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a0024e30:	02202021 	move	a0,s1
a0024e34:	080092ff 	j	a0024bfc <_free_r+0xa4>
a0024e38:	00000000 	nop
a0024e3c:	8e05fff8 	lw	a1,-8(s0)
a0024e40:	00000000 	nop
a0024e44:	01254823 	subu	t1,t1,a1
a0024e48:	8d27000c 	lw	a3,12(t1)
a0024e4c:	8d260008 	lw	a2,8(t1)
a0024e50:	00000000 	nop
a0024e54:	01054021 	addu	t0,t0,a1
a0024e58:	acc7000c 	sw	a3,12(a2)
a0024e5c:	08009381 	j	a0024e04 <_free_r+0x2ac>
a0024e60:	ace60008 	sw	a2,8(a3)

a0024e64 <_malloc_trim_r>:
a0024e64:	27bdffd8 	addiu	sp,sp,-40
a0024e68:	afb3001c 	sw	s3,28(sp)
a0024e6c:	afb20018 	sw	s2,24(sp)
a0024e70:	afb10014 	sw	s1,20(sp)
a0024e74:	00809021 	move	s2,a0
a0024e78:	afb00010 	sw	s0,16(sp)
a0024e7c:	afbf0020 	sw	ra,32(sp)
a0024e80:	0c0091ac 	jal	a00246b0 <__malloc_lock>
a0024e84:	00a08021 	move	s0,a1
a0024e88:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a0024e8c:	24535800 	addiu	s3,v0,22528
a0024e90:	8e630008 	lw	v1,8(s3)
a0024e94:	2402fffc 	li	v0,-4
a0024e98:	8c640004 	lw	a0,4(v1)
a0024e9c:	00000000 	nop
a0024ea0:	24061000 	li	a2,4096
a0024ea4:	00828824 	and	s1,a0,v0
a0024ea8:	02308023 	subu	s0,s1,s0
a0024eac:	26100fef 	addiu	s0,s0,4079
a0024eb0:	0206001b 	divu	zero,s0,a2
a0024eb4:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0024eb8:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0024ebc:	14c00002 	bnez	a2,a0024ec8 <_malloc_trim_r+0x64>
a0024ec0:	00000000 	nop
a0024ec4:	0007000d 	break	0x7
a0024ec8:	00008012 	mflo	s0
a0024ecc:	2610ffff 	addiu	s0,s0,-1
a0024ed0:	00108300 	sll	s0,s0,0xc
a0024ed4:	2a021000 	slti	v0,s0,4096
a0024ed8:	1040000b 	beqz	v0,a0024f08 <_malloc_trim_r+0xa4>
a0024edc:	00000000 	nop
a0024ee0:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a0024ee4:	00000000 	nop
a0024ee8:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0024eec:	8fbf0020 	lw	ra,32(sp)
a0024ef0:	8fb3001c 	lw	s3,28(sp)
a0024ef4:	8fb20018 	lw	s2,24(sp)
a0024ef8:	8fb10014 	lw	s1,20(sp)
a0024efc:	8fb00010 	lw	s0,16(sp)
a0024f00:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0024f04:	27bd0028 	addiu	sp,sp,40
a0024f08:	0c0091b0 	jal	a00246c0 <_sbrk_r>
a0024f0c:	00000000 	nop
a0024f10:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0024f14:	8e620008 	lw	v0,8(s3)
a0024f18:	00000000 	nop
a0024f1c:	00511021 	addu	v0,v0,s1
a0024f20:	14a2ffef 	bne	a1,v0,a0024ee0 <_malloc_trim_r+0x7c>
a0024f24:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0024f28:	00102823 	negu	a1,s0
a0024f2c:	0c0091b0 	jal	a00246c0 <_sbrk_r>
a0024f30:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0024f34:	2403ffff 	li	v1,-1
a0024f38:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0024f3c:	00002821 	move	a1,zero
a0024f40:	1043000c 	beq	v0,v1,a0024f74 <_malloc_trim_r+0x110>
a0024f44:	3c06a002 	lui	a2,0xa002
a0024f48:	8e650008 	lw	a1,8(s3)
a0024f4c:	02301823 	subu	v1,s1,s0
a0024f50:	34630001 	ori	v1,v1,0x1
a0024f54:	aca30004 	sw	v1,4(a1)
a0024f58:	8cc25c08 	lw	v0,23560(a2)
a0024f5c:	00000000 	nop
a0024f60:	00501023 	subu	v0,v0,s0
a0024f64:	0c0091ae 	jal	a00246b8 <__malloc_unlock>
a0024f68:	acc25c08 	sw	v0,23560(a2)
a0024f6c:	080093bb 	j	a0024eec <_malloc_trim_r+0x88>
a0024f70:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a0024f74:	0c0091b0 	jal	a00246c0 <_sbrk_r>
a0024f78:	00000000 	nop
a0024f7c:	8e660008 	lw	a2,8(s3)
a0024f80:	00000000 	nop
a0024f84:	00402821 	move	a1,v0
a0024f88:	00a68823 	subu	s1,a1,a2
a0024f8c:	2a220010 	slti	v0,s1,16
a0024f90:	36270001 	ori	a3,s1,0x1
a0024f94:	1440ffd2 	bnez	v0,a0024ee0 <_malloc_trim_r+0x7c>
a0024f98:	02402021 	move	a0,s2
a0024f9c:	8f828010 	lw	v0,-32752(gp)
a0024fa0:	3c03a002 	lui	v1,0xa002
a0024fa4:	00a21023 	subu	v0,a1,v0
a0024fa8:	ac625c08 	sw	v0,23560(v1)
a0024fac:	080093b8 	j	a0024ee0 <_malloc_trim_r+0x7c>
a0024fb0:	acc70004 	sw	a3,4(a2)

a0024fb4 <open>:
a0024fb4:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0024fb8:	34420030 	ori	v0,v0,0x30
a0024fbc:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0024fc0:	00000000 	nop

a0024fc4 <read>:
a0024fc4:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0024fc8:	34420038 	ori	v0,v0,0x38
a0024fcc:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0024fd0:	00000000 	nop

a0024fd4 <write>:
a0024fd4:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0024fd8:	34420040 	ori	v0,v0,0x40
a0024fdc:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0024fe0:	00000000 	nop

a0024fe4 <close>:
a0024fe4:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0024fe8:	34420050 	ori	v0,v0,0x50
a0024fec:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0024ff0:	00000000 	nop

a0024ff4 <inbyte>:
a0024ff4:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0024ff8:	34420058 	ori	v0,v0,0x58
a0024ffc:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0025000:	00000000 	nop

a0025004 <outbyte>:
a0025004:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0025008:	34420060 	ori	v0,v0,0x60
a002500c:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0025010:	00000000 	nop

a0025014 <mon_printf>:
a0025014:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0025018:	34420080 	ori	v0,v0,0x80
a002501c:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0025020:	00000000 	nop

a0025024 <_flush_cache>:
a0025024:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0025028:	344200e0 	ori	v0,v0,0xe0
a002502c:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0025030:	00000000 	nop

a0025034 <get_mem_info>:
a0025034:	3c02bfc0 	lui	v0,0xbfc0
a0025038:	344201b8 	ori	v0,v0,0x1b8
a002503c:	00400008 	jr	v0
a0025040:	00000000 	nop

a0025044 <sbrk>:
a0025044:	27bdffd0 	addiu	sp,sp,-48
a0025048:	afb10024 	sw	s1,36(sp)
a002504c:	00808821 	move	s1,a0
a0025050:	27a40010 	addiu	a0,sp,16
a0025054:	afbf0028 	sw	ra,40(sp)
a0025058:	0c00940d 	jal	a0025034 <get_mem_info>
a002505c:	afb00020 	sw	s0,32(sp)
a0025060:	8f84801c 	lw	a0,-32740(gp)
a0025064:	8f858020 	lw	a1,-32736(gp)
a0025068:	3c02a002 	lui	v0,0xa002
a002506c:	00913021 	addu	a2,a0,s1
a0025070:	244262d0 	addiu	v0,v0,25296
a0025074:	0085182b 	sltu	v1,a0,a1
a0025078:	00c2402b 	sltu	t0,a2,v0
a002507c:	14600009 	bnez	v1,a00250a4 <sbrk+0x60>
a0025080:	00003821 	move	a3,zero
a0025084:	8fa20010 	lw	v0,16(sp)
a0025088:	00000000 	nop
a002508c:	00a21021 	addu	v0,a1,v0
a0025090:	0082182b 	sltu	v1,a0,v0
a0025094:	10600003 	beqz	v1,a00250a4 <sbrk+0x60>
a0025098:	00000000 	nop
a002509c:	00443823 	subu	a3,v0,a0
a00250a0:	00808021 	move	s0,a0
a00250a4:	00f1102b 	sltu	v0,a3,s1
a00250a8:	14400003 	bnez	v0,a00250b8 <sbrk+0x74>
a00250ac:	00000000 	nop
a00250b0:	11000008 	beqz	t0,a00250d4 <sbrk+0x90>
a00250b4:	00000000 	nop
a00250b8:	2410ffff 	li	s0,-1
a00250bc:	02001021 	move	v0,s0
a00250c0:	8fbf0028 	lw	ra,40(sp)
a00250c4:	8fb10024 	lw	s1,36(sp)
a00250c8:	8fb00020 	lw	s0,32(sp)
a00250cc:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00250d0:	27bd0030 	addiu	sp,sp,48
a00250d4:	af86801c 	sw	a2,-32740(gp)
a00250d8:	08009430 	j	a00250c0 <sbrk+0x7c>
a00250dc:	02001021 	move	v0,s0

a00250e0 <getpid>:
a00250e0:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a00250e4:	24020001 	li	v0,1

a00250e8 <kill>:
a00250e8:	27bdffe8 	addiu	sp,sp,-24
a00250ec:	24020001 	li	v0,1
a00250f0:	10820005 	beq	a0,v0,a0025108 <kill+0x20>
a00250f4:	afbf0010 	sw	ra,16(sp)
a00250f8:	8fbf0010 	lw	ra,16(sp)
a00250fc:	00001021 	move	v0,zero
a0025100:	03e00008 	jr	ra
a0025104:	27bd0018 	addiu	sp,sp,24
a0025108:	0c008049 	jal	a0020124 <_exit>
a002510c:	00a02021 	move	a0,a1

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